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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : GFA Hamilton-based charity allegedly can’t account for over $90M in donations

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My dear sister Carmine,
Since you already know what I am going to say before I answer, and I am helpless against your mind powers I will let you answer on my behalf for the rest of this thread:-)

Have a wonderful evening madam, it has truly been a pleasure!

 2016/3/20 23:25

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Ontario, Canada


Brothers and sisters.

I have worked for GFA, I have sat under KP's teaching both in person and media. I know many brothers and sisters who have served and still do serve there.

The reports that are coming out (Hamilton Spectator, Christianity Today and News channels) all have truth. If they did not, it would be slander.

Let us pray for the situation. Regardless of anyone's views the fact this is in the media gives the enemy a foothold. Unbelievers will shout "another fraud" and the people in South East Asia will have less vessels to share the gospel. Lastly, on the issue this thread seems to have taken - if one has not been in prayer and in tears over this issue - one should refrain on making public statements.

My thought - how does talking about this edify the body here? I am not one to engage in forum debates so I will not reply to any comments on this thread but encourage many if they want to know more, study it out and use the info for prayer, and personal decision in your walk/financial giving; not more fuel for the fire. Blessings.


 2016/3/21 8:16Profile

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My thought - how does talking about this edify the body here? I am not one to engage in forum debates so I will not reply to any comments on this thread but encourage many if they want to know more, study it out and use the info for prayer, and personal decision in your walk/financial giving; not more fuel for the fire. Blessings.

Is edification only about the positive? Edification can also be from warning and in this case a warning about GFA and KP. What edification can come out of this? That Christians pray for this man, That Christians are made aware of what he is doing and that KP is also confronted about his dealings. Edified also in the fact that if KP says NO then Christian continue to pray but have nothing to do with him. Think of it has spiritual warfare. Even Paul called some names out.


 2016/3/21 9:49Profile


I'll try again to make my point. Everything you and others are citing are either the lawsuit, Internet forum writings or news reports about the case.

These allegations have been refuted as false and even ludicrous by the head of GFA in KP has been confronted and he (via his Canadian proxy) has answered.

They are calling this false and ludicrous.

So is it? How would we know...we are third parties and have no possible way to verify the claims of either the plaintiff or the defendant.

If anyone claims to have private and exclusive information and chooses to share that with others then that is gossip and sinful to do so. They need to repent and quit doing that.

Allegations have been made and a judge will examine the evidence. The rest of us need to pray for KP and the many others caught up in this mess. In spite of any alleged wrong doings there are millions of people who have come to know the Lord through this ministry and we must pray for them too in the midst of this.

 2016/3/21 10:02


I am sorry to say this but find your post one of the more disingenuous on this entire thread. You signed up it would seem to make your first post ever on SI about this situation.


You then state that the allegations are truthful because if they were not truthful then they would be slander. Huh? That makes no sense at all. The allegations are that GFA has committed fraud. That is a very serious crime and when these things are leveled at people and or ministries there doesn't have to be truth any truth involved to file suit...that is up to the courts to decide. I am not a lawyer and do not know how Canadian law works but a class action lawsuit means nothing until it goes to trial I believe? Has there even been a hearing yet?

For you to state that these allegations are truthful and then in the very next breath tell everyone that talking about this online is not edifying the body of Christ??? And you just finished telling the body of Christ that the allegations of charges leveled at a ministry are true on a public your very first post???

I rest my case.

 2016/3/21 10:19


Mark, I am no madam and you still do not know what I was saying about the crooks at GFA "leadership"

The documented published evidence in black and white documents regarding GFA's fraudulent use and misuse of donors funds meet RICO's standard for criminal prosecution no matter how much you try to spin it.
Their denials are simple nonsensical doublespeak saying absolutely nothing.

It would be better if you stop defending these criminals and let it go.

 2016/3/21 10:49

Joined: 2016/3/18
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Ontario, Canada


I will say this, I have been on here for some time with a different handle. Prayer before posting is suggested. Blessings.


 2016/3/21 10:58Profile

 time to let Ian weigh in

....considering this wickedness, I have nothing to say, I will let Rev Ian Paisley, who is now with the Lord, speak the Words of the Lord in this foundational sermon entitled,

"Fundamentalism Versus Apostasy"

my personal take is, that it is high time we brought back the "scourge, the stocks, and a bucket of brinewater" to enforce a little church discipline!

 2016/3/21 11:22


To call men of God crooks and all kinds of other names is wrong. Let the courts handle this, until then we need to keep our judgements to ourselves.

For the record I have not defended GFA once for any of their alleged wrong doings. To allege that I am defending them only serves to cast aspersions on my character. This is fast turning into a nasty little thread.

I have defended the Word of God though and that seems to burn your biscuits. So I will keep doing that until the message is clear. Gods Word tells us to avoid gossip and slander and other such mudslinging. Why? Because firstly, it does not glorify God when we do this and secondly we do not yet know what the facts are and we have not heard both sides of the to rush to judgement is unwise and not in keeping with the Spirit of the Lord.

 2016/3/21 11:30


Between 2007 and 2013, GFA solicited over $450,000,000 in donations from the United States alone, where the majority of GFA’s donors reside.

However, despite repeated, explicit guarantees from GFA to donors, only a fraction of the donated money supports the people and causes for which it was donated

While the organization is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity and a “religious order” in the U.S. by the Internal Revenue Service and is therefore not required to publish its financial statements, it enjoys no such exemption in India.

As a foreign charity in India, GFA is required to publicly account for all funds it spends in the country, pursuant to the Indian Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010.

A financial analysis of the reports submitted to the Indian Government (“FC-6 forms”) for Believers Church, Gospel for Asia-India, and the related limited liability companies Last Hour Ministries and Love India Ministries, shows, according to the lawsuit, just how little of the money GFA sends to India is actually spent on the projects and items U.S. donors designated

During our visit on June 3, ECFA was informed that GFA field partner cash reserves were approximately $7 million,” said a letter signed by John C. Van Drunen, executive vice president of the ECFA.

After ECFA requested detailed documentation of cash balances held by foreign field offices, on June 29, we discovered that GFA’s field partners had $259,437,098 on hand at March 31, 2014 and approximately $186 million in June 2015,” the letter noted.

 2016/3/21 13:30

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