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"It would be interesting to learn where some of the saints are who attending these classes and had Leonard Ravenhill as one of their teachers."

I've met some of them up in the Tyler area who sat under Leonard Ravenhills teachings...not all were fans of brother Len.

I visited his and Keith Greens graves a few years ago and asked one of the local ministers there to accompany me. To my shock he said that he could not stand to be around the man in life so he would have no interest in visiting his grave.

I was shocked and very taken back. When I pressed him he said that brother Leonard ruffled a lot of feathers and had a very blunt and brash way about him and that he personally coulnd't stand him. He was very critical.

I had my doubts about this minister anyway but after the way he trashed brother Ravenhill I decided to never have anything to do with this man again.

Brother Leonard was not perfect but he was and still is a powerful and much needed prophetic voice to the body of Christ. Those who despise his message and warnings do so at their peril.

Interestingly the minister and the group he associates with became involved more and more in spurious charismatic false teachings, such as the 7 Mountains teachings.

I think we all know what brother Leonard would have to say about this kind of rubbish. Say no more.

 2016/4/22 12:57

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 Re: New Leonard Ravenhill video: Gethsemane's Cup

This video is mirrored in one of the audio messages, probably with the same name.

Edit: I didn't read Greg's second post that states the same thing.

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Gethsemane's Cup by Leonard Ravenhill


 2016/4/22 20:28

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 Re: AMEN!!


We have uploaded the other message that we have that is the second part of the other message on:

The Resurrection Power of Jesus by Leonard Ravenhill

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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God love you brother Greg

 2016/4/28 9:33

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