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 ‘Left Behind’ sequel to be fueled by Sony partnership


TORONTO (BP)--“Do we really need another ‘Left Behind’?” This is the question some folks are asking of the next film installment of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ widely read apocalyptic series.

Peter Lalonde was open and prepared for the query. Lalonde and his brother, Paul, are the founders of Cloud Ten Pictures, the Toronto-based company responsible for the movie versions.

“It’s a story that attracts believers and nonbelievers. Whenever you get a chance to make a movie you know is going to have a wide viewership, and you can have your message in it, you take that opportunity,” Peter Lalonde said.

“Left Behind: World War III,” scheduled for release later this year, is based on the last part of the book “Tribulation Force” by LaHaye and Jenkins. It picks up a year and a half after millions of people have vanished off the face of the earth, and the world is now controlled by Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie), a self-proclaimed Messiah, and his One World Government. Like most of America, the president of the United States, as played by Louis Gossett Jr., wholeheartedly supports Nicolae’s global leadership. But after an attempt on his life, the president begins to suspect this new world order.

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 Re: ‘Left Behind’ sequel to be fueled by Sony partnership


What does all this have to do with Sony?
Do you mean the Playstation people?


Roger P.

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 Re: ‘Left Behind’ sequel to be fueled by Sony partnership


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