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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Churchgoers have joined the ranks of cohabitating couples

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Well Ms. Lysa, guess you're the second one, I said probably a couple Christians did, I guess were it, pull the curtain. :-)


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Well Ms. Lysa, guess you're the second one, I said probably a couple Christians did, I guess were it, pull the curtain. :-)

LOL So true!!


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Now we are "sanctifying" immorality in the church. Many Christians and leaders are silent on this sin. It shows they don't have a spiritual vision of God's holiness and don't tremble at his Word.

I know why these is happening brothers, the presence of the Lord has departed from the evangelical church in america except the faithful remnant and people go to church for a selfish sense of eternal security or because they feel emotionally good even when they are living in sin. Spiritual deception and the counterfeit spirit of the devil is an expert at faking spiritual blessings.

We want the benefits of the cross and the benefits of the flesh at the same time. We want heaven while we are living in sin. What we still call church, God often sees as a place of abomination and spiritual adultery and his voice still echoes to his chosen people to come out of the harlot of Babylon and keep themselves pure and holy for Christ.

May God baptise us with a holy indignation. I don't say these things as a hypocrite or holier than thou, I have backslided for years and lived a sinful lifestyle but at least I was afraid of going to church because my conscience condemned my lifestyle and it is all because of repentance granted me that I turned from my evil ways. God is merciful but we need to pray for backsliders to come back to Him and for His Church to be purified and sanctified.

Hearing stories like these makes me jealous for the glory of God and I got to do something in prayer about it and in action too. I'm thinking about street evangelism and go from there and see where the Lord will lead.


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Although Elected has highlighted a couple of larger issues that most definitely contribute to the growing immorality within Christianity in America and all over the 1st world, I think it is also important to recognize that couples living together prior to marriage is a direct result of a rejection of a Biblical family model.

Where in the Bible does it say you should kick your son out of your house at 18? Where does it say you should let your daughter move 500 miles away and live by herself? I haven't read those things. I most certainly don't see that as an example. But yet we follow this standard practice and let them go off to college only to be influenced by the most liberal professors AND learn how to be adults from children who never learned to be adults themselves. Do any of us expect a result different than what we are seeing today?

I am 29 years old and left my house when I was 18. I wish I had a godly father who would have taught me how to be a man and prepared me for the crud that I face today. I wish my younger sisters had a godly father to look up to instead of having an older brother (me) as the only father figure in their lives. They would be far better off had our family been set according to the Scriptures. 2 of them are believers, but they have childish insecurities (very much like me! Go figure) that they will have to grapple with as adults that really should have been addressed early on. One of my sisters longs so desperately to be loved that if any old boy comes along and asks her out, she will say yes.

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