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 Is the Antichrist Poised to Enter World Stage?

Some of the most violent Muslims are trying to bring their messiah into the world, popular Pastor Michael Youssef details in a new book.

But in the pages of The End Times & the Secret of the Mahdi, Youssef suggests the shocking surprise is that this figure will turn out to be the evil Antichrist described in the Bible.

Over the centuries, people have guessed incorrectly again and again that the Antichrist—that ultra-violent world dictator—was soon to appear.

Unprecedented Time in History

But Youssef, head of the global outreach ministry Leading the Way and founder of Atlanta's Church of the Apostles, believes only now are conditions set for the coming of that evil one.

His book details how what's going on in the world right now is leading straight toward those events prophesied in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible.

"I came to the conclusion that we are coming into the period of time like we have never seen before in history," Youssef told CBN News in an exclusive interview.

Hailing from Cairo himself, Youssef said he deeply loves the Islamic people, but believes Islam is hurtling the world toward the dark days of the Antichrist, as the promotional video for his new book shows.

In it Youssef says of the Antichrist, "He will lull the world into believing in him, even worshipping him as their messiah. But he will end up abusing humanity like it's never been tormented before."

The Mahdi Is the Antichrist

This biblical scholar has been researching Islam's beliefs in their end times' messiah alongside the Bible's revelations about the Antichrist. What he writes about is described exactly by his new book's subtitle: "Unlocking the Mystery of Revelation and the Antichrist."

His conclusion is stated in that same promotional video for the book: "Christians know him as the Antichrist. Sunni Muslims know him as the Muslim Christ. Shiite Muslims know him as the Mahdi."

Youssef quotes Muslim scholars in his book on what Islam preaches about their messiah.

"When their messiah comes, he's going to cover the whole world," Youssef said. "He's going to rule the world. And he's going to declare himself to be a Muslim. And he's going to turn on the Christians and the Jews."

"And we know, of course, the Bible said the Antichrist is going to come and he's going to turn on the Christians and the Jews," he noted.

Youssef laid out for CBN News other parallels he sees between the Mahdi and the Antichrist.

"He will call himself 'the man of peace.' That he's going to come at a time of chaos and confusion and people longing for somebody to guide them and lead them and bring them peace because they will be worn out," Youssef shared.

Both the Bible and Islam talk about this figure's seven-year global reign from Jerusalem and say this figure of peace will turn hyper-violent.

"He's going to begin to persecute people. He's going to demand their worship," Youssef said. "Same thing on the other side—that he's going to kill everybody who does not worship him."

Ushering in the Mahdi

Youssef says some Shiites have actually been trying to bring about the prophesied time of the Mahdi, to make it happen themselves.

"He will appear when the world is in chaos and he will bring peace," Youssef explained. "So [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, basically wanted to stir up trouble and get the nuclear weapons so they could attack Israel and create an atmosphere of chaos, so to force their Mahdi—or the 12th caliphate—to show up."

And some of the most violent Sunnis are also trying to set off the end times.

"Particularly those who the Middle East people call Daish or ISIS or IS," the pastor stated. "They also have that concept that when chaos and bloodshed reign supreme—and that's why they're shedding so much blood—that their messiah will come."

So if Pastor Youssef's belief is correct that this Muslim messiah will be the Antichrist, it's the first time in history believers of a major religion have been actively working to bring him into the world and welcome him.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/4/4 16:20Profile

 Re: Is the Antichrist Poised to Enter World Stage?

Yeah, amen. And Michael Youseff is an ex-Muslim from those lands. I would also highly recommend the book, "The Islamic Antichrist" by Joel Richardson on this subject. It goes line by line through the Quran & Hadiths & shows the astounding anti-parallels of Islam & The beast system of the Word, Mahdi & Antichrist, Isa Al masih (their "Jesus") & the false prophet. Absolutely fits LIKE A GLOVE.

And we all know satan is no creator, only a counterfeitor who wants to be worshipped as a god. Islam makes a lot more sense when you understand that.

 2016/4/4 16:30

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Both the Bible and Islam talk about this figure's seven-year global reign from Jerusalem and say this figure of peace will turn hyper-violent.

Why would he look to Islam for support of anything.

A seven year tribulation is nowhere mentioned in scripture.


 2016/4/4 17:05Profile


The time of Jacob's Trouble.

Daniel's 70th week. The "time, times, & half a time" was clear language for the ancient Hebrew for 3.5 years.

 2016/4/4 17:31

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I still don't see where it says antichrust will be in power for 7 years or 3.5 years or whatever.


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Hyppolitus of Rome who was a disciple of Irenaus believed that Antichrist would come out of the ruins of the Roman empire, after Rome was partitioned into 10 kingdoms and then Antichrist would appear and persecute the saints.

Antichrist according to Revelation comes out of one of the 10 kingdoms and he rises out of a small kingdom and all the other kings will give him power and authority to him. There will be a confederation of 10 kings under the rule of Antichrist.

Roman empire will be revived at the end time and Antichrist will reveal himself as a world peacemaker and the Emperor of the revived Roman empire and will usher the world to a short lived period of prosperity and false peace.

He can't be a Muslim in my opinion because the Jews would not accept him as their messiah. He will pretend to be the messiah and deceive the world and the Jews who won't be part of the elect. Before his appearance on the world stage as a savior of mankind there has to happen first of all the great falling away of many professing Christians unprecedented in the history of Church.

It seems like he is going to rise at a time when the world will go thru a religious,economic and political crises and chaos. History has taught us that dictators or evil genius like Hitler rose up to power out of an economic and political crises and recession and it's in times like that that revolutions have happen too.

This is my conviction, Antichrist rises out of Europe (the revived Roman empire). He will amaze the world by his genius and power, he will be very charismatic and the greatest evil genius in the history of mankind. He ushers the world to a short lived golden age of prosperity and peace for 3 & 1/2 years at the end of 3 & 1/2 years he enters the Temple that the Jews have already build in Jerusalem and sits at the Holy of Holies and desecrates it and that's when the abomination of desolation as prophesied in the Bible happens. He makes himself a god and demands worship like the the old roman Ceasars did but even more so because he is the Ceasar of Ceasars and the man who will deify himself as lord and god of the world.

He abolishes the laws and customs in existence and enforces new laws and customs. Also another beast rises out of the earth, which is the false phrophet, who performs false signs ans wonders. The false prophet makes the image of the beast to speak and the whole world wonders and he demands they worship the image and the Antichrist too. It is during this time that Antichrist will start wars and go forth to conquer the world. He will persecute the saints who refuse to worship him or his image or take the mark of the beast.

We can't know for sure what will be the mark of the beast or the number of the beast but one thing is for sure whoever takes the mark or the number on the forehead or their right hand will voluntary worship the beast and seal their own damnation.

The second half of the tribulation will witness the greatest revival in the history of the Church. It is in the midts of the greatest tribulation in the history of the world that the most heroic witness of the saints will take place. Millions will be martyred for the Lord but millions will rise up and take their place as living witnesses of the Lamb who sits on the throne.

It is during this time that in Jerusalem there will appear the prophetic ministries of the two phrophets of God that will come forward in the spirit of Elijiah and power of Moses. Whether this men will be Moses and Elijah or two other prophets of God with the anointing of Moses and the spirit of Elijah, maybe we can't tell for sure and we don't have to be dogmatic about it. What matters is that there will be a very powerful and anointing prophetic ministry in Israel at this time and those two phrophets will be the two witnesses before the Lord sent out two pronounce God's judgments on the wicked world and prepare the way of the second coming of the Lord.


 2016/4/4 20:19Profile


That is certainly the most common traditional view. But I believe it definitely has holes & issues. The Islamic Antichrist & even more so the teachings I have heard from Joel Richardson that I think are in his Mideast Beast book explains all of this in detail. You should check out The Islamic Antichrist. You might question your own traditionally held thoughts concerning a European Antichrist.
God Bless,

 2016/4/4 20:24


Hi Reddi,

You write.........

"Roman empire will be revived at the end time and Antichrist will reveal himself as a world peacemaker and will usher the world to a short lived period of prosperity and false peace."

This might be an easier concept for me than for most Americans, but I certainly believe the anti-christ will arise from a revived Roman empire. I would like to put it to any American audience that America is the revived Roman empire. If you look at the old Roman map of Europe, you can see that hundreds of thousands of people, millions, came across from Europe and established a Republic, just like the Romans with a congress and a senate and a capital building that bears a striking resemblance to its Roman counterpart. Rome was the superpower of the day, and of course America is the superpower of our day. Undoubtedly, the anti-christ will be American and inherit the most powerful arsenal the world ever has or ever will know. Think of the truly scary concept if a malignant force took over power in America? What could the world do? Who could truly resist such power? And when you add the supernatural power the anti-christ will have, the world will belong to him, at least for a time times and time and a half. :) The smiley face is because I know the reaction I have had before from my fellow Americans ( I am naturalized now) when I suggest this.............bro Frank

 2016/4/4 21:09


I see the Holy Roman Empire as "an antichrist system", I see America as a form of that too, & I see Islam as one (many antichrists have come), but "the beast" system in the end, seems most plausible as Islam. And don't rule out the intertwined tentacles of America becoming more Islamic than it is now (we basically more or less created & funded ISIS along with Turkey (where satan had his throne) to remove Assad for our own empirical
Purposes. All these systems are "antichrist" in that sense.

 2016/4/4 23:28


Hi Jeff, the Muslim anti-christ is way too obvious for the father of all lies and deceit. If we want to look back in time and discover the greatest horrors perpetrated on the church during the dark and middle ages, it was the church of Rome, the church in the west. I believe that the anti-christ will, with a level off ruthlessness not seen before and cheered on by the world, crush fundamentalism in all of its forms, and this would include radical Islam. Of course the real target is genuine saints, with his purpose of destroying every saint on the planet..............bro Frank

 2016/4/5 0:27

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