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 Lord, give us souls!

"...The ministry of Jesus did not last very long as far as this earthly life is concerned. Three years, and three years soon pass away. He went on no foreign missionary journeys. He crossed no seas except an inland lake during the short span of His ministry, but He did complete the work the Father had given Him to do.

But He knew that while the physical body was to be glorified and go back to the heavenlies, the body was yet to remain. The mystery of the ages was about to be revealed. A new body was to he born. A new something was to come into existence. It was to be His body. It was to be the church. The work that He did, the church was to do. The ministry that he performed, the church was now to perform, and Jesus said, "Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you."

...What is the purpose of your gathering together in your public assembly? I am not talking about the prayer meeting. I am not discussing the upper room and the tarrying meeting. I am asking what is the purpose of you assembling yourselves together in the body and in the capacity of the church? Is it merely for what you can receive or is it for what you can give? Is it merely to be blessed or is it to be made a blessing? Is it to make sure of the salvation of your own soul or is it to try to bring the sinner who comes within your gates to the knowledge of real salvation that he will find in the Lord Jesus Christ? Why are the gifts given? Merely to give you something to play with or something to enjoy? Do you believe in your heart that that is the purpose of the gift? Is not every gift for a purpose? Is there not some object in the joy in all the operations of the Holy Spirit? The mission of the church is to point men to Christ. The ministry of the body is a ministry of service; every member operating and cooperating and working harmoniously with one great object in view.

The church that loses its missionary and evangelistic vision is the church that will soon be losing the presence of the Holy Ghost. The church that is alive to its glorious opportunity and that will get on its knees and cry out, "Lord, give us souls, give us souls, give us souls" that is the church through which the Spirit will minister. That is the church to which the Holy Spirit will impart His gifts.

...I covet earnestly the best gifts not because I want to enjoy them, but because I want to use them in His service. I want to come to the last great day when I see my Saviour face to face and lay my trophies at His blessed feet. Around you, my friends, is a world that is sinking into hell. Your neighbors are lost, your relatives are lost, your friends are lost, unless they have accepted the blood of Calvary as the atonement of their sins. How helpless we are, after all, in the face of this great big world of unbelief. When we testify to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost the apostate church who has crucified the Lord afresh calls us "fanatical." The spirit of the age is to drift away from God.

Our institutions of learning are for the most part atheistic and the pulpits of the country are filled with preachers who deny the Word of God. How helpless we are! How impotent we are! The world needs to be reached. Can we do it? No, brother, we can not do it, but God can in us and God can through us. That is why the Holy Spirit came That is the purpose of the ministry of the Holy Ghost. No body appreciates more than I do what the Holy Ghost means in me, but how I want Him to work and speak through me. Nobody appreciates more than I do the ecstasy and the glories and the power of the Holy Ghost in the church, but Oh! how I long to see Him work and operate and minister through the church.

So you have your gift, brother, and I have mine. Your gift is not mine and mine is not yours, but we both have the same Holy Spirit and the one who leads me leads you. Have you crucified self? Are you really letting the Spirit control and lead and guide you? Are your own interests upon the altar Are you working and laboring for His sake and not for the glory of man? Are you an evangelist for what you can get out of it, or are you preaching for what you can give to the Lord? Have you really presented your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God? May the Lord help us to be true and to be sincere. If we are really consecrated, if there are no ulterior motives; if we have entered through the swinging gates of Calvary and have been saved through the blood then we should be 'workers together with Him" in the great harvest field. Love one another. We must cooperate as members of one body....

The presence of the Holy Ghost means conviction. The presence of the Holy Spirit will mean regenerative power. May the Lord help us to be in the place He wants us to be and do the things He wants us to do. My friends, I have been in meetings where the glory of the Lord was so marvelous that we were lifted above the material world in which we live. We have traveled to the skies in chariots of fire. Our souls have bathed in the radiance of God's love that has streamed upon us from the throne. I have seen whole audiences moved upon under the power of the Holy Ghost as if the hand of God had swept across the strings of a harp and the melodies of Glory have broken forth. I have heard music with the ear of the Spirit and I have seen the glories of the eternal city with the eyes of my soul. Oh! for the Spirit-filled life! Oh! for the baptism of the Holy Ghost!

You dear people to whom Pentecost has become a reality, let me plead with you not to remove the old land marks. Let me beseech you not to depart from the old doctrines. We do not want a vaudeville show. We do not need any shows inside or outside the pulpit. We do not need the spectacular to draw a crowd. We do not need the supper rooms and social halls and we need not appeal to the hearts of men through sensationalism.

What we do need is to climb the steps to an upper room and in obedience to our Lord's command tarry until we are "endued with power" from on high. We need Pentecost. We need Pentecost! And then when He comes, in surrender, in abandonment of self and in yielding to His will let Him have the right of way. It seems to me that I can hear my Master say: "My little children, a new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another as I have loved you."

What a glorious building, what a spiritual edifice. A body, His body, a body of Spirit-filled saints, fitly joined together, and framed by His will, in which God Himself dwells in the Spirit. And in which glorious body the manifestations of His divine presence and power are continually seen. A body in which there is operated every gift of the Spirit, a body that because of the power of the divine manifested in the human will be able to accomplish the work He has called us to do. That is the church which is His body."

- Charles S. Price

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