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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : "You killed Jesus" taunts at Jewish students

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Amen. I do not think all of God's prophetic plans for the Jews/Israel are all done (completed in 70 AD). I also do not agree with John Hagee. No one gets to heaven outside of faith in Christ.

 2016/3/17 17:41


Just at this very moment heard on the Janet Parschall show on the radio with Jonathan Bernish of Jewish Voice Ministries that "More Jewish people have come to Christ in the last 30 years than all the other almost 2,000 years prior since Christ came/died". Amen! I have also heard recently that More Muslims have come to Christ in the last like 10+ years than all the rest of Islamic history since Mohammed combined! God is really moving among these two people groups in our day. Wow. That CANNOT be said about any other people groups in the earth.

 2016/3/17 17:46

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