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 We have transgressed and have rebelled - Dan Biser

"We have transgressed and have rebelled: thou hast not pardoned." Lam. 3:42

I am watching the destruction of our nation, communities and deterioration of the church. I feel at times like the little Dutch boy, trying to plug the dam with all its leaks. Unable to maintain it. Thankful to those that labor and cry in like manner.

But, as Jeremiah, I am watching it happen each day near and far. Watching it on the news, across the world; Brussels, NIgeria, Syria. Watching it happen on our streets in our cities - record drug overdoses; drug useage and legalization 8 x a few years ago; murders and murder-suicides; diseases and cancer deaths at rapid rate.

'Is it nothing to you? All ye that pass by and behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, wherewith the Lord hath afflicted me.'
I have long sought for a people that would seek and find His face. That would cry and confess and recognize the hand writing on the wall. Blessed are the few that have come along side and seen it. Woe unto those with a full Bible and no understanding of our plight and the danger we are in.

But I am at that place that I feel the Lord is restraining me. I have labored to speak to church/prayer leaders and share my heart. 'My cup runneth over' I have preached, taught, recorded, spoke and written all these things. Go to my youtube page and see my 'Seven Levels of Judgments' and see if this isn't what is happening now. And now I am left to be still before the Lord. Ravenhill preached a sermon on Elijah and said in those days of evil of Ahab - 'Go hide thyself'.

The last year, 2015 and the first 3 months of this year is so filled with God's wrath on our nation that it is frightening what lies in store for us. I think too many are ignorant of the Word of God and look at judgment as the 'final' judgment compared to when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone. That is 'final' ending judgment. God always sends other judgments, remedial and primary judgments first to show mercy to a people that they may confess, repent and restore the right way so that they don't come to 'final' judgment. Why is this so hard to understand?

Egypt had 10 plagues; before the flood they had over 100 years of hearing; Judah and Israel were given 100's of years to repent and return before final judgment came; Christ spoke 30 years before Rome sacked jerualem; in Revelation 7 vials, 7 seals, and 7 trumpets before the end. And this is what we are seeing in our nation and churches, a progression steamrolling to the end without a needful proper response.

Judgements on our nation:
1. weather disasters - droughts in two regions over the last 10 years; record temperatures, flooding and disasters; this year we are seeing an increase number of tornadoes and flooding;
2. social disaster - a continuation of cops being shot and killed; and cops shooting and killing innocents, all of which is fueling a move of anarchy in the streets; a brazenness of unlawful men, given to unruly behavior of evil;
3. lack of honorable and righteous leaders; so hard pressed to find any with wisdom, Christ-centeredness and goodness;
4. homes/family - complete annihilation and existence of traditional homes; over the last 20 years a systematic destruction of family by Satan due to our iniquity;
5. powerless and ineffective church to do anything about it; low baptisms, lack of prayer, holiness, pursuit of God; filled with carnal, humanistic, selfish men that seek their own rather than the kingdom of Christ first;
6. rebellion in generational, 3 to 4 generations and increased rebellion and multiplication of it in every form; we have forgotten the Scripture, 'rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft to the Lord'.

This is the hand writing on the wall of what is happening presently. IT is not even a complete analysis of the judgments happening. But each round of judgments ratchet up to the deeper and tighter destruction pushing us forward to annihilation due to our lack of hearing these truths, recognizing where we are in light of Scripture and what God has promised to do if there is no correction. And the one people who should get this and do something, the church, is silent, engaged in secularism of entertainment, carnality, temporal lifestyles and selfish ambitions rather than preserving, protecting and promoting eternity in Christ, and with Christ.

Is there hope? Absolutely. There is still time for a proper response. We see it in some areas and remote places where 'prayer is wont to be made'. A labor for revival and resting in God's knowledge and Presence. I rejoice in all this. However, it is so small and remote that the greater places have no people that are seeking. And it is, I know, that God does not need a great company of people, a majority. But there is one thing I see lacking, complete surrender. In every place of revival, where the people were moved to pray; there followed a brokenness and surrender of all their life to Him.
--in Hebrides it was the pastor, deacon and two sisters;
--in Shantung it was the missionaries;
--in first great Awakening it was Edwards and others of fastingand prayer for 3 days;
--in Welsh revival a young man given for over a decade to seek the Lord;
And that full surrender and brokenness led to a moving of the Spirit. 'A broken and contrite heart is where the Lord dwells'.

My own spirit cries out to match and go beyond Rex Andrews and praying from 10 pm to 5 am every night for over 30 years. To go beyond D L Moody and saying, "I'll be that man that gives himself to see what the Lord does to one completely given up to Him.' To cry with Evan Roberts, 'bend me O Lord, bend me' and God bent him for HIs glory.

All cruel love of self, rebellion, transgression to be abhorred so that the Lord will pardon. Too long and too much found within the church to those that transgression and rebellion continue and He will not pardon their evil. And so long as the evil remains, and the pardon is withheld, HIs judgments will be unleashed on us. Because we deserve and He is worthy in all HIs ways. 'Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?' He will and He does.

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