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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Can We Take a Minute and Remember Ken Martin

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 Can We Take a Minute and Remember Ken Martin

Hebrews 13:3

Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill treated since you yourself also are in the body.

Brothers and sisters can we please take a minute from debating Israel? Can we please take a minute from exposing our theological positions on the end times? Can we please take a minute and remember our brother Ken Miller who is serving time in a federal prison? Can we please take a minute and lift him up in prayer?

If you go to you will see his most recent letter posted. You will see the obedience of this brother to Christ and what he is learning through suffering for Him. Just as Jesus learned obedience in the things in which He suffered. So our brother is also learning obedience in what he is suffering for Jesus.

Some have taken issue as to whether this brother is really suffering for his faith in Christ. Perhaps even some thinking Ken Miller brought this situation on himself because he violated federal law.

But before we judge his brother. Let us ask ourselves this question. What would we do if Lisa Miller came to one of us asking for help. Knowing that to help her would conceivably Land one of us in jail. Let me take it one step further. Suppose you were living in one of the Nazi occupied countries in World War 2. And one of the Jews came to you asking for help. Knowing that to help them could conceivably land you in prison and conceivably death.

It is easy for us to sit here in our armchairs and quote Romans 13 and say we must submit to the government. But a time is coming when we will have to determine whether we will obey God rather than men. Indeed some are even calling for civil disobedience regarding the same-sex bathrooms in schools.

Ken Miller comes from a Mennonite background. The Mennonites are part of the Anabaptists. The Anabaptists suffered much for their disobedience to the state church system of their day. They suffered much for the obedience to Christ. For their stand for believer's baptism many were put to death. Even put to death by other Christians.

The early Anabaptists had a term they embraced. It was called "galesheit". The word means basically total surrender in German. For the case of the anabaptist it meant total surrender to the will of God. Total surrender to imirisonmemt and martyrdom. Total surrender to the cross of Christ.

I believe this is the example our brother Ken Miller is teaching us in the days that lie ahead. We must be totally surrenderd to the will of God as Jesus was. Even if that will means imprisonment and conceivably death. But if it advances his kingdom purposes. Then let God be glorified. Even in our imorisonment and martyrdom.

Brothers and sisters, simply my thoughts...

 2016/5/16 8:13

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Garland, TX

 Re: Can We Take a Minute and Remember Ken Martin

"And one of the Jews came to you asking for help. Knowing that to help them could conceivably land you in prison and conceivably death."
Brother Blaine, this is exactly the scenario Bro. Art Katz described that we would face in the last days when the world turns against the Jews. Our response to them may determine our eternal destiny, "having done to the least of these my brethren...".
I will pray for this brother, and pray that I myself will be so filled with the love of Jesus to stand for righteousness, even in the face of death and/or imprisonment. We have glorious examples of saints that have gone this way. May the Lord bless and keep brother Ken.


 2016/5/16 8:46Profile

 Re: Renee

Thank you dear sister. Indeed I do believe that we will have to be asking ourselves these hard questions in the days and weeks ahead.

Our brothers and sisters already have the answer to these hard questions in lands such as North Korea and Somalia. For they have embraced the cross. They are carrying the cross. We in America will have to get on the accelerated path and learn to carry the cross real quickly. I believe this is what our brother Ken has already learned. This is what we have yet to learn. To take up our cross daily to follow Jesus. If necessary to prison and to death.

Again my sister simply my thoughts. So appreciate your heart for Jesus.

 2016/5/16 9:49

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Ken Miller's plight was brought to mind while I read the other thread on Lance Lambert's testiminy about T. Austin-Sparks. Lambert repated that someone had accused via rumor that Brother Sparks had four wives. That is a horrible, ghastly thing to say of a brother. Let's not think for a moment that we won't be subjected to worse. At least our brother Miller has this, that he acted and was accused of acting consistently with Jesus. Many of us will not have that benefit, IMO.


 2016/5/16 10:09Profile

 Re: Tim

Brother it seems those Christians who are in the midst of suffering for righteousness sake consider it a joy. The early Christians certainly did so when they suffered for the name of Christ.

May God grant us that same joy as we suffer for righteousness sake in the days ahead.

Appreciate your thoughts my brother.

 2016/5/16 12:46

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