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sermonindex wrote:

many people here have gone through difficult things here and posted. Let's look to Jesus and not focus on our pain and suffering

As this brother stated I think its best not to share in public alot of the actual sins and problems, pains we went through in our old life. All those things are behind me and I am pressing ahead to reach the heavenly goal should be our mindset. Keeping our fixed on Jesus the [i]author[/i] and [i]finisher[/i] of our faith!

Glad to have you on SermonIndex if you haven't already check out this sermon: [url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead[/url]

I listened to the audio of that.

But i was posting my testimony, not DWELLING on my past. Those weren't the 'good ol days' and NO1's past should be.

The bible calls us to 'REMEMBER where you came from'. I was mearly posting my testimony. So please, don't be quick to rebuke, test everything.

 2005/5/29 13:31


The lamb has risen!! I led a Christian club at my school, my senior year in High School, learning alot of hard lessons. God spoke, visions came, signs, wonders, healing, all these came before my eyes. From a baptist kid till 16, then seeing the REALITY of God, im not comprimising this Gospel.

I'm now in the process, With the Father, to revive the Tampa Bay area with the Spirit of God. My vision is to see baptist filled, methodists set free, and the scales to fall off the Catholics eyes. For all to be changed by His Power.[b]1 Corinthians 4:20[/b][i]For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power.[/i]

Power, i want Daddy to SHOW His power, to those who have their eyes set on earthly things, that they may comprehend Him and SEE that Daddy loves them, before the coming of destruction of them!

I see to follow Him always, and encourage anyone that comes across my path, to show God's truth, and reveal His love.

 2005/5/29 13:32


I was suicidal, i wanted to die at the age of 7 or 8. I committed homosexual acts when i was 6 or 7. I've had sex once, then after that time i couldn't speak to the Lord for 2 entire days *for me that was death*. I had sex WHILE i was in ministry at different places, while i was strong in the Lord, i just had no boundaries with women..and i fell.

I accepted Jesus when i was 10, then later to become a "Saul of the Church" you could say. I hated Christians. (I'd probly would've loved them, if someone would've FOLLOWED UP my salvation committment!!).

Until 16 i would say 'i dont know if i were to go to heaven'. I then had a desire for a search for matter how hard it was for me to bear. I ALMOST converted to Muslim, Jewish, Catholic..but then ended up Christian, baptist for a little bit, then i rejected that lie, and got filled with the Spirit cause the BIBLE says so. At 16 i got empowered by the Holy Spirit, from watching a radical Christian live. I wanted what he had, always happy, true happiness was in his eyes. And now i have that, and im turning on 18. Ever since i was filled with God's Spirit, i can't hold in the Truth. IT MUST BE PROCLAIMED!!!

 2005/5/29 13:32


You can read this straight through. This post and the 2 below. This is all about me.

Hello, My name is Joshua Andrew Sciarrino. Feel free to steal my identiy. It was never anything to boast of, now that i look back.

I was born on July 2,1987. My father was never around, a father figure never came about, mom had/STILL HAS wounds that cause her pain and pain that leaks to others. My mother was raped 10 plus times, my brother (half) came into this world as a bastard child, and i've yet to see him.

My sister was taken away from me when i was 1 or 2. My brother is about 19 and my sister is now going on 21 next year. Im 17 turning 18 soon!!

Tons of pains, some are still in a process of cleansing. The big pains have healed over.

 2005/5/29 13:34

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