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Again, every appeal to "logic" here is through the eyes of modern day American law", not the Word of God. Not putting condemnation on those who don't preach to everyone they come across (don't mix issues here, that wasn't the point of the OP), but to say that if a man is fired for sharing Christ, that isn't persecution (when this is supposed to be supposedly be "a free country" - now wrongly freedom "from" religion, rather than freedom "of" religion") is what is "ludicrous" frankly.

 2016/4/8 16:12

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 Re: Indiana State Trooper Fired.......

I was reading in Deuteronomy and Joshua how God had told the people to be of good courage...this encouragement is mentioned several times in the context of Moses handing the leadership reins over to Joshua.

Courage - never gave this concept a whole lot of thought. Got to thinking...

Courage. In order for it to exist there has to be some severe opposition. Hmmm. Without it courage could not exert itself, there would be no need of it. Courage is the act of working against the opposition doing what is Right, obeying the LORD regardless of consequences.

I loved meditating on this concept.Wonder why God led me to be so fascinated with it?

I love to hear testimonies of people displaying courage wherever the need presents itself. May God bless this will be fascinating to see where God will take him.


Sandra Miller

 2016/4/8 16:21Profile


Was he sharing Christ on a regular basis during traffic stops? Was it taking extra time during his shift? Or is this a one time mistake during working hours?

 2016/4/8 16:21

 Re: Awakened

Uh bro you think I am creating a thread to stir up dust??? Have you taken a look at the threads regarding Israel???

This one is pretty tame. But if anything I'm trying to provoke some discussion as to the reality of the times we're living in.

I think there are some who believe that persecution is still a myth. Perhaps somewhere in the mind of a Tim Lahaye novel. I think that there are some who believe that is not going to happen here.

Anyway simply my thoughts.

 2016/4/8 16:35


"Or is this a one time mistake during working hours?"

A mistake? Really? In a large portion of the American church We talk theological theoreticals & doctrines, but have a tainted doxology of how those theological implications "hash out". Tainted with culture.

Sharing the Gospel is NEVER a mistake. If he would have seen that the person stopped had a NC basketball jersey & asked them if they saw how the NCAA game ended (or the super bowl) would that be "a mistake"? Would we be so worried about "our tax dollars that pay them"? Would they be getting fired or threatened with lawsuits?

Frog in hot water just loves a good warm bath, eh?

 2016/4/8 16:39

 Re: Todd

Bro to the best of my ability I have not yelled at anybody. You must be thinking of the Israel threads. That is a problem in a forum like this. You cannot see the person's face behind a keyboard. But then you probably wouldn't want to see my bearded face :)

But what the state trooper in Indiana faced is what Ken Miller faced. They both knew the consequences of their actions. The question that is being discussed or debated, is did their actions constitute them being persecuted for their faith in Christ?

 2016/4/8 16:44


And frankly, as a believer first & American second, I WISH the officer would let me go & then be open to discussing Islam & the Gospel. I'm more concerned with the openness/opportunity to share & discuss eternal issues than with a "are my American tax dollars being respected every 5 minutes". I bet cops sit & browse the net, text, etc. on duty ALL THE TIME. But my primary concern is the Gospel, not being their hall monitor civil watchdog

 2016/4/8 16:47


Brothers I go back to my original question I asked. In countries that are hostile to Christianity there are laws in place that prohibit evangelism. If one evangelizes in these countries then they are disobeying the law. They could face imprisonment or perhaps even martyrdom.

Now what I'm hearing in this thread is that those that evangelize in such countries are not being persecuted for their faith. But they are simply incurring the consequences of disobeying the law in that nation.

I mean that is the logic that would have to be followed out regarding the state trooper. No doubt there are protocols in place that prohibited him from sharing his faith at work. To say that he went on and share his faith answer for the consequences thereof does not incur persecution. But simply the consequences of disobeying his superiors.

Then if we take that logic. In restricted nations where it is illegal to evangelize. We would have to say that believers that disobey the law and evangelize are not being persecuted. But simply suffering the consequences of disobeying the law.

At least that is how I follow the logic of Todd and perhaps others in this thread.

My thoughts

 2016/4/8 16:50


The issue is not about whether it is right or wrong to share the gospel but - is it appropriate while you are under the authority of your employer.

I am a businessman and I do not want my employees to proselytize our customers. We run our company to sell product and services and our customers expect to be treated with respect and that includes not forcing them to listen to a gospel presentation when they call in to place an order.

Does that mean I am persecuting my employees by asking them to not turn our company into an evangelistic ministry?

I would absolutely in a heart beat fire anyone who shared the gospel with our customers AFTER I made it clear to them to stop and GAVE them several warnings to as well.

By the standards of some on this site, I am an evil, persecutor of christians apparently lol.

 2016/4/8 16:57

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There are by definition, 5 stages to persecution;

1. Stereotyping
2. Vilifying
3. Marginalizing
4. Criminalizing
5. Open persecution

Not sure if what's being discussed here has reached the fifth stage or even the fourth....

Also when Paul and Silas were imprisoned and God sent an earthquake to free them, they didn't flee did they? They didn't seem so concerned with "being persecuted" so much as advancing the kingdom and as a result of them selflessly laying themselves down for love, souls were saved and Jesus received the reward of His suffering:)

As of late some of these discussions have become almost comic book esc, much to our shame:/

We are the lights of the world...

14 Do everything without grumbling or arguing, 15 so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God without blemish though you live in a crooked and perverse society, in which you shine as lights in the world 16 by holding on to the word of life so that on the day of Christ I will have a reason to boast that I did not run in vain nor labor in vain.


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