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 "The Way of The Cross, The Way of Light"

"Via Crucis, Via Lucis"

"The Way of The Cross, The Way of Light"

"Through the cross comes the crown; when the cares of this life
Like giants in strength , may to crush thee combine,
Never mind, never mind! after sorrow's sad strife
Shall the peace and the crown of salvation be thine.

Through woe comes delight; if at evening thou sigh,
And thy soul still at midnight in sorrow appears,
Never mind, never mind! for the morning is nigh,
Whose sunbeams of gladness shall dry up thy tears!

Through death comes our life; to the portal of pain,
Through Time's thistle-fields, are our weary steps driven;
Never mind, never mind! through this passage we gain
The mansions of light and the portals of heaven."

- From the German of Rosegarten

- Taken from "The Cross-Bearer; A Vision (1861)"; American Tract Society; page 197


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