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 Be the warrior

“Beloved, you who are most tormented, most sorrowfully tried, most weighed down, yours is the brighter hope. Be courageous. Play the warrior for God, for Christ, for your own soul. The day will come when you will ride triumphant through the streets of the New Jerusalem with your master—with sin, death, and hell captive at your chariot wheels, and you with your Lord crowned as victor, having overcome through trust in the blood of the Lamb.”  (Charles Spurgeon)


As I read this I realized we are all called to be warriors for GOD. We must not focus on circumstances around us but rather stand in HIM and have faith that HE is who HE is. When I look to the cross I do not see defeat because the stone is rolled away and the tomb lays empty, JESUS our KING has overcome and HE reigns! Today I want to be the warrior HE calls me to be, I want to take up my cross and fallow HIM wherever HE leads me. The storm may be gathering strength, the winds maybe be blowing as the sky grows dark but the marching orders have been given. We are warriors, the battle remains the same, so for me I will stand by HIS strength and fight the good fight knowing in CHRIST JESUS there is hope and victory!!

God bless

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 Re: Be the warrior

Amen! Mary Jane. And as warriors we must be prepared for the battle and be as physically fit as we are able, using the foods which will build us up, not ones which we crave and are tempted to indulge ourselves in. A strong body means a strong mind!

 2016/3/28 9:34

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