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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : 21 Day Fasting, Prayer, & Radical/Risky Evangelism

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 21 Day Fasting, Prayer, & Radical/Risky Evangelism

A dear brother in the Lord that is a leader in Global Catalytic Ministries Internantional Ministries in the Middle East recently let me know about something the Lord has led their whole network to do. They are already a radical group of saints, the vast majority of which are Middle Eastern Arab ex-radical Muslims who came to Christ through dreams/visions &/or the faithful (& risky/dangerous) sharing of the Gospel. These brethren live & preach where it is very dangerous to do so. They already take tremendous risks in the evangelization of the people groups where they minister (& under the governments which they operate). They have seen TREMENDOUS fruit of salvations & have underground networks of Disciple-Making House church networks. But they feel recently led of the Lord to do some even more radical ministry/evangelism. Some of which I'm not even at Liberty to share, but it is something that needs to be BATHED in intercessors prayer. They will all be fasting & praying for this next phase for the next 21 days starting this Sunday (tomorrow). They are, in His words, "being led to go straight to the Sauls as the Lord is speaking to them that there are many Paul's within them" to be reached. These are the brethren/leaders that are visually blurred out & voice scrambled in the interviews in the "Sheep Among Wolves" documentary film you can watch for free on YouTube or Vimeo. You can also learn more about their ministry at Global Catalytic Ministries International's Website at

they want prayer for:
1. Grace, Favor, anointing on us all as we do DMM
2. Protection for all of us
3. Pray that God continues to give us a clearer and clearer strategy within the middle east.
4. Pray for wisdom and understanding during this time we are very vulnerable.
5. Pray that God shields us for spiritual attacks as they will increase due to this new expansion of DMM.

Thank you all for praying and if you want to join us in a fast we are fasting 21 days starting on Sunday the 15th.

May God Bless you all! I appreciate all your love that you have for us inside.

God Bless,

 2016/5/15 0:43

 Re: 21 Day Fasting, Prayer, & Radical/Risky Evangelism


 2016/5/16 15:08

 Re: 21 Day Fasting, Prayer, & Radical/Risky Evangelism

To the praying/interceding saints,
This is An Update just sent to me this morning from the head brother over GCM in the Middle East.
God Bless,

Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for be faithful to pray for us. As we are moving forward with DMM we are facing a lot of attack and we are asking that you pray for the following for us.
1. Security
a. We are experiencing a lot of security issues but we know God is in control. Pray that God gives us wisdom and that He will lead us so we don’t know make any “unwise” decisions or actions that will jeopardize the network.
b. Some of the leaders have made some mistakes about security during this time and we ask that you pray that God gives us grace and that nothing will come about the security mistakes.
2. Health
a. Many of the leaders are facing health issues.
i. My wife had a stomach spasm that lasted over 7 hours where she was curled up in a ball until it passed. Please pray for her specifically as she finds herself most often in the middle of the spiritual battle.
ii. My leaders have been feeling nauseous and having bouts with vertigo as they minister.

Thank you all very much! We appreciate you all!

In His grip,
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Have you seen our feature film? Sheep Among Wolves

 2016/5/17 8:44

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Canton, Michigan



I will remember these dear saints in my supplications and prayers. Thank you for sharing this as it is very encouraging to see the Lord sending laborers into the already ripe fields of the Middle East. May God grant a plentiful harvest and strength and protection to these dear souls.

Thanks again Jeff.

David Fella

 2016/5/17 9:13Profile

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Lagos, NGR

 Re: 21 Day Fasting, Prayer, & Radical/Risky Evangelism

very happy to hear this. God's people in the middle east sharing the light of the Gospel, to Muslims at that. May God guide them always . I feel like i can be a part of them physically.I will be sending in my prayers.The Gospel is bound to go far. Nothing can stop it .


 2016/5/22 0:03Profile

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 Re: 21 Day Fasting, Prayer, & Radical/Risky Evangelism


Thank you for sharing this brother. I have been hearing testimonies for years now of many Muslims being saved through dreams and visions.

The testimony that is shared in this video is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ transforming the lives of Muslims, that are becoming radical witnesses for Jesus Christ.

They need our prayers and intercession for this is what has opened the door for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit that is going on in the Muslim countries.


 2016/5/22 5:50Profile

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I am under increased attack myself, but will pray as I am able. Please let these brethren know there are others who care and are praying. Praise God for them!!

 2016/5/22 10:15Profile


Sorry to hear that. I find that some Keys to getting out from under that (or just staying faithful until it passes) are WORSHIP (definitely, often breaks it), prayer, reading/meditating/standing/speaking the Word, & praying for others. Sometimes fasting too as the Lord leads. Anyways, God Bless!

 2016/5/22 10:30


Short 4 minute video of the leadership of Global Catalytic & Testimony:

Dangers Facing the Underground Church in the Middle East:

 2016/5/22 10:31

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Very powerful video! This is what it means
to get radically saved! The persecution and
suffering are embraced as being a disciple
of Jesus, and God is confirming His Word
with mighty signs and wonders.


 2016/5/22 10:59Profile

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