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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Medically Kidnapped Children of Washington Parents Still not Returned – CPS Wants them Adopted

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 Medically Kidnapped Children of Washington Parents Still not Returned – CPS Wants them Adopted

What was their crime? They did not use the hospital for the birth of their three children.

Three breastfed, homebirthed babies who were taken away from their parents by Child Protective Services in Washington state more than a year ago are still not home, but their mother reports that she is very hopeful that they will be home soon.

The story of Erica May Carey and Cleave Rengo’s children being taken by CPS was first reported by Health Impact News in November of 2014. Their heartbreaking story went viral and was read by more than 1.5 million people in less than 48 hours, leading to a national outcry. The governor of Washington reportedly received 6000 phone calls after the story was published.

They have been abducted now for 1 year!! Think about that.

Twins Morna and Daniel and their brother Levi remain in a foster home in Washington. Initially placed in separate homes, the 3 siblings are now together in the same foster home. As recently as the last court hearing, a Bellingham social worker is still telling the court that the children should be adopted out.

Lord, please help these people!

 2016/3/16 19:46

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 Re: Medically Kidnapped Children of Washington Parents Still not Returned – CPS Wan

Just for a little balance. There is always another side to the story.


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Considering the couple that owns snopes, I believe very little of what they write and believe they are asked sometimes to provide an article against certain topics because so many have been conditioned to believe them. Interesting that many of their articles agree with the government's opinion on things. That is anything but balanced.

Don't go to snopes for truth. Do your research by going to other online news outlets to corroborate the story. You will find many news stories on this couples plight. There is even a petition on to let the three children go.

Why would snopes even get involved? I have found where a government agency is involved, snopes is usually defending them. Food for thought.

 2016/3/16 21:44

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My only point is that there is much more to this story. There are obviously issues with these parents. CPS does not just kidnap children for no reason whatsoever.

If major news outlets know about this and politicians etc are involved and there is such a huge outcry why have the kids not been returned if the parents are just normal folks? Is it just barely possible that there are some pretty major red flags?

Maybe there aren't- but I'd bet a pretty good sum of money that there are. Not that I'm a gambler.


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When you make a statement like this:

"CPS does not just kidnap children for no reason whatsoever."

All I can say is that I think either you don't understand the system, you think they have our best interests at heart, or you are being very naive.

Of course they don't kidnap without a "reason". And you are assuming all their "reasons" are valid ones. You are also assuming the media is on our side more than the government's. The media are not government agencies, but they are heavily influenced by them. I should not have to explain these things. Have you never heard of the "Mainstream Media", referred to as the "Government Media Complex"?

Did you know that CPS gets federal funds based on the number of kids they adopt out? Their incentive is to get kids from somewhere and adopt them out. Just like the public schools get federal funds for each student that attends school. This is why the Department of Education would rather see the 3-4 million homeschool kids in public school than at home.

Wouldn't it be better if the public schools received federal funds for the academic achievement their students achieved or CPS receive funds based on the number of families that successfully received counsel and overcame their problems? No, CPS has federal authority to take a family to court and snatch their kids away from them. Kind of draconian don't you think?

Too many things from the system are about tearing families down, not building them up and preserving them.

Anyway, peace to you bro, I really don't want to argue about whether these things are true or not. Search the internet for local articles from their town if you are looking for proof. I am glad romanchog posted her testimony and I hope you are not thinking it was all her fault? I did not see you comment on her testimony or ask her any questions.

 2016/3/17 10:53

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Hemel Hempstead


this is horrific

Dominic Shiells

 2016/3/17 16:14Profile

 Re: Lying Social Workers

I have been wondering if taking their children has become a backdoor way to persecute Christian families? Many Christian families have had their kids stolen/kidnapped.

"Cost to county of lying social workers: $10.6 million
The total cost to Orange County of a case in which a jury
found that two social workers lied to take away a woma
n’s daughters is $10.6 million, according to a new audit.

The U.S. Supreme Court last year declined to hear the county’s challenge to a 2007 jury award of $4.9 million to the Seal Beach woman, Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick. With interest on that amount plus her attorney fees, the total payout by the county was $9.6 million. In addition, the county incurred another $1 million of its own legal costs in the case."

I found this group of lawyers that provides pro-bono services for families who have had CPS (Child Procurement Services) kidnap their kids (take their kids on false charges).

Here a social worker gets 5 years for falsifying documents.

If I was young enough, I would become a lawyer and defend people who were being bullied by government workers.

Family Sues Child Protective Services for Parental Rights Violations

 2016/4/10 1:21

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