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 Re: testimony on demand

This request for Julius' testimony has turned into a demand.

A request may certainly be denied.

When guilt is heaped upon one for their denial of such for circumstantial reasons and for conscience sake, and such an one is admonished for some supposed non-compliance, where is such expression of Christian love being shown to such an one.

Is it incumbent that "I understand" this brother's decision in this matter that makes it wrong or right. It sure has come down to just that in this case according to some.

After all has been said and done, if Julius made some different decisions here on this thread, would we all shake our heads and heap more guilt and insults upon him. Would we inwardly be saying of him, "oh...what a prideful and unsubmissive spirit he is driven by." "He ought to see clearly as I do, and do..."

It may do all of us well to examine our own spirit. It may be that pride is being cloaked in feigned humility as well as a love for the admiration of men.

Love rejoices in the truth.

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Savannah, there is an attempt to take combatants eyes of themselves and their favorite subjects and turn their eyes towards Jesus and lifting Him up.

When I was young and growing up in an Irish Catholic housing scheme, there were fights every day. Someone would call someone out, but the real instigators were those who took up sides and shouted from the sidelines. All of the onlookers/instigators would form a circle around the two who were to fight, locking them in. Even if they decided not to fight, those who surrounded them would not allow them, they would keep it going. Savannah, less drama and more focus on Jesus is the way out of what has ailed the forum of late. We can either be part of the solution to that or part of the problem. May the name of Jesus be raised up and simply let Jesus deal with " old scores." The Lord knows our hearts.........bro Frank

 2016/5/2 8:56

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I am fixing to go to work, I would encourage every single individual whom has attacked Julius to consider there own short comings on these forums, Think about it, have many of those whom attacked Julius not been guilty of the same and in some instances worse.

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I'm not trying to add to this drama. I'm not. I have tried to stay out of this drama, especially as of late. I will also say that I believe that the way 3-4 of the posters here on SI spoke to/about Julius was wrong. Dead wrong. I also even admitted & apologized for at times going too far and/or saying too much. I did that publicly too from the heart.

However, before we set up a martyrs grave here for Julius, I do think it should also be said that I, before having done any of these things, came to Julius' side, was kind, soft, gentle, giving the benefit of the doubt To him, etc. & why did I receive from Julius? Sarcasm, attacks, snarky comments, being grouped up on by him & the 3-4 here who have pushed his narrative, etc. Julius was nasty towards me early on and I was nothing but kind & gracious to him. Don't just remember the most recent threads & ignore the ones from a couple/few weeks ago and how we got to the place where we are now on some of these discussions. And then he actually accused, as well as everyone else on the forum & in the majority of church history who believes in Premillinealism, of having received a "False Gospel, False Christ, FALSE SALVATION" (His words/title - before changing it - not mine). But all I asked for was likewise an apology to all those he accused of not having "TRUE SALVATION" (which is pulling up wheat that Jesus warned against). All I asked for repeatedly was to admit the wrong & apologize? Yes, I went on and on, because he refused to do it. Did it ever happen? No it did not.

So let me be clear: I don't "know" Julius, but I have & wil continue to pray for him. He doesn't want to share his testimony? Fine. His perogative I guess? But if he refuses to apologize for calling everyone who doesn't agree with his (minority) views as having a "False Gospel, False Christ, FALSE SALVATIONl, then as nice as Julius may come across, there's an issue there. I have "ZERO" unforgiveness, bitterness, or anything else in my heart, for Julius (& everyone else), I mean that. But refusing at all costs & great lengths to avoid repenting/apologizing for accusing others of not being saved for not sharing his eschatology is an issue to me, a big one. And not because it's "my issue", but I believe it's the Lords. Anyways, either way, I will pray for Julius & for everyone involved here (including me) to grow in grace, love, patience & humility in the knowledge of our Lord.

God Bless,

 2016/5/2 9:28

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sermonindex ....To say that our testimony is a pearl that we cannot share with other believers is wrong thinking.

I was raised up under a pastor, that taught us that your testimony was your most powerful witnessing tool.


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Amen. Your testimony is & should be a testimony to HIS GRACE to save us in spite of us. I personally believe that It doesn't give the devil a stage, but puts him to shame. That however "gone" we were, the Grace of God overcame the works of the devil in our lives & saved us. I have always thought people who said otherwise used a fallacious argument. Sure, don't "glory" in your past sin/shame, but don't hide it either (the apostle Paul didn't). Humbly share what a bound soul you were, but that the glory & Grace of God was greater & that where sin abounded, grace did all the more abound. Why I love sharing my testimony. I was the worse of the worse man. But that's not some "tattoo" for the Devils glory or something, but rather a testimony to the Love, mercy, & Grace of God! And My full testimony before Christ leaves people (even me) speechless at His mercy, but my testimony of failure & His continued love & Grace even AFTER my regeneration is what breaks me down, humbles me & brings me to tears even more. It's all about His grace, mercy, love & faithfulness!

 2016/5/2 10:04


I think it was Spurgeon who spoke of our past being like a rear-view mirror in a driver's seat: not near as big as the front windshield or where our primary focus should be to see where we are going, but there for a reason nonetheless to look back & see what's behind us. And rejoice! 😊

 2016/5/2 12:03

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Your right jeff in saying that ,about threads and posts from a few weeks ago.

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It is shocking not to see unbelievers pounding on the door to seek salvation after reading this thread. When I see a topic that I do not agree with or will cause division I simply ignore it. Not complicated and relatively easy.
C'mon folks relax a little.

 2016/6/3 5:13Profile

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