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Bro Blaine,
you know what i'm "thinking" right now, reading and watching the jihadi attacks in Brussels?....these euro nations were the VERY SAME nations that for DECADES would condemn Israel IN THE UN, for the muscular way both Israeli leadership, the IDF and Shin Bet dealt with terrorism in Israel, which for YEARS, was an everyday occurrence, both with Israel, on the borders and any Jewish institutions aboard.

now? look how the way things are now, Europe impotent, unable to even defend its own citizenry, being overrun by islam, cities on lockdown, and the troops and or police I see? Brussels? Paris? London?

they don't look like they have their stuff together.

and whats "Chased".....I don't know that, I do KNOW "Red Dawn"(1984), sometimes you just have to fight,defend and die for your families, no matter how rough or distasteful.

why is it, that vastly outnumbered, and surrounded by hordes that HATE them, little Israel, at great expense of blood is MORE than capable of defending itself, while these euro nation's impotently wallow about in their limpness, like prey?

why is that?

sometimes you have to fight.

just my thoughts

 2016/3/22 12:37


Neil check the thread in the General Section entitled, Movie "Chased" Banned by YouTube". There you will find a link to the movie. It is only a half hour long.

 2016/3/22 12:41


will do Blaine, I hope you are not cross with me.

 2016/3/22 17:48


Neil, my brother, why would I be cross with you. Brother you are just simply sharing your heart. As I am sharing mine. We probably are looking at the same thing but from a different angle. That's what makes the Forum and exciting community. And that is how we grow.

Brother appreciate your heart for Jesus.

:):):) By the way. Do you have any reports of Bigfoot up there in the Wisconsin woods. :-) :-) :-) have you ever seen the big fella. :-) :-) :-)

Your breaux in Christ,


 2016/3/22 19:47

 Re: Beautiful Blaine

"and that is how we grow".

amen, you're a dear man, and I love you, sight unseen.

no bigfoot, and I am serious about this, and NOT trying to hyper-spiritualize things, but this beautiful ranch has a hedge of protection around it, that mere human words can't describe, the LORD has been so good to me.

Blaine, I have a beautiful guest cabin, pristine coz nobody really uses it, right?...and God and I were talking, and He gave me a Call, said to prep to dedicate it to Him for a prayer hut...y'know, a Thursday evening intercessory prayer meeting , start at 7 PM til ?

what i'm facing is that the Lord hasn't sent me a male prayer partner yet, some brother who isn't "afraid" to let the Holy Ghost have full sway over him, meaning if the God the Holy Spirit, puts us on our faces, dying to self, weeping ministry, we go with the Holy Spirit in travail....kind of like what Frank Bartleman (author of "Azusa Street", and an "older brother" I adore in the Lord, Frank had brother Bohoemer with him, and those two men got caught in high places with God)

you "try" an intercessory prayer meeting BY YOURSELF?....coz you then turn into a threat to all the powers of hell and darkness?....that's not wise. As you know, Jesus sent out disciples in two by two's, the Lord knew what He was doing..amen?

So I'm confident that the "other" man will be revealed, I have no doubts, and as He has led, we're going to travail for revival in the "Driftless Area"

the first picture you see is from my county, and that picture is a few more north of me, and i'm east of the Great River.

the spiritual climate around here reminds me of the Hebrides (Duncan Campbell) and God willing, once I have the brother with me, then we could noise it about, and again, God willing, He should send anywhere from 3 to 10 burnt out, travailing praying saints?...who mean business, God is Faithful! "Ask, Seek, Knock". Oh yes! God IS sovereign in revival, its supernatural, man don't "do the Work"! Banish that thought! But when the Lord comes down in Power? Sinners are converted on bar stools! barns! driving down the road, having supper in their dining rooms, the Holy Spirit will do His Work, of the Reality of the Resurrected Messiah, and the Cleansing Power of the Blood that wipes away all sin...and that's just step one, Praise God!

my only concern in such a wonderful Blessing, which are souls going from death to Life in Christ...are cameras, in this day, 2016....why is that neil?, you ask. I have made my living in the past IN FRONT of cameras, and the human spirit just reflexively WANTS to glory in the flesh, to SHOW ones self, to "PERFORM".......AWAY WITH IT!!! A dove will never light on dead flesh....and think about this, look at that deluded man, Todd Bentley, and what was called a "revival", as he went thru his antics, then the enemy preyed on his carnal appetites, making a shipwreck of ANY "ministry" God might have given, making a shipwreck of his marriage and bringing tremendous reproach to Christ and Him crucified, to the Body, once these "networks" got hold of it, Lord have mercy, it was just terrible! because then it became about MONEY! pigs wallowing in their own vomit, just a hellish travesty.

As God is my witness, and answers the tears of praying saints, and pours His Living Waters down on a dry and thirsty land? will see NO cameras up on this ridge, and it can hold 2,000 plus hungry children of the Living God.....and God willing, if it all spreads to town, to the churches? Woe be to the pastor, that wants to make selfish hay for himself, God will make his tongue cleave to the roof of his mouth, just let God be God in revival, I will meekly implore.....coz in revival, God is dealing with precious souls in HIS WAY, ours is only to get on our knees and faces, and just let Him do the Work...that's what it all means to say, "i fear God"....all those precious souls, just adrift, so our only recourse is to travail, weep and wail from the porch to the altar....ever notice in "seminaries", you don't see a course entitled "Weeping and Travailing 101"?

I close now my dear brother Blaine with a compilation that Jesus had me cut in 2003, its still fills and thrills me to this day, this is Reality, entitled "Young Donald McPhail Prays"....and i'll include Duncan Campbell speaking on the Glorious Revival in the Hebrides, much love in Jesus, neil

"Young Donald McPhail Prays"

Duncan Campbell
"When God Stepped Down" (parts 1 and 2 CD quality

 2016/3/23 3:08

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