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Greetings to everyone,

My name is Zsuzsanna I am 53 years old, staying home taking care of my family. I grew up in Hungary and since I was 29 I've been living in Canada and the US. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be in this forum.

Although I am coming from a Presbyterian family, and my parents lived by godly principles I did not hear much about God. By the age of 27 I was disillusioned with life, I felt no matter what I did it just got worse and worse. This was the time when the great political changes took place and suddenly the gospel was everywhere. I heard that Jesus can be found if somebody seeks him and through him it is possible to live a pure and righteous life. I felt that this was what I always wanted. Not long after this I gave my life to the Lord and He forgave all my sins. Waking up the next day I felt that He was with me, more real than I expected, and gave me a crystal clear understanding about what's right and wrong...

I believe that my lack of praying and renewing my mind by the word caused that soon I was caught up by false teachings such as word of faith and prosperity and later I came to worldliness and idolatry, finally emptiness by 2011. Searching for the way back I found a 10 minute YouTube video called "wake up church" a sermon compilation with David Wilkerson, Keith Daniel, Leonard Ravenhill, Jim Cimbala and Carter Conlon. This started a personal revival in my life and an intense renewing of mind that still lasts today. I became a lover of truth and now I put my confidence in God and not men.

I thank God for Sermonindex where I found godly guidance all this time.


 2016/4/7 3:14

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Welcome Zsuzsanna.

May God richly bless your interaction on SI, and thank you for your testimony. :)


J Kruger

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 Re: Welcome


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Welcome and God bless you ,may God continue to feed you his sweet spirit and word ,.......

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Welcome and praise God for His work in you sister.


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 Re: Introduction

Welcome Zsuzsanna, may the Lord bless you here...........bro Frank

 2016/4/7 9:45


Praise the Lord, Zsuzsanna.

He is faithful. Welcome!

 2016/4/7 9:59


Welcome my sister. May Jesus bless you richly.

Brother Blaine

 2016/4/7 12:26

 Re: Thanks, brothers

Thanks for the warm and encouraging words, may God be glorified through all our discussions.


 2016/4/7 19:27

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 Re: Introduction

You are welcome, lovely sister. You are in the right place.


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