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 Re: thank you Jeff

Ishodad of Merv (FL. 850)

I have never heard of him, researching him right now.

You do relieze that by Richardson bringing up a little known Ishodad of Merv (FL. 850) to make a historic case, that he is conceading that he has found no Christian before 850 that believed Judeo-Centric Eschatology. something to think about

The reason I keep pressing Maimonides, is because Maimonides reliezed and taught his followers that they could influence the way that Christians interputed there Scriptures. Maimonides indicated success in doing this.

I concead that 850 is before Maimonides.
Before you brought Ishodod to my attention, I was not aware of any Christian before Maimonides that taught a Judeo-Centric Eschatology

What I have been trying to figure out is if the modern Idea of a Judeo-Centric Eschatology has been influenced by Judaism, that question of mine is what led me to Maimonides in the first place.

Interesting enough while researching Ishodad of Merv and his commentaries I ran across this :

"The Syrian Church was from its close contact with the Jews : and in this way their writings often conserve peculiar interpretations that they borrowed from local Rabbis or from their local Jewish neighbours generally, with whom they seem to have been in a friendly relation not known in the West""

Interesting we have a religion that denies that Jesus was the Christ that came in the flesh, apparently influencing Christian interputation.
And where we find this influence has had an impact, Ironicly we find Judeo-Centric Eschatology.

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Again, I could say the same but worse type argument that many who held early & later to hard core "replacement theology" (Origen, Augustin, on up to Luther, Calvin, etc.) advocated the destruction & death of the Jews. And they affected a lot of modern theology, so it goes both ways. If someone was "affected by the Jews" (in terms of explaining how Hebraic Rabbinical writings, language, etc. was to help us understand the OT Prophets) vs someone supposedly with "the correct theology" advocated pillaging, burning, & killing the Jews, then which side sounds more "suspect"? Just also something to consider, I think, don't you?
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Because of the recent arguing and debating that got out of control on this subject we are going to retire this thread.

May we all look forward to the soon coming of our Lord and the culmination of the ages and may the Lord find us obedient in our daily lives abiding with Him.

this thread is locked.

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