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I wanted to bring this thread up again. The initial question posed in this thread is should we be praying for visitation or habitation. That is should we be praying for a visitation of the Holy Spirit as in say revival? Or should we be praying that we be a habitation of the Holy Spirit? That we would be vessels filled with Jesus?

A faithful few have been praying for revival. And yet have seen no answers to their prayers. Should we rather not be praying that would be a habitation of the Holy Spirit? That would be a habitation of his presence? Are we not more likely to see an answer to praying for his habitation as opposed to praying for Revival?

Then perhaps if we are the habitation of His Spirit. If we are the habitation of His presence. Then maybe we will see a visitation of His Spirit.

Bro B

 2016/6/17 14:31

 Re: Some Verses out of Ephesians.

... And he put all things in subjection under his feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all...Eph. 1:22-23

... So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and are of God's household having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, and whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit...Eph.2:19-22

The passages above contains some incredible truth. If we would focus our prayers to be a habitation both individually and corporately of the Holy Spirit. Then God can truly move in the church and in incredible power.

Some have told me that revival is the presence of God in our midst. Then is God not present in our midst by the Holy Spirit? Should He not be corporately dwelling where two or three have gathered together in the name of Jesus?

Just some questions for reflection.

Bro B

 2016/6/17 14:42


I think the other thread I just posted/wrote this morning, speaks to the awareness of Gods presence as opposed to the abstract truth that God is everywhere. This word " awareness," was a favorite word of Duncan Cambpell and it is a key word in understanding what it means to walk in the power and the Spirit of God. Just for clarification, not being aware of God's presence does not equate to the loss of salvation or any sin per se, it could be a season or seasons that God has introduced in order to strengthen the saint. On the other hand it could be a David and psalm 51 situation where David cries out in repentance in regard to adultery and murder and begs God to restore unto him, not salvation, for he was still a man after God's own heart, but the joy of his salvation. This "joy," is another word for the awareness of His presence....................bro Frank

 2016/6/17 14:54

 Re: Frank

Brother just realizef that was what your thread was about. I should have put these verses on your thread. Wasn't trying to open up a competing thread But was actually thinking what a sister had posted on another thread regarding Franklin Graham.

Anyway so true brother. The fact that Jesus abides in us. The fact that he lives in us. Should cause it's a step back and wonder and awe. Or as we say in Arkansas. To be spellbound and amazed. You know that we have and we are his habitation should bring joy to our hearts.

Bro B.

 2016/6/17 16:01


A few days ago I was on a prayer call for revival. There were broken prayers going up before God. There were tears of confession of sin. This prayer call has been going on fir years. People praying for revival...Yet no revival.

So is it a lack of prayer? Or is it we are not praying God's heart? Has God ever said He would bring revival or an awakening to the church? I cannot find a New Testament verse where God said He would respond to prayers for revival. But certainly He would respond to prayers that we live crucified lives so that He would live in us.


 2016/10/5 18:45

Joined: 2003/7/31
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Phoenix, Arizona USA


Not sure why you would discourage the people from praying for revival and awakening? Should we not pray for such things? I am astonished that you don't see any prospects for revival in God's Word. The prospects are as bright as the word of prophecy! An awakening is the law of Life in operation (Romans 8:2 and Isaiah 42:1).

Revival is perhaps the brightest promise in the word of God. God never relents in recovering that which was lost. The God of hope will perform it. We press on and lay hold of God (Philippians 3:12).

Let there be no despair, an awakening will come forth from the throne, by, through, and unto the Lamb who was slain! Let us not grow weary in well doing.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

 2016/10/5 19:45Profile


I thought I would bump this thread up again for consideration. I started it two years ago. The question is still appropriate. What is a more realistic prayer? Visitation or habitation? Revival or the indwelling presence of the holy spirit in our hearts?

To the best of my knowledge no place in the New Testament has God ever said that he would answer prayers for revival. But He has said that he would answer prayers for those who ask for the Holy Spirit.


 2018/3/1 19:16

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When I look at Revelation and I see Jesus dealing with 7 Churches I see what it means to be weighed and found wanting. When Jesus speaks to our own hearts we begin to say things like " I can discern an apostle who has left the faith, Oh God, I have not discerned I have left my first love".
Oh God, I believed you to deliver me, yet I am appointed to suffer and be persecuted...Oh God will I persevere? Will I endure to the end and not deny the faith like others?
" Oh God, there is false teachings and false teachers, some of my brothers are alive to you, some are seduced and failing to obey you, am I one? Am I seduced oh God? Have mercy on me."

A revived heart is a heart that knows God has spoken and it knows its own sins and it knows where to go for help. This is the first step, we being a habitation of the Spirit are indwelt so that Jesus Christ might live through our lives, in our jobs, in our way of life in this present world.

But there is another step.

Oh God, have mercy on me and my brothers, let not any of us learn to discern the errors of others and have no understanding of our own condition, God enlighten and empower me and my brother for your glory, make your name a rejoicing in our mouths.

The initial start of widespread revival is personal revival and submission to the word of God. Genuine personal revival senses a genuine hope in God and therefore reaches out to the inclusion of my brothers and sisters in our own prayers of repentance.

But sadly, so many starter revivals in so many various Churches seem to have fallen prey to another form of seduction.
A Church experiences true revival among its members, there is joy, activity, freedom, love, good works, obedient following of Christ. But the seduction is "this is all we really wanted". Widespread revival is not satisfied with "what me and you need". This is where sovereignty and personal sacrifice intermix. The failure can be said to have been "save us 4 Lord no more". In short we truly did want repentance and we do want obedience and we do want to be fruitful, but we stopped at the border of our own tribe. Benjamin had no dealings with Gad. So it goes, others live in the worldliness we previously were caught up in, but our own satisfaction with just us 4 having the Lord stopped the intercessions for others, it stopped the interest in evangelism and stopped the fasting and preparation for serving Christ in difficult situations.

We recognize it when a Pentecostal meeting goes into a full week, many tears are shed, people are healed and many are reconciled to one another, some new coverts come in, and a great joy and freedom among the congregation exists. But when 'us 4' are satisfied with 'only us 4' the very thing that God intended to reach out to the lost was stopped literally at the front door of the Church.

The recognition of these things is not in itself a great help, the repentance of these things are better and when repentance, new obedience and joy fill the worship and ministry of the Word, the repentant pastor says to us all "we have let Jesus in to sup with us, now let us all listen for where he intends to take us and what he intends to do with us". We know God is with us, but the habitation of God in the Church is the start, we seek God now for his visitation upon the lost that they might glorify God as we should".


 2018/3/1 20:15Profile

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This world is not my home anymore.


You are probably going to get varying answers depending on a person's understanding of revival and their own prayers for it.

But to me, Ia more realistic prayer is, "Oh God consume me and make your habitation in this weak vessel and burn all the dross in every dark corner Yours."

I am quite certain revival would visit and rock my world then!! :)

Yes, Lord.....I am willing, "consume me and make your habitation in this weak vessel and make every dark corner Yours."

God bless us all until we are consumed by the fire of the God!!


 2018/3/2 13:26Profile


Are we waiting for God to do something externally in the church for our heart to be changed. To change us from the outside in? Or is it not Christ who indwells our heart and changes us from the inside out?


 2018/3/2 15:32

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