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Double post.

 2016/3/26 0:56


No slander & no hate. But I'm pretty sure you've posted quotes from famous preterists more than once. I just don't chuck all the OT promises that refer to the Day of The Lord (still future) so I also don't chuck the others that are still future. And I don't Chuck Romans 11 (or explain it away), in Acts when the apostles asked Jesus when He would restore the kingdom He didn't correct their misunderstanding of covenants but just said, "the dates & times my father set are not for you to know" (isn't that weird he left them ignorant and off track without correcting them by your view?), & I don't Chuck Revelation, Peter's writings, John's, etc. And if I got it all wrong, I'm in good company cause men like Spurgeon, George Mueller, JC Ryle, Robert Murray Mcheyne, etc., etc., etc. all did too. And like I said, Satan also didn't get your memo & the otherwise unexplainable demonic hatred of the Jews is tangible & unexplainable by normal logic, as I'd how they have existed, come back to Israel, & how "all the nations of the earth" are more and more coming against Israel & her enemies surround her, but yet that all means nothing?

Anyways, still have love for you, but have a hard time believing you came to a preterist position without reading certain commentators & bending to their view. Not saying your lying, just saying sometimes people forget exactly the events miles back that put them as far on a road as they are now on.
God Bless,

 2016/3/26 1:15


It's not that far back, Jeff. I only came to my position about a few years ago. I was caught in the fog of dispensationalism for a very long time. Strangely as it might seem my view is more and more cemented when the enforcers (Neil, revenue and notdarkyet) show up. You have to admit they are not the best advertisement for your cause.

Well, I can just say be happy with what you believe and I respect your position because it doesn't come with any hate or anger or lies. If it did, I wouldn't be able to take you seriously, but I do take you seriously and appreciate your heart.

Peace, brother. No sense in arguing.

 2016/3/26 2:16

 oh Julius

how far you are off the mark, and if this seems like an "ad hominem" attack, it's really not, because I don't even think you are in control of our keyboard, in that you are being used by the accuser.....BUT, if you are in control of your keyboard, that's even WORSE, because the spew of "replacement theology" is foundational to 1700 years plus of the "church", which includes the hellish institution of rome, that murdered, raped, forced "conversions of the tribe of my flesh, the Jews.....up until this very day, with men like yourself, so transparent with your disdain of the modern state of Israel, or as you would say "Zionism".

You stream two kinds of postings, one is, this ad joinder, that we all eschew "the world" and "focus on Jesus", which is right and good, but then the mask comes off, and you engage in the most earthly kind of vociferous "political" postings, including joining in on that "political correctness" thread, posts about "spoiled brats" and how "Donald Trump" is not "politically correct", and then to conclude all this, you trumpet, "i'm voting for Jesus", even writing that , is just profane.

what most saints don't realize is that you are an ardent "zerohedger" itself the website zerohedge dot com is not a "bad website", its probably the most important financial alt media website, in that they break statistical data, and financial market stories the corporate owned mass media wont touch, because it will show both the fragility and the machinations inherent in the "global economy", as well as geopolitical lies foisted upon the American body politic. Bud, I have been trading since I was 22, I was in the trading pits with a seat, when I was 24, so I know ALL about whats happening today, I can read M2 and M3 numbers from the Fed, I see the charts of MV, monetary velocity,i can see the charts of the BDI, Baltic dry index, I know why the Sa-udi and other UAE states overpumped, and dumped crude oil, I read about how the various US/EU central banks want to go cashless, how and why they artificially suppress the electronic "board price" of precious metals in NY and London, I know all about the why's and how's of "bail-ins" (saints, that where the banks will just take a percentage of our bank accounts, to prop up the "the too big to fail" banks)...or how the "NIRP" might be coming to a bank near you, "NIRP" is NEGATIVE interest rates on deposits, meaning a bank will CHARGE YOU, for the "privilege" of keeping money in it, so as to discourage savings, I know who's behind "Daesh", that's what is what's referred to "ISIS", I know the why's of the tragedy of Syria and who is behind it all, same thing with the flames in Kiev, in Maidan Square, when two neo-Nazi groups, "Svoboda" and "Right Sector" lit the place aflame, etc etc etc.

But saints, the real hell, the real heart rending thing is to GO BELOW the articles, and read the comments of the "ZH'ers" as they call themselves, the raw and naked HATRED of the Jews, and of Israel, or just Zionists, as they call them is so intense, one can discern the demonic push behind it poster, just as an example refers to the Jews, as the "jooooooos", and Julius , you all over the website, and if you deny it, you are a liar, because I've read you quoting it HERE!

and as far as you saying I just "showed up"? that's a lie, I been here with Greg almost from the beginning in 2002, innocently and fervently seeking REVIVAL in all its forms, personal, county, national,global, and brother Greg and I, among some other saints ACTUALLY know each other, we "grew up" together IN MESSIAH Jesus, and these brothers and sisters I love with all my heart and soul, I get filled with JOY inexpressible to hear Greg's voice on the phone, when we edify and love each other with a pure and Godly love, as well as other saints, name's I wont mention so as NOT to focus your ill intent upon them.

and if you labor under the delusion that I am some "enforcer", or some cowardly keyboard cowboy, i'm sure they would testify, I would have no problem, none whatsoever, getting up in your face, and telling you mano o mano what I just wrote:


 2016/3/26 8:28


Ok Julius. God Bless. But hey brother, do me a favor please: don't equate a non-Amil/non-replacement theology/non-Supercessationist with a "dispensationalist". That misnomer gets old really. Dispensationalism was born out of that (I believe false & demonic) vision of those two young girls, pushed by that charismatic guy that ended up being defrocked for heresy & other moral issues, & then bought into & marketed to the world by John Darby. The quintessential doctrine of Dispensationalism is a secret pre-trib rapture, not that "all Israel will be saved". It gets old being lumped in with that by the preterists/Amils/supercessionists. It's not used accurately & often feels like a straw man, or at least a radical terminology grouping for the sake of winning the argument. Not saying you are doing that intentionally, but just FYI.

 2016/3/26 9:51

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We ask that brethren not post usually other sermons media on the forums as other strange viewpoints can be shared, there are 30,000 different denoninations and weird doctrines out in Christendom. Personally we would rather focus on following the Lord as His disciples. Obeying the word (James 1:22).

We also ask that saint do not personally attack each other, we are all "one body".

This thread is locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/3/26 10:05Profile

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