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 Clinton gaffe inflames left

"On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Clinton’s reference to a developing child in the womb as an “unborn person” inflamed supporters on the left who prefer medically neutral terms like “embryo” or “fetus.” Abortion activists worry that if a fetus is thought to possess personhood, then it arguably has a right to life." (END)

From my vantage point, if revival comes, may it sweep away into oblivion this "medically neutral" mentality. Mrs. Clinton got it right and I believe in her heart she knows she got it right and it wasn't a gaffe.

David Winter

 2016/4/6 7:22Profile

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 Re: Clinton gaffe inflames left

It has been said that early on she was pro-life until it became politically expedient to be pro-choice instead. In fact, pro-lifers will tell you a lot of politicians initially were pro-life but changed their position to save their position in politics.

Some may say this is gossip but truth is still truth regardless how it is labeled.

Revival can only come when sin is called out and labeled for what it is and not swept under the rug. People lack fear of/for God - they consider him a fuzzy teddy-bear who would do nobody any harm. We need a revival of fear of God and in consequence a horror for sin.

Sad how love of power and money will alter ones 'convictions'.


Sandra Miller

 2016/4/6 8:16Profile

 Re: Clinton gaffe inflames left

"Tell a lie, make it big, repeat it often enough & people will begin to believe it"
Propaganda 101 from Hitler, Mein Kampf

 2016/4/6 9:51

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