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Hemel Hempstead

 How many times have you read the scriptures and which version

In working with the Christian bookshop I used to sometimes read & review different bible translations , I have read the scriptures numerous times , would love for God to open my eyes to Greek and Hebrew as tried learning them but fail
How many times have you read the scriptures
What version

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: How many times have you read the scriptures and which version

Not sure, "How many times I've read the scriptures"? I used to read straight through as a new believer & have since done the Robert Murray Mcheyenne plan too, but I read through more "topically" as lead these days. I have obviously read the Gospels, the epistles, etc. MANY more times than I have Leviticus, or Judges let's say (although there's a lot of good stuff in all of scripture to be mined no doubt, but just being honest).

As far as Greek & Hebrew: I have Strongs, Vines, Wilmingtons, etc. but my favorite "Go To" personally is Spiros Zodhiates' Complete New & Old Testaments' Bible Parallel Lexicons & Dictionaries (heard men like Michel Brown & others years ago talk about them, got them for Christmas in Bible College/Seminary 15 years ago) & I absolutely LOVE them.

As far as Bible translation editions: I "cut my teeth" as a new believer on the NIV. I have since gone through the NASB, KJV, NKJV, Ray Comfort's "Comfort-able KJV Evidence Bible", & several others. My personal favorite & what I read typically now is the ESV. It is a "word for word" (essentially literal) translation & not a "thought for thought" (attempted interpretation of intention rather than pure transliteration) version. My least favorite versions would be the NLT & especially the Amplified (not to even mention the ones I wouldn't read at all like The Message Bible, the new NIV - gender neutral, etc.). The ESV Study Bible is really good with added maps, footnote commentaries, visual timelines, historical backdrops & outlines, etc.

Anyways, just my 2 cents!
God Bless,

 2016/5/13 11:45

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 Re: How many times have you read the scriptures and which version

I don't count.

The chance for pride to gain a needless foothold is far too great. The number of times a person has read through the Bible means nothing. It's a lovely goal to read through it as many times as possible, of course, but pride is the most prevalent, sneaky, unassuming, difficult to catch and destroy sin there is. I don't want to open yet another unnecessary doorway for it to enter in. I'm too prone to it. Rather than reading for quantity, strive for quality reading that transforms me. Just MY personal thoughts on it for MYSELF. Although, I do want to experience the M'Cheyne reading plan just once.

As far as which versions, I used to STRESS OUT about this, too. After all, all I want is THE TRUTH. ''Just tell me which version comes closest to the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic and that's what I want!'' But even this is more than I have the strength to contend with. This version did this... That version did that... It's too much. And the whole KJV onlyist thing is a major turn-off because of the amount of pride that many fall into regarding it. The "V" still stands for VERSION and it has it's own problems like every other version does!

Sorry. I've never had the opportunity to speak my mind on that before and am glad to get it off my chest. Again, I'm not wise. I'm not the last word on anything. Those are my opinions and I'm not interested in debating them.

Practically, I like the NKJV and the ESV but I find comparing verses among the traditional versions helpful.

The important thing is to get stuck in and read the scriptures. God is a big enough God to protect His Word. If you happen to get hold of a clunker, the Holy Spirit is more than able to let you know and steer you in another direction. I trust Him to do that because I'm NOT smart enough to know it on my own. I absolutely RELY on Him for that. If I don't, it's just too stressful and I'll become stagnant and not read it at all because I'm worried more about which version I'm reading than actually reading God's word at all.


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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


Spiros Zodhiates was a friend of one of my bibe college professors, who was also Greek.


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That's cool! It's my understanding that from a scholarly level, his parallel lexicons are top notch in depth & accuracy. I really enjoy them. Always have.

 2016/5/13 13:31

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 Re: How many times have you read the scriptures and which version

I have never read the Bible from "cover-to-cover" but have read all of it in time, some books oftener then others.

I enjoy reading it by the book and depending on which one will take another one and compare - like the Kings and Chronicles - same era, different writers sharing different perspectives.

After finishing a book I will ask the LORD where I should go next. Doing so results in fresh inspiration that excites me, filling me with worship/adoration for the LORD.

I use the NASB.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: How many times have you read the scriptures and which version

I'm not sure I can say I have read the holy Scriptures right through. In the past, I've started reading plans and then fell off the wagon. A conservative estimate would be, say 85%. I've definitely decided I need to read the whole thing. On Robert McCheynne [/sp] reading plan too.

I find it very easy to memorize Scriptures with the KJV. Its poetic writing lends itself to it very readily. Its the first version I ever saw. I still prefer it.

With my little man, however, I read the ESV but when he's older, he'll get the KJV too.


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there was a period of several years where I read the Bible through in a year- sometimes in book order, sometimes chronologically. NJKV, NIV, ESV, and Phillips in the NT.

That got old so I stopped doing it. Just keeping it real. Now I try to look for insight from scriptures as opposed to just reading them to read them.


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