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 speaking in insinuations instead of directly.

This is a failure on my own part of which I have been and continue to be guilty of.
Being polluted with this sin also causes me to be paranoid that others are speaking to me and others in this hidden launguage please pray that I can be delivered of this.

 2016/5/16 17:11Profile

 Re: speaking in insinuations instead of directly.

Hi brother, thank you for your honest confession. As an Aussie, we tend to be quite direct which gives rise to the opposite problem of being TOO blunt which can be off putting for some of my more delicate American friends:-)

Seriously though I think you are referring to insinuating someone else is committing sin or is evil in some way. If that is the case then this speaks to our motives and is not much different to bearing false witness against a brother. And we all know how much God hates that.

If my words are intended to give the impression that someone is a bad person then that is JUST THE SAME as actually saying it. Even if I come back and say, "I never actually said that, you are putting words in my mouth".

I see this all the time and we might think that we can squirm off the hook but God knows the heart.

Good word brother and I will be praying for you and myself that God helps us rid this completely from our lives.

 2016/5/16 19:01

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