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People would be shocked at the huge number of children "legally" kidnapped by CPS, around the country. There is a lot of concern about government sponsored child trafficking.

CPS gets federal funds for placing foster children, but they need to get the children, first.

 2016/3/15 23:47

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TMK said: "But I know of lots of people with lots of kids who have been injured like kids get injured and none have been investigated by CPS.

Like I said, where CPS gets involved there has to be more to the story. They don't get involved every time a child is brought to the ER or dr office with an injury."

Well I am one. I had 8 children at the time (11 years ago), including a new born. My 15 year old was sick in the hospital and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her so they insisted it was psychological (after giving her an unnecessary surgery). We transferred her to another hospital, which unbeknownst to us was crawling with CPS workers, and the doctors from the two hospitals concocted a story of abuse and that we were giving drugs to my daughter! They tried to pin me with Munchausen, but there was no evidence other than I was always with her, so they did not pursue it. She was removed and spent a month in the hospital alone, and did not get better; still sick to this day. We think they were trying to protect themselves from a lawsuit. A month later ALL my children were taken on some bogus charge of me not cooperating. By the grace of God, and even the attorney said so, all of my children came home.

I have been in court and seen other cases just like this- parents with files full of medical records, who have threatened to sue their doctor and are then accused of Munchausen or some other thing.

To this day, my kids are afraid of going to the hospital or any of the doctors in this hospital. I have a 14 year old now that is afraid to go visit her doctor because we disagree on the treatment for her condition (I have been treating her with natural herbs) and she thinks CPS will come and take her. I am afraid if I do not go, I will have CPS at my door.

This is real. I don't know if the book that was linked exaggerates, but this happens a lot in America. CPS is an arm of the enemy destroying families and children. They are powerful and almost impossible to beat.


 2016/3/16 8:16Profile



Thank you for your testimony and underscoring how real this is. I am very glad you've got your children back.

 2016/3/16 11:15

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