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 Indiana State Trooper Fired.......

The above title should not surprise you. We have an Indiana State Trooper who has been fired. And he is being taken to court. He has not been fired or taken to court because of excessive police brutality. Nor has he taken any money for a bribe. He has not been doing drugs. He has not abused those he's taken into custody.

So why has he been fired? And why is he being taken to court? Google story Indiana State Trooper fired....... he has been fired for sharing Jesus Christ with those he pulls over for traffic violations.

By the way this is not God Is Not Dead Part 2. But this is the real thing.

Brother Blaine

 2016/4/8 10:16

 Re: Indiaba State Trooper Fired.......

Set your search protocol for Indiana State Trooper fired for preaching Jesus. The story will come up on different news sites.

 2016/4/8 10:19


"Oh Bear there you go again! Seeing imaginary persecution everywhere!

And this officer had the gall to share about Christ, to hand out a track, & even put one of his stops on a prayer list at his local baptist church congregation where he attends. Man, he brought it on himself by not just doing his job & obeying the authority of the land to keep his mouth shut about God during working hours (like what the Nazi's told Christians about obeying authority to try to get them to keep their mouth's shut & not to help anyone or live out their faith in real action).

These type radical extreme lawbreakers bring it on themselves. It's not real persecution. Don't you know anything Bear?"

Sorry, I could just hear the unspoken comments of some & thought I'd go ahead & put them out there & get it out of the way.

May God bless this man for being willing to be a fool for the sake of Christ & the Gospel! I got threatened & found out later that I almost could have lost my job a couple times for similar things (1 for handing out tracks - and I was in sales paid for my numbers, not an hourly or something, & 1x for sending out an email after I had enough of the person worship after the death of Pope John Paul 2 exposing the Unbiblical lies of the RCC. That's when I found out my boss, his wife, my coworker, & the owne of the company were all Roman Catholics - I would have never known as they all just acted, spoke & carried on like pagan heathens to me). But the Lord kept me. May God Bless Him in this beyond anything he could ask, think or imagine.

 2016/4/8 11:00

 Re: Jeff

Actually Jeff I could hear some of the comments coming in my spirit as I was posting this. Some would say the officer is not suffering for his faith in Christ. But he is simply getting what he deserved because he did not follow the procedures of keeping his religion and job separate.

But then I've heard that said about Ken Miller and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. If they had simply obeyed man they would then they would not have suffered.

Simply my thoughts bro.

 2016/4/8 11:23


Maybe this should be told to our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and other parts of the world. If they keep quiet about their faith in Jesus they won't suffer persecution.

Okay it's a beautiful spring day. Don't won't to get cynical. Out for a walk. :)

God bless everyone. :-)

Brother Blaine

 2016/4/8 11:33

Joined: 2012/2/8
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Bear let me ask you a question and I'll admit it's something of a devil's advocate question.

How would you feel if you were pulled over for speeding and a state trooper began proselityzing Islam, quoting the Koran, inviting you to mosque etc?

I for one would prefer to get my ticket or warning and be on my way.

Here's the bottom line; the officer ASSUMED THE RISK of being fired for witnessing on the job. Presumably there is a policy against it.

So yes, it is a bit of a stretch to say this is persecution.

I am NOT saying he should not have witnessed if that is what the HS led him to do. We all must sometimes suffer for his sake. But all such suffering is not persecution.


 2016/4/8 12:09Profile

 Re: Todd

Yeeup. Thought you would say that bro.:) Poor guy should not have shared about Jesus. He would stil be employed.

If Bonhiffer had kept silent about the Jews. Well he would have lived probabky to a ripe old age. If Ken Miller had not gotten involved with Lisa Milker's case. He would not be in Federal prison. If those four translators had not been involved in translating the scriptures in the vernacular of a people in a restricted nation. They would still be alive.

Yeeup. They say the safe route is always the best. Don't say anything about Jesus and you will be safe. Yeeup.

And I said I did not want to be cynical.

 2016/4/8 12:26

Joined: 2012/2/8
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Hold on there now.

I did not say he shouldn't share Jesus. I specifically said he should do so if the HS leads him to.

But if he gets fired for it he can't claim persecution. He may suffer for it but that is not persecution.

I can't go around my office witnessing during work hours. If I choose to do so because the HS tells me to, and I get fired, I can't claim persecution. Because I can't go around selling Amway to coworkers either during work hours. Nor could this officer conduct a side business during work hours. He would be fired for that as well.


 2016/4/8 12:31Profile


But starting from & coming from that Classic case of "constitutional republic" (as if that really exists in its original form anymore anyways) Americanism thinking first, & Christian, Biblical, Doctrinal, Church History thinking second is actually part of the issue for believers IMHO.

Regardless of how anything makes you feel or not feel, this by definition is persecution. Period. Let's look at the dictionary definition of the word persecution:

hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs.
"her family fled religious persecution"
synonyms: oppression, victimization, maltreatment, ill-treatment, mistreatment, abuse, ill-usage, discrimination, tyranny; More
persistent annoyance or harassment.
"his persecution at the hands of other students"

I know in Greek the word used in the NT has one of its basic tenants the idea of "pressure applied". I'm not saying losing your job for witnessing on the job is the same as being beheaded for refusing to deny Christ. But they both fall under the umbrella of persecution. I gotta go & get some things today. May God bless you richly today as you seek & serve Him!

Just my thoughts/2-cents,
God Bless,

 2016/4/8 12:32

Joined: 2006/7/31
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TMK wrote: How would you feel if you were pulled over for speeding and a state trooper began proselityzing Islam, quoting the Koran, inviting you to mosque etc?

I for one would prefer to get my ticket or warning and be on my way.


Greetings TMK

I was thinking this same thing. Where I live there is a large Mormon population and I would guess that most if not all police officers are probably practicing Mormons. I was thinking and wondering how would I feel if I were pulled over and the officer began asking about what ward I attend? I imagine I would feel uncomfortable. I know I would probably rather just be on my way in that situation. Most of all I wonder would I have the courage and faith to speak to him and share truth with him if the LORD lead me in that moment to do so???

Having said that I do think this officer was following the leading of the Holy Spirit and sharing the good news based on what he said. I agree he probably knew the risk but took it any way because he felt it right to obey GOD over men.

The LORD said the world will hate those who follow HIM and I do think we see that more and more as we ourselves seek to take up our cross and follow the LORD.

On a side note what a praise to GOD that this man counted the cost and did not allow fear of the world to control his actions.

God bless

 2016/4/8 12:53Profile

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