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A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO EVERY CHRISTIANS, ESPECIALLY NIGERIANS … DON’T JUST RUSH AND SKIM THROUGH, SOMEONE HAS TAKEN HIS TIME TO TYPE THIS LENGTHY ARTICLE FOR YOUR SAKE …………………………………………….. …………………………………………….. SO PLEASE, TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THROUGH, IT CONTAINS SOME SERIOUS MESSAGE …. IF YOU’RE BUSY NOW, THEN SAVE THIS PAGE TO READ LATER. THE CONFERENCE IN HELL OVER NIGERIA. Satan stood up and cleared his throat. There is too much weapon, human weapon loaded against our kingdom by God in Nigeria. Not just inside Nigeria, but Nigeria has thrust to the whole world. We must not undermine it! We must scatter it! We must foil it! It will not happen!!! God has spoken that He will use the Church in Nigeria to reach the rest of the world with the gospel. Nigeria has the gospel and is loaded with financial resources to do it. We must stop it! Stop it, we must!!! The Southern Christians have the money to send missionary, thousands of them all over the world. They have the wherewithal to equip them, send them out, sponsor and maintain them. We must stop them!] WE MUST DIVERT THEM TO THEMSELVES; MAKE THEM LOSE THE VISION OF THE KINGDOM, GIVE THEM THE VISION OF THEIR OWN EMPIRES, THEIR NOW EGO, GIVE THEM FINANCIAL PROJECTS, LET THEM SEEK TO BECOME CELEBRITIES; PROMOTE GREED AND WORLDLINESS AMONG THEM. GET THEM TO COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER IN PUTTING UP BIG BUILDINGS AND HIGH SOUNDING PROJECTS THAT WILL CONSUME THE FUNDS MEANT FOR MISSIONS AND EVANGELISM. GET THEM TO DEVELOP FANCIFUL PROJECTS, MEGA CHRISTIAN CITIES, JET AND CATHEDRALS, GET THEM TO INVEST HEAVILY ON GADGETS. THEY MUST PURSUE WEALTH, FAME AND GLAMOUR TO THEIR OWN DETRIMENT. MAKE FASHION, SEX AND GLAMOUR NOT ONLY ACCEPTABLE BUT ATTRACTIVE. SET UP A SPIRIT OF COMPETITION AMONG THEM. MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT CO-OPERATE WITH EACH OTHER, EXCEPT WHEN THEY ARE SERVING OUR PURPOSE. OFFER SOME OF THEM OUR OWN GIFT FOR MIRACLES AND CROWD PULLING. PUT EMPHASIS ON CROWD AND MULTITUDES NOT QUALITY. INFILTRATE INTO THEIR CHURCHES WITH DEMON POWERS AND GIFTS. Divert the Church away from going deep with God. Keep them chasing shadows. A shallow Christian life will harm our kingdom less. Remove SOBERNESS from them. Fill them with frivolities, entertainment, and rock and roll music. Let entertainment and a carnival spirit prevail in their meetings. Sell excitement to the churches. Set up fancy churches. Draw the youth there. Keep them from the real fire. Drive them to churches that are all noise without substance. Take the Bible away from them. Get them to trust anything said on the pulpit. Use oratory, sweet mouth, gimmicks, psychology, motivational talks, quest for success. USE ANYTHING TO DIVERT THEM FROM PURSUING CHRIST. THAT IS OUR REAL INTENTION! Set up unbelievers as models, music entertainment world, even unbeliever preachers as models. DESTROY THEIR HOMES. LET DIVORCE BECOME A COMMON THING. SHUT UP THEIR MOUTH WITH SCANDAL. Set up break away spirits to scatter their churches. Raise up rascals and rebels among them who will break ranks and do what they want. Let them read chaff. Make chaff popular and attractive. Keep the bookshops full off chaff. WEAKEN THE INTERCESSORS. DISCOURAGE THEM. ATTACK THEIR HOMES. WRECK THEIR TESTIMONIES. MAKE THEM JEALOUS OF THOSE WHO HAVE MONEY AND THEREBY DISCOURAGE THEM. Give visions to everybody to open their own churches and ministries. COMMERCIALIZE THE GOSPEL; PREACH FOR MONEY; WRITE BOOKS FOR MONEY; CUT DVDS AND CDS FOR MONEY. LET MONEY BECOME THE DRIVING FORCE NOT GOD IN THEIR WORSHIP. Let nobody go to the villages to preach. Let all of them have a call to cities to make money. Keep the anointed genuine ones off the Mission field and send the weak, the feeble and the lame. The Church in the North is too dangerous. They are too aggressive, too militant against us. They are pushing up North, pushing in every direction. They are coming South trying to wake the slumber. They must raise torn coat preachers among them. We need some Christians to weaken them as we did in the South. We must divide them, yes cause division among them. Let some of them become government agents. Let some of them declare that Christians and Muslims are the same, that they are worshipping the same God. Introduce CHRISLAM to them, tempt them with money and government connection. Starve those dangerous preachers of money. WE HAVE SUCCEEDED IN KEEPING THOSE SOUTHERN PREACHERS FROM PREACHING ON HELL, THE IMMINENT COMING OF CHRIST, HEAVEN, SIN AND REPENTANCE. We must divert the attention of the Church in the North from that with troubles. Discourage them, persecute them, kill them and scatter them. PLANT HATRED IN THEIR HEARTS AGAINST ALL MUSLIMS, SO THEY WILL STOP WITNESSING TO THEM. Get them back to witchcraft to defend themselves, to make themselves bulletproof. Use money, lust for power, for relevance, ethnic or denominational spirit. Just cause division and strife. SOME DANGEROUS YOUNG MEN ARE COMING UP, DIVERT THEM WITH QUEST FOR MONEY, AND KEEP THEM BUSY WITH THAT, THEY DO NOT KNOW THAT THE TIME IS SHORT. LET THE BELIEVERS THINK THAT CHRIST WILL NOT COME IN ONE HUNDRED YEARS. HELP THEM TO SETTLE DOWN HERE ON EARTH. PREACH WEALTH TRANSFER. ENCOURAGE THEM TO PURSUE OWNING THE WHOLE WORLD. Weaken the campus Churches. Create splinter groups. Those campuses are God’s recruiting grounds. Attack them; keep them from books that will fire them up for God. Remove those books from circulation. Set up confusion revelations of Heaven and hell. Those in the upper North, kill them, scatter them and drive them away. Make sure their brethren in the South do nothing to help them. Destroy the testimony of any believer in government. Divert the attention of the Northern Christians from evangelism and mission. Plant hatred in them. Let them rebel or refuse to recognize real spiritual leaders. MAKE THE CHURCH DIRECTIONLESS AND PURPOSELESS. I WANT TO WARN YOU ABOUT THOSE OLD FASHION PREACHERS. DISCOURAGE THEM, MAKE THEM FEEL WEAK AND TIRED. KILL THEIR LOVED ONES. TAKE THE BIBLE AWAY FROM THEM. TAKE PRAYER AWAY FROM THEM. INFILTRATE THEIR MIDST WITH SINS OF SHAME AND WEAKEN THEM. SEND THEIR WACTHERS TO SLEEP. LET THE FEW THAT ARE AWAKE BE SEEN AS ALARMIST. MAKE THEM LAUGHING STOCK. Occupy all the seat of government. Rule in Aso Rock. Keep their leaders confused, stumbling and stumbling. The demons were confused when Satan finished his tirade. The demons shouted – How can we achieve all these things? Some even sound contradictory. Give some money and starve some of money. Satan laughed and asked them to calm down. He was going to put them in divisions. Each division will face its own assignment as if it was the only division in existence that victory depended on. JUST FACE YOUR OWN ASSIGNMENT WITH VIGOR AND INTENSITY. The overall victory will be outstanding, with this, Satan dismissed the demons. BRETHREN, LET’S GO BACK TO OUR VARIOUS CLOSETS, CHURCHES ETC, AND REFOCUS. CHANGE STRATEGY AND MOVE CLOSER TO GOD FOR STRENGTH AND HELP, THIS IS NOT TO SCARE YOU, BUT TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THE HAPPENINGS AROUND. This is a clarion call and you cannot afford to do nothing … MARANATHAN! PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO OTHER, LIKE IT AND SHARE IT … DO IT NOT FOR ME BUT FOR JESUS!……

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How did you get the message. Is it God that told you. How was this message delivered to you?? pls tell me. I 'd like to know.


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