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 Deadly attacks in Belgium

May the Lord bless and comfort all of those were caught up in this mornings horrific and cowardly attacks in Belgium. I just shook my head in bewilderment as I listened to a " security expert," from Boston say that they cannot and would not single out any group because it was just as likely a Catholic or a Christian would carry out such bombings. Common sense has been overcome by political correctness which leads directly to the death of innocents. Those who have fostered such politically correct nonsense have a lot to answer for. Their answers defy reasonable logic and in that sense they are cult like in their adherence to their " philosophy." And they wonder why a bonehead like Donald Trump is surging ahead......bro Frank

 2016/3/22 13:05

 Re: Deadly attacks in Belgium

I wonder, brother, if the so-called security expert from Boston is aware that ISUS has already claimed responsibility for the Belgian attacks?

1 wonders bro. I simply wonder.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/22 14:08


His overarching point bro Blaine was that they would not profile the Muslim community because that would not work. The interviewer pointed out that both attacks in recent years in the States were carried out by Muslims who dwelt in Muslim communities and who had traveled or came from the middle east or war zones. This point seemed lost to him. There are literally several hundred people who have returned from fighting in Syria in Belgium alone, but aparantely they cannot make that a crime or arrest them for that alone which seems like politically correct madness and, as it turns out, suicide............bro Frank

 2016/3/22 14:59


Brother the absurdity of political correctness.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/22 16:00


We already had a few discussions after the Paris attacks and a few things we need to realise :
The information we have from the news sites is mixed with propaganda, mis-information etc. Many theories came up in the aftermath of the attack, false flag conspiracies were discussed.I do not wish to discuss that side again, just caution you when you listen to the news from the media!

But we are looking in the wrong direction anyway!
There are only two kingdoms in this world, The Kingdom of God and the devil's There is only light and darkness and if we remove the light darkness comes!

Carter Conlon had an excellent sermon: "evil is at the gate"
Depends how we look at it, evil is now all around us ! ( but still an excellent sermon !)

On an international scale I live in a country that most would consider "small and peaceful".
But I know evil is all around me, drugs ,gangs. the occult etc. Because of my involvement with some addicts I have seen more then most in my City.Might share a bit more in a different thread

My conclusion,
"Alas, O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant and lovingkindness for those who love Him and keep His commandments, 5we have sinned, committed iniquity, acted wickedly and rebelled, even turning aside from Your commandments and ordinances. 6"Moreover, we have not listened to Your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your name to our kings, our princes, our fathers and all the people of the land.…Daniel 9:5

and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land 2 Chronicles 7:14

Our safety and security is only found in the Lord.

May we be able to encourage and build each other up to shine as a light for Him.
May the Lord be our Shepherd... Blessings

 2016/3/22 18:35

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