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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : From New Age to Jesus: A Testimony

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Thank you Jeremy for this link to hear this message! It is one that I would recommend that everyone hear. It is a game changer...alamb


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Thank you Jeremy for that sermon by Keith, it was certainly worth hearing.

I absolutely agreed that a new believer should not be in the limelight and needs time to mature before public exposure, so a very good warning.

However, what he said about the Blood of Christ was a concern to me. This teaching is very much popular in the church today but I think they are mistaken. Keith did say that what he had experienced and seen had no doctrinal backup and he is right: There is nowhere in the Bible that says that we are to claim the Blood of Christ as protection from the devil.

It has probably come from the verse in Ex. 12:13 "When I see the blood, I will pass over". That is, the applied blood, but the primary action of the Blood of Christ is TO CLEANSE US FROM SIN.

It is only when we are CLEANSED FROM ALL SIN, that the devil will flee from us. Notice the verse says first of all that we are to submit ourselves therefore unto God and the devil will flee from us.

Unfortunately many believers are not submitted unto God and that means absolutely; they have at least one issue where they struggle and do not have victory. This lack of victory in any area gives Satan ground in them. They are outside of the Blood. No matter how much they chant the phrase Keith gives, it is meaningless, though Satan will let them think that they are being successful.

Satan very much does not want believers to know that any sin in their lives must be dealt with by the Blood cleansing them and be the means of God giving them a pure heart and clean hands before they can fight in spiritual warfare.

Satan is so clever in his deceptions that he will go to no limits to let them think that they can chant a phrase and win. He will even give them victories to mislead them.

If we are cleansed by the Blood we will not have to do the chanting and especially it will not count to do it for others. They must be cleansed by the Blood as well to be in good standing with God. We will be wearing the armour of Ephesians 6, all of the time, not just when we decide to put it on. Once on it is supposed to stay on. The helmet of salvation must remain on to stay in the kingdom.

Sorry I have been missing posts. Please remind me if anyone is waiting for a reply.

 2016/5/3 6:19

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 Re: From New Age to Jesus: A Testimony

Thank you for this! I 'liked' his FB page so I can stay updated and I sent this to my son who needs to hear his testimony. If you think about it, pray for my son, Samuel that he will listen to it and the Lord will breakthrough.

God bless you!!


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 Re: From New Age to Jesus: A Testimony

Praise God!!!!!!

Let all of heaven rejoice:))))))


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Oh brother,
I truly believe I was led to read through this thread just to hear Bro Keith's message.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Continue to pray for this brother. He recently released a video detailing his purpose in exposing the New Age.

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