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 An Easter Story From Russia

It was after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The Communists were seeking to increase their control over Russia. They wanted to bring the rural people in line with communist ideology. As such roving teams would go out with a commissar and guards into various villages. The commissar would rant and rave about the virtues of Marxism. And then challenge the most educated person in the village to debate him. Often this would be the village priest from the Russian Orthodox Church . The debate was often unfair resultng in the execution of the of the village priest or whoever dared to debate the commissar.

On one such day one team came to a village in Russia. It was Easter morning. The commissar and his guards came up and the people were ordered into the square. At this time they would have been in church celebrating Easter. The commissar ranted for about 2 or 3 hours on the victories of the workers paradise. At the end of his rant. He challenged The village priest to refuse him. He said "Priest I give you 5 minutes to refute me." The priest hesitated realizing what he said could very well cost him his life.

The moment was tense. The guards had their machine guns trained on the crowd. This was the time that the priest could either acquiesce to the commissar or say something that could cost him his life and conceivably the life of his parishioners.

Then under a moment of inspiration by the Holy Spirit. The priest told a commissar. "I only need 5 Seconds to refute you." Then the priest raised his hands and with a loud voice. He shouted. "My people. The Lord has risen." The people shouted back. "He has risen indeed." Their shout drowned out the machine gun fire that miwed them all down. And sent them into the presence of Jesus.

Posted by Brother Blaine on this Easter morning.

 2016/3/27 9:28

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