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 'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania towns

(I offer this soul wrenching "news" not only to break hearts, but as a locus of prayer. When is SOME man of God going to SPEAK AGAINST this whole hellish scarlet whore of rome?!?.....when?!?...."queers", "jihadists".....easy targets to WRITE about, WHAT ABOUT these demoniacs and demonic "system/institution of rome" with their minions RIGHT NEXT DOOR?!?....and I am NOT speaking of the "hapless and helpless" saints who love Jesus TRAPPED in tis wicked and foul institution...oh no! God SAVE THEM from this demonic institution, and would to God, MEN of God grow some stones to speak LOUD AND CLEAR about this wickedness RIGHT NEXT DOOR!)

article excerpt and link follows:

'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania towns

A grand jury report issued last week details abuse by dozens of Catholic leaders in the small communities of Altoona-Johnstown from the 1950s to the 1990s"

"One of Brian Gergely’s fellow altar boys had a code he would use to signal danger in the room where they and the priest prepared for mass.

“He would say ‘red buttons’, and that was the alert that the priest was coming up behind you, and we would try to get away from him, running around the desk in the middle of the room where he kept the chalices, the host and the wine,” said Gergely, 46.

Gergely was 10 at the time.

The priest was Monsignor Francis McCaa, a commanding figure in the small Pennsylvania town of Ebensburg in his black cassock with the red buttons, and one of dozens of Catholic leaders named in a devastating report issued last week by a state grand jury detailing appalling child sex abuse in his diocese and a systematic cover-up by the church.( )

“I was standing in the sacristy and he pinned me to the desk. I was just a little guy,” Gergely said. McCaa assaulted him there and also while the boy gave confession, at the Holy Name church where his family worshipped."

“My parents were patrons,” Gergely said. “They were going door to door raising money for the church. The community put Monsignor McCaa on a pedestal.”

Other priests named in the report worked in the past at the school, where Gergely recalls being subjected to tough corporal punishment.

With a population of just 3,300, Ebensburg has been jolted by the horrifying details of past abuse in its midst. The grand jury report issued by Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane describes sex crimes committed on children from the 1950s through the 1990s all across the sprawling Altoona-Johnstown diocese that lies between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, involving more than 50 church leaders and hundreds of victims. And it reveals previously concealed church documents showing lists of secret payouts made to victims in the diocese."........

rest of article:

last note: just ponder, what Jesus said He WILL do to those who stumble the little ones......millstones fitted around necks?....cast where? the deepest part of the ocean, and when the body drowns......ANY ecclesiastical ABUSE, uncover it, speak out, bring it to light, expose it, and let the Lord deal with it, as well as the secular courts!

 2016/3/8 8:55

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 Re: 'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania town

have you seen the movie "Spotlight" yet?

Thank goodness an ungodly institution (the press) did something to expose this issue in the Boston diocese which led to the uncovering of hundreds of more cases of systematic abuse throughout the world.


 2016/3/14 15:06Profile


no I haven't.

..and I cant, not because i'm "weak", but because I have enough ill will in me towards institution and its blood soaked history, towards the Jews, that this subject, as a FATHER of a young man, I get to thinking some pretty ugly scenarios of what I would DO to this predators in vestments.

I have to be honest, and thinking as such is not Christ, I DO know that.

 2016/3/14 16:52

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 Re: Todd

Why do you say you do not have the mind of Christ? He spoke (and is speaking) plainly on this issue.

Mt. 18:6.


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 brother Todd (2)

you asked me a question, had I seen a film?...and I said, "i cant watch that, because it stirs rage in my soul".....but more than that.....(its midnite 16 March, and God has me in Isaiah, and bless the Holy Spirit, because it is my firm conviction, that via in the Indwelling Holy Spirit, can one perceive the Word)

this from Isaiah 21:3-4

"Therefore my loins are filled with anguish;
pangs have seized me,
like the pangs of a woman in labor;
I am bowed down so that I cannot hear;
I am dismayed so that I cannot see.

My heart staggers; horror has appalled me;
the twilight I longed for
has been turned for me into trembling."

that describes the footsteps of my heart, soul in relation to these horrors....and horrors they are.

forgive me for being so dire, the wind blows fell.

in Jesus love, neil

 2016/3/16 1:08

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 Re: 'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania town

I got to thinking the other day about moral issues, how the courts, legislation reacts to them.

How many times has the gov - the courts, the legislature - made a ruling upholding moral values? Rarely.

Consider abortion. Many have been the protests, the pleas to official to ban the procedure only to fail.

Or, how about the homosexual issue now raging the country. Many speak out against it, but to no avail.

Parents rights are being trampled upon when they conflict with some medical interests.

Moral issues, like fornication, adultery. When was the last time you ever heard a church excommunicate a member for failing to repent of these sins? Failure to do so will open the door to sexual predators in the church. Is it the gov's job to police the church on these issues? It is sad the gov has to do it when the church refuses to do its job.

Not sure about parental rights - but did notice the article posted here on SI about this couple in WA that did not appear to be married. I know of home births, babies breast fed with no intervention by any social worker....


The abortion issue, the homosexual issue, the sexual abuse issues come out from the established church that is not policing their own people! They are not dealing with sin within their camp. They may preach about it but do nothing about those who persist in these sins, allow them leadership positions, acceptance in social interactions - all in the name of love and refusing to judge. In this process it is wearing down the sensitivities of the people - "they are so nice, God would not damm them to hell" - where they become accepting of these perversions. Even the apostate Mennonite Church, USA (liberal segment) has come out in support of LGBT rights. Shameful. (Embarrassing to many concerned, Biblical Mennonites, I promise - some have been encouraged to take that name 'Mennonite' off their church signs because enraged, ignorant people will lump all Mennonites together!)

In working in a pro-life ministry I have seen many who have ABs are people who call themselves Christians and stats would prove that.

My take is that these problems have their roots in the established church. The church's failure to address these issues in its infancy will impact others else wheres, hence the gov's ruling.



Sandra Miller

 2016/3/17 8:43Profile

 Re: 'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania town

Brother Neil:

Have you heard of Ian Paisley? Ian is one of the preachers on the famous "Revival Hymn" compilation. Internet search for his name and messages by him on the Catholic church. Here is a SI link:

Also, there is a Christian who created a website called "spiritually smart." Since I do not know the brother and have not been able to read through all the materials on his site I do not want to violate SI guidelines or my conscience by posting the link. However, PLEASE search for the website and let me know your thoughts or email me.

 2016/3/17 9:07

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