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 How can i overcome lewd thoughts

Saints of God, how can i overcome lascivious thoughts. I ' m born again. Yes, but i can't stay for five minutes without having these sexually-promiscous thoughts. I have read Philippians 4 v 8. And i tried to discipline my thoughts to think right or do the instruction given therein but yet, i still think otherwise. My thought life is loose and i usually find myself involved in freelance thinking which i know is not a quality of a true Christian character. Brethren, how can i come of this??


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 Re: How can i overcome lewd thoughts

Dear brother,

Read aloud and prayer through this list, confessing sins, strongholds and also your identity in Jesus Christ:

Steps to Freedom:

read this also:

Pray this out loud:

Heavenly Father,

I know I am enslaved to these sins and that I am powerless to deliver myself.

I acknowledge that You can help me and that Jesus have already paid the debt for my sin.

All I need to do is claim it personally, for Jesus, had bore all of my sins, past, present and future when He died for me on the cross.

I accept the gift of grace offered to me through Jesus’ sacrificial death.

I thank You that You know everything about me. Help me to be completely truthful with You. I don’t need to hide any more.

If I confess my sins, You are faithful and just and will forgive my sins and purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

Father, right now I choose to repent and renounce my sins of *(sexual lust / fornication / adultery / mental sexual fantasies and pleasure / pornography / masturbation / lasciviousness / sexual promiscuity / debauchery / sensuality / prostitution / homosexuality / lesbianism / voyeurism / degrading passions / …………………….. / ……………………… ).

* (Please pick only those that are relevant to you. You may add in those that are not found here).

Father, You sent Jesus to rescue me from this body of death!

I don’t have to be a prisoner to sin. This battle that rages over my body originates in my mind making me a slave to the sin that is still at work within me.

Right now, I surrender my mind to You.

Please cleanse my mind on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels.

Jesus, please Lord over my mind, my thought patterns and attitudes.

You have searched me and You know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; You perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; You are familiar with all my ways (Psalm 139:1-3).

Come and dwell in me, Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, and set me free to live in Your resurrection life.

Please break the control and manipulation of sexual thoughts and images over my mind, body and sexuality.

Please forgive me and set me free from all consequences of my sins.

Please cleanse me of all defilement of spirit, mind, will, emotions and body.

Cleanse my eyes, ears, hands and sexual organs too.

In Jesus’ name, Father, lift off me all sexual spirits of lust.

The reason Jesus appeared was to destroy the devil’s work (1 John 3:7-8).

Lord, I have been a willing party to the devil’s work. Thank You that You appeared on this earth to die and be raised again to destroy his work.

Please destroy the works the devil has accomplished in me and through me. Set me apart for Your work from now on.

According to Your Word, no one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in him (1 John 3:9).

Please help me to understand and admit that I cannot simply go on and on indefinitely in my sin and claim to belong to You.

I acknowledge to You that my body was not meant for sexual immorality, but for You, Lord.

You were meant to take authority over this body and bring it sanctification and meaning.

I know that my body is a member of Christ Himself.

I shall not then take the members of Christ and unite them in ungodly sexual relationships, whether real or virtual (1 Cor 6:13-15).

I renounce the use of my body as an instrument of unrighteousness and by so doing, ask You to break the sexual stronghold that the devil has brought into my life.

Please help me to exercise godly control over my sexual urges.

I have simply misused my body. Please cleanse it for Your use.

I present my body to You as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to You and I choose to reserve the sexual use of my body only with my spouse.

In Jesus’ name, I renounce the lie of the devil that my body is not clean.

Father, I thank You that You have totally cleansed me unconditionally.

Jesus please Lord over my body and my bodily appetites, my sexuality and sexual expressions.

Therefore, I can now accept myself. And I choose to accept myself and my body as cleansed, in Jesus’ name.

I know that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in me, whom I have received from You. I am not my own; I was bought at a price. Therefore please help me to honour You with my body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Since I have been raised with Christ, help me to set my heart on things above, where Christ is seated at Your right hand, not on earthly things (Colossians 3:1).

Please take my passions and redirect them first toward You. Be the chief focus of all my passions and create a new heart within me.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: How can i overcome lewd thoughts

I hear you, brother. I am struggling with exactly the same thing right now. Been wrestling for a while trying to get it into submission to Christ. So far, the most effective thing I can do is purposefully thinking about other stuff, and it mostly is verses or truths that combat that sort of thinking. It most often occurs when I am home alone, and I spend a lot of time saying out loud those things which I have come to learn and know from the Scriptures. Also, it may be totally different for you, but I have been trying to practice completely leaving my house when it becomes bad. I will go anywhere, but just not stay there.

What frustrates me to no end is that it seems that no matter how much I fight and how long I am able to stave off the enemy and my flesh, it's going to come back, but that's because of me. James says that these things come from my own desires. As the Lord reveals to me where my deficiencies are and how I can further bring myself into submission to Jesus, I will keep you posted, brother.

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Man I lived in that struggle FOR YEARS!!! So I totally get it. There's a lot of answers, but the Word is one, accountability is one, if you're married confessing to your wife is one (that one finally eventually broke me long enough to get my feet on the ground), understanding this is war is part of it, a strong message from Paul Washer called "Abstain from Sexual Immorality, 1 Thessalonians.." Was key helping me REALLY face how sinful & how "first base" this was in my walk (and not making provision for the flesh or excuses), etc. The Conquer Series I hear is really good. Or PureLife with Steve Gallagher. There's other good ones too (& some so-so & some awful IMHO), but I wouldn't mess around with it. I would go to whatever lengths you have to do to END IT! We have the power of the risen Christ to overcome. You have to really see (Rhema - Revelation) that. Just saying/speaking the Logos (written Word) if we don't really understand & believe it doesn't cut it.

 2016/4/6 13:38

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I posted this a few days ago, but I feel it is applicable here, and needs to be repeated.

"One of the most damaging things to any christian bound by a besetting sin, especially pornography etc., is to give them the impression that "real christians don't sin" and "maybe they are unsaved". It places an unbearable bondage of works and a "just try harder" mindset that only enslaves them more. I couldn't get free of this kind of sin until Jesus showed me freedom by faith, throwing away my own efforts and "victories" and trusting Him to cleanse me and accept me EVEN IF I FAILED. True obedience operates by love."

Did everyone get that? Jesus accepts you even in your struggles and failures. That's why He died on that cross.

Nigel Holland

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Campbell River, B.C.


I have had every addiction imaginable, including hard drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography, masturbation, adultery, overeating, etc etc. And by the blood of Jesus I am free now.

Just pray and say "Jesus, you know I love You and want to obey You. I hate my sin and I want to be free, so I trust you to cleanse me and free me. I trust You for miracles every day. You promised to never let me go. Live Your life through me."

Nigel Holland

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I wrote this piece below about eight years ago. I, like many men have testified, struggled with impure thoughts even after coming to Jesus. I just want to testify that there is freedom to be found from these sins and this thought life, dont let the enemy or the world tell you differently. Just remember though that condemnation is not of the Lord, there is a life and death difference between condemnation and conviction. One kills and the other leads to life. Take what you want from this piece below, may it bless someone........bro Frank

1Co 6:18 “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits fornication sins against his own body.”

Men can bring many sexual problems into a marriage, actually, woman can bring in just as many and the combination of these problems can create unique situations to which, outside of the Holy Spirit, there could be no solution. It is important to know that we can only ever deal with ourselves.

Regardless of your spouses problems, you must focus on yourself and allow yourself to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This may or may not effect your spouse, but your motivation for your own change has to be a desire to be Christ like.

One of the major sexual problems that men deal with before and after marriage is that they have replaced sex for intimacy. Because of a lack of intimacy with their earthy Fathers, this creates a foundational problem in forming a relationship with their heavenly Father and the result is that they seek intimacy through the act of sex or any sexual act. This is a destroying substitute.

Through the passage of time, men will realize that sex in place of intimacy is ultimately unfulfilling and in the process of learning this (if indeed they ever truly learn this truth) they will demand more and more from their partners or they will change partners in their search for that which can only be found in true intimacy, a relationship with the Lord.

There are numerous examples of men seeking intimacy through lust. Many men will masturbate in order to fulfill perceived needs. The problem with masturbation is that it breeds a lack of self control and is a perfect vehicle for fantasy which is ultimately fornication or adultery.

For we know that the Lord says that if “you look upon a woman with lust for her then you have already committed adultery with her in your hearts.”And so every time an image is conjured up in our minds, whether that image is real or not, we are sinning against our God, our bodies and our spouses.

Pornography is another sexual problem that often goes along with masturbation. Many young men or boys discover pornographic magazines. These magazines are all about images. Young men begin to fantasize about what they see in these magazines and compare other young woman that they meet to the girls that they see in these magazines. If these young men marry then it is possible they will compare their wives to the woman in these magazines . Very few woman could ever measure up to the “perfect,” images that are created by those who are in the fantasy business. As a result men may become disillusioned by their partners and begin to belittle them or undermine their wives confidence in themselves.

This is not a problem in men’s lives it is sin. Until a man recognizes that he is living in this sin, he cannot even take the first step on the road to purity. Regardless of how a man is raised, regardless of the circumstances of his childhood, there will come a point in every mans life that he will have to face, not only the sin, but the consequences of the sin.

When a man comes to Jesus and his life is changed, there is so much grace, grace abounds. God the Father is very patient and very loving and the Holy Spirit is very gentle and kind in His treatment of all who come to Him. He is a loving Father who is dealing with new born children. He gives them the milk of kindness and begins to spoon feed them. As we begin to grow in Christ then there comes a time when we are no longer “babes in Christ.” God the Father will begin to deal with problems in our lives.

Many men have assumed that because they were still acting out in their sexual problems , be it pornography or masturbation, besetting sins, and still feeling the presence of the Lord (albeit in a limited fashion) and maintaining a “respectable.” outward appearance that they are not “harming ,” anyone and that which was done in secret is not that big of a deal. God will not allow this situation to go on indefinitely.

No good Father would allow his child to act out continually in front of him. Even the world would recognize this as irresponsible. And so our heavenly Father begins the process of conviction. And when it starts, it will not stop. And if the actions continue, without the proper response to His “tugging,” then we are in danger of being exposed by our Father, so that which is in darkness and stubbornly remains in darkness, will be brought, kicking and screaming, into the light.

And so we have seen that our Heavenly Father drenches us in grace and mercy. He is longsuffering and is gentle in His nudgings to us along the way. He convicts us of our actions and ultimately He wants to remove the idols from our lives because He wants nothing to stand in the way of our relationship with Him. There are a multitude of actions that the Lord may lead men to do.

As every single situation is unique and different, then there is no self help book that we could refer to that will have the answer to our problems. Not even the Word of God will solve any of our problems if we simply try and use it as a self-help guide. The Word of God is not a step by step handbook on how to overcome the problems in your life. If it were so, then stop doing what your doing, isn’t that what the Word ultimately tells us to do? Go ahead, try that, and see how that works for you. When one activity stops, it must be replaced by another. The other activity is the activity of the Holy Spirit in your life. The Biblical example would be that man with the unclean spirit. It is cast out and he is swept clean, yet the spirit , after wandering around for a while , retuns to its host and, with seven other ounclean spirits, re-enters the man and he is worse of than he was before.
Undoubtedly you will find yourself crying out with Paul in Romans 7 “Oh wretched man that I am.” The Spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak. How do we win the war between the spirit and the flesh? How is the Word of God empowered to change our very lives ? First and foremost, you must be Baptized in the Holy Spirit. You must know and have experienced the power and the presence of God. It cannot be a head knowledge, if it is, you are doomed to failure. You must “know Jesus.” This is a most intimate of terms. If you do not “know Him,” then everything will be an exercise to you.

You will attempt to exercise control over your lusts, over the sin that most easily besets you and you will have varying degrees of success, but you will always end in failure. And every failure will be worse than the failure before. And each time you fail, the guilt and the frustration will lead to either despair or anger. You will withdraw, or you will lash out and those closest to you, probably the very ones that you are sinning against.

This will not just be your spouse, it will be your God. You will be angry at God or you will withdraw even further from Him. You will do whatever it takes to try and not be in His gaze. You will probably stop going to Bible studies or meetings, perhaps stop going to church at all and you will blame others and make excuses as to why your not going. And still God pursues.

The answer to this sin and all others is acknowledgement, taking full responsibility, being broken and contrite and giving up your sin in total submission. Search your heart and know that despite how you got to where you are, this is a sin that you embraced at some point in your life. You invited this sin in , and now you must reject it completely. And you cannot fool the living God. You may be able to fool everyone, you may even attempt to fool yourself, but God does not play games.

He is very patient, and if you have to “ go around the mountain again,” then that is what you have to do. You will never go further up the mountain until you exercise your will, the same will that invited this sin in, now has to tell it that your are finished. Once you do that then your Heavenly Father will enable you to overcome.

Many times after you reject this besetting sin, it will come knocking at your door to see if it can come back again. Every time you reject it, turn your back on it, it will lose its power, piece by piece. You might have to reject it a thousand times. And by the same token, every time you reject it in favor of God, then you will be empowered as this sin is weakened.

Imagine you are crossing a great river. The world is on one side and you are headed toward the other side, the heavenly side. Each time you are obedient, each time you turn your back on sin, another stepping stone appears before you and you move forward towards your goal. One step at a time on the road to glory. It is by obedience that we make forward progress towards a deeper walk with Him and overcome. Yet brokenness, submission, surrender and totally rejecting the sin and casting it out of your life are the pre-requisites to the journey of obedience.

If we simply try to be obedient without first taking these steps we will surely fail. When we are broken and finally surrender and submit to our Father then we have begun to establish true intimacy. This, you will discover, is more fulfilling than anything on earth. It is more fulfilling than even a good , wholesome sexual relationship between a man and his wife. It has to be, because no matter what we lack in this life, then we can be fulfilled in every single way with our relationship with Jesus.

Even if you are not married to the perfect spouse(how many of us are?) and you do not get all your needs met, when you walk in proper relationship with your heavenly Father, He will meet all your needs. And as He does this, it frees you up to exercise the same kind of patience with your loved one, that He has exercised with you. This is Gods plan of salvation.

Whereas before you did not have the power to reject sin, to cast it out, now you do. The question is, will you hunger after God’s presence, will you value that more than you value that which has given you a pitiful existence ? The Lord has come to give you life and that more abundantly. As you follow His ways and His leadings it will lead to greater depths. Praise God ,for in this world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, He has overcome the world……….Frank

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2 Corinthians 10:3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:
4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;
6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

Taking every thought captive,...not every thirtieth or even third, but every single one and making it obedient to Christ.
So thinking about what we're thinking about... does this thought make Jesus more awesome, more beautiful, more precious, more adorable? Does this thought exalt Jesus, lifting Him up? If so it is from Holy Spirit:)

Or does this thought distract me from Jesus in any way? If so it is not born of God.

If we entertain or feed on these thoughts by giving them our attention we will become like them... Our lives are just a reflection of what's in our hearts- "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"

Often we have a perceived deficit we will seek to have it filled one way or another but when we are truly satisfied in Christ there simply isn't any room for anything else:)


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 Re: How can i overcome lewd thoughts

Maybe this tract might be of some help to you?

I can really identify with the part "Getting In The Groove."

The battle can be immense if we are stuck in a rut.

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 Re: How can i overcome lewd thoughts

The one thing that helped me in this respect was when I heard a sermon by the late David Wilkerson. I had this besetting sin for decades. He stated that when you have a besetting sin, it is because you are enjoying it.

I always thought that I hated the sin but was just too weak to quit. Then I realised that I had deceived myself thinking that I wanted to become free but could not because God would not help me. Once I confessed that I sinned because I enjoyed it, I was instantaneously delivered and have not yet had a relapse since many years, Once I owned up to this fact, Gods grace was released to do its work. Before that grace could not work because I hid behind a lie.

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