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 Named person Law debated in UK supreme court. ( A must read for Christian parents)

Brothers and sisters, please read the article below. I started following this story when I found out about it on my last trip to Scotland. I believe this is a bold opening salvo aimed directly at Christian parents in Scotland under the guise of protecting the children. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Scotland, dark days lie ahead for every Christian parent if this law goes into effect......bro Frank

The landmark case against Scotland’s controversial Named Person scheme begins today in the UK Supreme Court.

The Christian Institute, CARE, TYMES Trust and the Family Education Trust are bringing the case.

Under the proposals, which are set to come into force nationwide in August, every child in Scotland will be assigned a state guardian or named person from birth to age 18, tasked with looking after their “wellbeing”.

 2016/3/8 10:19

 Re: Named person Law debated in UK supreme court. ( A must read for Christian parents

I have prayed (as the father of 6 young children, soon to be 7), "Lord, if anything like this ever happens and spreads to the US, please send me anywhere on earth where my children will be free of this nonsense "

 2016/3/8 12:13

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Scotland is very socialist.

It says until the age they start school, the Named Person will be a "health visitor". Then they admit they presently have a shortage of health visitors. Probably be about as successful as ObamaCare.

I would bet each child will be a Number on their records. I wonder who gets to give the child a name.

There are a lot of areas of law that the UK doesn't have control over as pertains to Scotland.

This should be a very interesting case to say the least.


 2016/3/8 12:23Profile

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Evil. Pure, raw evil. The kind of evil that does not have to be submitted to in peace, by the way. The bible tells parents to raise up a child. It is an affirmative commandment. There is no substitute or supplement imposed from outside the family.


 2016/3/8 14:09Profile


Christian parents may have to leave the country at some point in the near future or risk losing their child. The social work department in Scotland is a bastion of far left liberalism and pro homosexual. Problem is, most of Europe is the same so I am not sure where these parents could " flee," to or who would want them as the press would undoubtedly brand them as haters and homophobes...........bro Frank

 2016/3/8 14:36

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