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I will share here something from a perspective of a brother who was born and raised as a kid in a communist country in Europe and who has lived in four different countries 3 of them in Europe before I came 2007 to the States.

When I was a child is a communist country we were allowed to think and speak only what the communists believed and taught and anyone who talked like a dissident about God or capitalism would be persecuted, put to jail or even executed and his family will be banished to some small village in the country to live a miserable life. There was no freedom of thought or freedom of speech, you were told what to think and what to do ( how to dress and even how to keep your hair short, the only thing communists had in common with Puritans both parties liked to keep their hair short lol) and the communist party was all the democratic system you ever knew, there was no other choice or alternative. Communist propaganda was everywhere in the media, newspapers, schools, at work, etc. to brainwash you to thinking and believing as they did.

Now this is what I call dictatorship and the leader of the communist country I grew up was worshiped like a god and he had a big statue in front of big square of the capital city.

Churches were distroyed or turned into warehouses or to serve some other purposes of the atheistic state.

As a teenager all I learned in history etc. was from the perspective of dialectical materialism of Marks and Engles, they were the prophets of the new materialistic religion and in biology Darwinism was the undisputed teaching of evolutionism. Atheism was the religion of the government.

Those Christians in my country who held to their faith were persecuted and put to jail or executed by the state. I was converted in 1991 during the time when communism was collapsing in the east and democracy came in. So I didn't experience any persecution for my faith but I have a feeling and understanding of what a totalitarian and antichristian regime looks like.

When Antichrist comes on the world scene and when he will rule the whole world and persecute Christians who don't worship Him or his image, I think to have lived in a communist country would have been a paradise compared with what Christians would go thru during the great tribulation.

Many of us Christians just don't understand or take for granted the liberties we still have in America. My family lives in Belgium, if the prime minister or the King will say God bless Belgium after a very important national speech, people will laugh and think he is a fool, the same applies in other countries in Europe. In American it is still expected of a president whether he is a Republican or Democrat to say God bless America for how long we don't know yet?

With all that said like other brothers and sisters here I believe persecution is coming to America, it will be God's judgment to a nation who took for granted his blessings but we just don't know yet when it will happen? We can assume and speculate for now but most American Christians are naive of what it means to not live in democracy and take for granted all the liberties they enjoy for now. America is headed to a socialistic antichristian system and government but I don't see it yet persecution on the horizon on this country.

Even China today compared with communism of the past is much more tolerant, if you want a true picture of communism look at North Korea where Christians are executed without even going to trial in the most cruel way in public, so they can be an example of what will happened to the rest if they believe Jesus. They are the most cruel communist country to ever exist. Then you will have a better understanding what state organized persecution means against Christians.

The left here in America is preaching a democratic Socialism, a compromise between Capitalism and Communism. Whatever will the the result of it, I believe that the new political system that will come out of it, will be a forerunner for that antichristian and anti-God world system that Antichrist will use to rule the world.


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I see what is happening blain in the western world ,and in America ,,but what exactly are you warning about ,,,,,and what will you do about this problem ,,,,a call to pray for revivel is the only thing that will stem the flow of the tide ,,,,,,,is that what you are warning about .....,,,,I may have missed that ,,,,a call to fast and pray for a season ,,,a season of separation .....

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When Antichrist comes on the world scene and when he will rule the whole world and persecute Christians who don't worship Him or his image, I think to have lived in a communist country would have been a paradise compared with what Christians would go thru during the great tribulation.

Many of us Christians just don't understand or take for granted the liberties we still have in America. My family lives in Belgium, if the prime minister or the King will say God bless Belgium after a very important national speech, people will laugh and think he is a fool, the same applies in other countries in Europe. In American it is still expected of a president whether he is a Republican or Democrat to say God bless America for how long we don't know yet?

With all that said like other brothers and sisters here I believe persecution is coming to America, it will be God's judgment to a nation who took for granted his blessings

Dear brother,

This is so important thank you for sharing your experiences and childhood. If you felt led do write more on this and perhaps start a new thread. These things are so very important right now for american believers. This free ebook on persecution we have been sharing that takes principles from north korea and china:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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As Popeye once said, “That’s all I can stand, I can stand no more!”

What I am about to say may further stir up the storm within the teacup but I cannot sit by any longer and watch what has been going on for months and even years on SI.

True to from look how a very valid and heartfelt concern of Blains was quickly uprooted by another spirit. If people think that this is what the Holy Spirit inspires between the brethren and the body of Christ I am just about ready to throw in the towel.

Jeff Marshall starts with his cynicism with this statement,

"Oh Bear there you go again! Seeing imaginary persecution everywhere!

And this officer had the gall to share about Christ, to hand out a track, & even put one of his stops on a prayer list at his local baptist church congregation where he attends. Man, he brought it on himself by not just doing his job & obeying the authority of the land to keep his mouth shut about God during working hours (like what the Nazi's told Christians about obeying authority to try to get them to keep their mouth's shut & not to help anyone or live out their faith in real action).”

“These type radical extreme lawbreakers bring it on themselves. It's not real persecution. Don't you know anything Bear?"

“Sorry, I could just hear the unspoken comments of some & thought I'd go ahead & put them out there & get it out of the way.”

“That's when I found out my boss, his wife, my coworker, & the owner of the company were all Roman Catholics - I would have never known as they all just acted, spoke & carried on like pagan heathens to me). But the Lord kept me.”

This last statement sounds like the two sinners that went up to the hill to pray. But only one came down right in the eyes of the Lord.

Then unfortunately Blain fuels and further validates the spirit and cynicism of Jeff with this statement:

“Actually Jeff I could hear some of the comments coming in my spirit as I was posting this. Some would say the officer is not suffering for his faith in Christ. But he is simply getting what he deserved because he did not follow the procedures of keeping his religion and job separate.”

Jeff wrongly quotes OTHERS that are simply questioning and reasoning whether this is persecution or not by saying the officer got what he deserved in getting fired which is actually what Blain assumed people would say.

Here is the truth in what I see, when things do not go the way of some people here and you do not readily line up with their thought process and reasoning the cynicism and bullying ensues and they start to twist and put words in people’s mouths.

The spirit behind this post takes the topic of the OP and causes it to pale in comparison as to the point Blain wants to make. The self righteous, arrogant, spiritually prideful, and argumentative spirit makes the whole point and topic irrelevant.

This spirit in this thread goes on to accuse, judge, and condemn others for being silent as if the persecution other Christians are suffering in the Middle East is the fault of those hear at SI? This all happens before one individual even DARES to ask or pose a question.Then we wonder why people do not want to post! REALLY?????

The poster even realizes he has to watch his P’s and Q’s and add caveats in what he is saying by saying, “I am not saying?” Because he knows he is going to get pounced on and challenged and beat down, and mocked for a simple question. Blains response is, “Yeeup that is what I thought you were going to say bro”

This thread was already set up and doomed to spiral downward from the very beginning by the evil spirit behind it, the real foe. Are we so foolish to not see the pattern that has prevailed in this forum for years? Are we so foolish to not realize others who have come and have been used of the Lord to contribute, admonish, edify, build up in the faith have all left and headed for the hills?

And then when brother Mark (Awakened) brings up a sincere and true topic on Why people don’t post we see people actually step out and give their very real reasons as to what they do not bear witness with. And that being the strife, pride, arrogance, division, mockery, cynicism….. that seems to dominate this ministry, forum, and almost every post or topic. I was blessed in that thread to see the many dear sisters that posted their feelings and thoughts and believe they all hit the nail squarely on the head.

Where in the world is the unity? The bible says that we are to let EVERY man be fully persuaded in his own mind. People talk about things they fear if certain people were to witness what goes on at SI. What in the world would we do with Lydia the seller of purple if she came here and did not get the point some people want to make? They would do everything in their own strength and power to pry this poor woman’s heart open and usurp the authority of the Holy Spirit. Last time I read the bible it is God who opens the heart, not man.

The bible says be not many teachers for they shall receive the greater condemnation. The spirit behind a true minister/teacher/master and man of God is not a spirit that mocks and is condescending toward others if they question or seek to reason through a thought. Even when people who are overtaken in a fault or error, this is what the bible says a true man of God does when he ministers and reasons with those who are opposing the truth or themselves.

Galatians 6:1-3 Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. (2) Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. (3) For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

2 Timothy 2:22-26 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (23) But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes. (24) And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, (25) In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; (26) And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

James 5:19-20 Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; (20) Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

Blain, brother Gary asked the very question I was going to ask. What is the point you are trying to make? Do you think every other Christian beside you, Jeff, and Frank do not realize that Jesus’ name is being silenced?

Brother, I am not sure if you are going to believe me or hear me. I am NOT attacking you or Jeff, in Jesus name with absolute fear of OUR Lord and Saviour, this is not about flesh and blood or us but about the spiritual.

I get the fact you are sounding the alarm of persecution but please help me/us understand. Do you not realize you are preaching to the choir? Or preaching yesterday’s news in that the rest of us have somehow not read our bibles or are unable to discern the prompting of the Holy Spirit within us?

Are the rest of us because we may choose to remain silent for other reasons than the reasons I posted earlier not able or worthy enough for God to not speak or care about us or that He may abandon us? Is Gods arm shortened that He can not save any one of us to the uttermost?

Please forgive me I am not being cynical I want to truly understand what your point is. Are we somehow supposed to be surprised by the fact the world has hated Jesus from the very beginning because the father of lies is from the very beginning? Are we supposed to be shocked, dismayed, fearful when the very things Jesus, the scriptures, the Apostles,Prophets,and the early church has been echoing and heralding for years are actually coming to pass?

I have prayerfully read through and followed this post, what good would it do to make a statement one way or the other about the OP and the officer and whether it was persecution or some other thing? When people have done so in so many other threads that have been hijacked by this ungodly spirit no matter what one says, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. You have even said so yourself in so many other words in the past.

When this thread started the spirit was already at work making negative condemning judgements and giving place to the devil. Why is Jeff Marshall so compelled to keep driving his point when people are not getting it? When does it come time to realize he may be casting pearls or giving that which may be holy unto dogs if he is truly speaking the truth? Is it selfish ambition?

If people are not getting it or striving, debating, arguing, isn’t it going against the scriptures and Gods word to continue to do so? Even when he gets angry and frustrated and says he is going to bow out of the conversation as soon as someone puts a little bait in front of him he jumps back in the ring.

Jeff Marshall uses the term throwing out the baby with the bathwater all the time. It is a phrase I use as well. But when Jeff says MANY very meaningful things and is sharing truth, when the ugly condescending and twisting spirit comes out, it makes at least me throw everything out the window baby, bathwater, and all because I am not sure he is aware of the spirit he is being an example of.

Here is another cynical quote from Jeff,

“As far as the rest of your post Blaine: stop being ridiculous Kermit (the frog). Just get back in the nice warm silver hot tub on top of the stove. It's a party tub & everyone is in it. Anyone saying frogs die like that is just an illogical, unwise, foolish conspiracy frog.”

This was the very spirit he fueled this thread and topic with from the start. Like anyone who is not jumping on board, high fiving, and slapping him on the back is a frog slowly cooking to death because Jeff is more spiritual than the rest of us. How utterly sad and self righteous.

Listen to this next cynical rant,

“I would say something more serious, but it would just get explained away. I would ask, "well what about....XYZ...." But I have & people avoid harder questions altogether & go on about the narrative that this guy should be fired cause sharing Christ on the job is "UnAmerican". Well, so be it.”

He makes the statement that others in this thread are saying or have said the officer should have gotten fired for preaching Christ on the job. You know who said it Blain? You did! In your own assumption and focusing on the negative of what people might say, you are the one, no one else.

This is not the first time people, not just Jeff, have twisted what others were saying. The Peyton Manning thing is one good example in that several quoted PM had A beer. No, PM never said he was going to have A beer, he said he was going to have a LOT of beer and a LOT of beer means he was going to get drunk. But because the conversation was not going the way they liked, they twisted what was said.

I have read through this thread and believe I have read even through the trees and do not see anyone saying the officer should be fired. If I missed something I will admit it and stand corrected.

Like so many have said and confessed here. We are not looking to debate, argue, quarrel, fight. We are not looking to go against what the scriptures tell us to avoid.

Don’t we realize that people are full up to their eyeballs with this spirit of strife, division, arrogance, and pride? Can’t we realize we are NOT the Holy Spirit and it is not our job to bully and bludgeoned people into seeing a truth!

I hate confrontation in that it has never been my heart to wound or hurt people or leave people without hope and condemned. But if I cannot be truthful here, I do not belong here.

If it takes you 10, 15, 20 minutes to read this long dissertation I can assure you if we were all to get into one room in person together you would SEE and KNOW my heart as it would take me much longer to say what I am saying here as I would be fearfully trembling before the Lord and in tears. I am NOT angry, just fed up, and not for myself, but for others.

One of my greatest fears and concerns was when I heard that SI was going to be made open for new members once again. Do you know what my first thought was? Oh no Lord, what about the babies, and the lambs!

In spite of the venom that we have entertained and allowed here, God is in control. He assured me that greater are we whom He is within than he that is in the world and if God be for us who can be against us.

Like so many before me have had the prompting and courage to say why they choose not to be involved in such biting and devouring I choose to sit back and pray. I know full well that God is able to finish the work He has begun but folks, the bride is messed up and far from being spotless and ready for His return in this forum.

Sometimes I wonder why the moderators allow such uglyness? But I am reminded of an old saying, if you give a man enough rope he will hang himself. I’ve watched and I am sure others have also people start out with what appears a true sincerity and godliness in their post to only see a very unChrist like figure emerge. True colors do not lie.

So, I have said what I have said. I do not say it lightly, I am not looking for a bunch of amens, or pats on the back, or agreement. But I also am not looking for a fight, if you disagree, or if I am off base, be spiritual and restore me if you truly love me.

I have stepped out of the boxing ring years ago never to return because Jesus ALWAYS wins. If you want to get in the ring that is up to you. I am open to reason, correction, and will admit if I am wrong and ask your forgiveness even when I am not wrong. It is not about me/us, its about Him!

I NEED to get prepared and I NEED help, and I want to help you prepare in any way God sees fit to use me. If I should cause anyone of you to fall, stumble, lose hope, or feel condemned may God take me out of His book of remembrance and place you there.

Jesus said many times him who has ears to hear let him hear, I pray the Holy Spirit help you to hear what I am saying and not to put words in my mouth, or judge my heart.

This is not flesh and blood, or Jeff and Blain, or persecution or not persecution. There is and has been a number of spirits working here, and it is NOT the Holy Spirit. Lord forgive me if I have spoken wrongly.

Fearfully and Prayerfully Submitted.

David Fella

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There is much to chew on in your post and I appreciate your candor.

I think many times on SI we question the motive/heart of other posters, particularly when there is disagreement. If we could stop doing this it might go a long way to mitigating the problems you have raised.

The other thing that seems to happen is sometimes we feel that someone we disagree with is not as spiritual or enlightened as we are. There is room for honest disagreement between two persons whose relationship with the Lord is exactly the same. This seems apparent in certain types of threads more than others.

Thanks again for the admonishment.


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You accuse me of doing something & then go on (forever at length) to do just that very thing against me?


All I can really say at this point is:

God Bless you,

Post edited

 2016/4/11 15:50


brother Jeff, what you could also say is that you will take what brother David has said to heart and pray about it. If we cannot listen to one another on a forum like this, how will we ever listen to others in a real life church fellowship situation? And that is a really important issue. Learning to love and submit to one another. I think the Lord can use SI to help us all. Iron sharpens iron.

 2016/4/11 16:29


That's fine. I will do that. It just came across to me as accusations & slander of my specific motives/intents & then telling me I'm accusing others. I'm Not trying to be obstinate, but that feels on this side of the post like "the pot calling the kettle black".

Just being honest: it seemed like "the spirit" I was sharing in was declared as some evil contentious spirit & then every contention with anything I said was laid out, & then a soft ending?

Maybe I read it wrong. Just following the logic trail.

I will pray about it. Definitely.

God Bless,

 2016/4/11 17:03


I hear you brother Jeff. I don't believe that brother David was coming across in an accusatory manner, but rather in correction. I know for myself I sometimes do not know what spirit I am off...that's why we need one another, right? Iron sharpens iron, its a wonderful thing if we can let it happen. Blessings!

 2016/4/11 17:22

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