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 Recent missionary report from Israel

A lady who is a missionary in Israel shared at our fellowship recently and it was rich. She's been there pretty much off and on for the past 25 years or so in between God using her to speak to Jews in other parts of the world. She is Jewish and has an astonishing testimony of being delivered from drugs, being healed from a fatal liver disease ("You've got a year and a half," the doctors said) and experiencing emotional healing from terribly traumatic personal inner wounds. Glory!

Anyway, she shared that the gospel is becoming easier to share in Israel than in previous times. People will not automatically reject you as they so often did in the last and even show a curiosity about "this Jewish Jesus you all always speak of". Many inquiring Israelis wander into open Bible studies and they are no longer stigmatized as severely as they once were though it's not completely a thing of the past. The meal kitchen her ministry operates was once critcized in the paper for showing unconditional love to all those who come. Ha! Isn't that a hoot! All missionaries to Israel sense a growing hunger there and less reisitance though it can get thick at times. 20 years ago there were about 2,000 Messianic believers in Israel and today there are over 20,000.

There are no open prohibitions on sharing the gospel as many think. The only prohibitions are that you can't try and convert a person from one religion to another and that you can't "bribe" people to become part of your religion. In other words you're not suppposed to perhaps take a basket of charity to someone and stick tracts etc. in the basket. Let you actions speak for themselves.

The Palestinian Authroty continues to be populated ny jate mongering anti-semitic Muslim but the Palestinians keep electing them during local elections. She said it's not well known to those who have enacted sanctions against Israel that the "Palestinians' fared much worse under their own rulers before the Israelis returned. When Jordan was in control of the Wailing Wall before 1967 no Christian or Jew was allowed to pray there and when the Jews got the city back the first thing they did was open the wall to all religions and passed laws ensuring freedom of religion for all even Muslims. The Jews gave the temple mount area back to the Muslims and their mosque and ensured them freedom of religion today no Jew or Christian can pray on that site. She said on more than one occasion she has prayed there only to be tapped on the shoulder buy a large burly Muslim who asks if she is a Muslim. When her answer is no she is immediately escorted away as all all others who are not Muslim who try to pray at this Muslim site.

"Palestinian" is somewhat of a riddle she said because there was never a Palestianian country or state in this region. Britain was responsible in part for coining this phrase and at one time under English rule everyone in this part of the world had their passport stamped Palestinian. Even Jews had "Palestinain" citizen on their passports in those days. She recently met a man who members of the Palestinain Authroty had beaten severely and he still blamed the Jews for causing his beating istead of his own countrymen.

The internationl sanctions imposed against Israel have hurt the country and the economy she said and still is but the sanctions are based on MISINFORMATION and UNTRUTHS that the international community has bought into. Does the international community acknowledge that the Palestinains fared much worse and still do under Muslim rule than under the Jews? Does the international community acknowledge that when Israel gave Gaza back to those who demanded it that it immediatley began to rain missles on Israeli civilian centers? Why bother with a full picture I guess. Does the international communtiy acknowledge that Islam has no toleration for other peoples and religions? Many Isarelis are miffed at the double standard that has been imposed on them by the international community whom they see as representing the Christian world by and large. One young Jewish boy told her he would like to punch the people in the west in the nose!

She said that as is probably known that most Jews are pretty ignorant of the writings of their own prophets and these prophecies many times are the key to opening hearts and minds. Especially if so many prophecies ahve already been fuflilled this can act as a catalyst for believing the rest. There wasn't a anti Palestinian bone in her body or speech as she spoke. She just spoke as a committed Christian who has been there and is there.

Thank you.

David Winter

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