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Brother Bill pace yourself. Hopefully you got some neighbors that will help you with the cleanup. Unfortunately I am here in Little Rock so can I come down with a pot or pan to help you. But I do send my prayers to you bro.

Brother Blaine

 2016/4/23 10:30


Definitely MrBillPro,
Take it easy & may the Lord bless you. I will be praying for you. I spent 6 months (& several trips) with my family down there between Katy, Conroe, the Golden Triangle, Galveston & everything in the middle that is Houston, & I know the area pretty well. I even did some street preaching & ministry with a brother down there in Galveston way back once upon a time. I pray you get everything back to normal, but especially that your health would prosper through this time.
God Bless,

 2016/4/23 10:36

 my dear brother Bill

older brother, please forgive for seeming to ignore your REAL earthly troubles, my fervent prayers go out to you this very second!

God is with you , o man of God!!! Praise the LORD!!!...and you! God loves you to give the gift of grit! 80% cleaned, huh?.....and that after a triple!!

never met you , face to face, but I always have loved you from afar.....we got a similar malady, I was walking around in the depths of this northern winters with a 99% clogged God still wants me here, so I had her plumbed out in Feb.

"This is just a testimony, that even at 64 and after a heart attack, you can come back, with God in our lives, nothing is impossible. "

love that! ..."with God in our lives, nothing is impossible. "......amen!, THAT is the Gospel, the for sure Good YOU!!! neil

 2016/4/23 11:11

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