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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Ted Cruz: We're 'One Liberal Justice Away' From Christians Going to Prison

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Basis? Since it will be plain hatred and conspiracy of evil, might as well just bang our head on the wall.

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Passerby you will need to be a little more specific. The world has always hated Christians.

On what basis will Christians be jailed wholesale if a liberal justice is elected? (For the record I am 100% against a liberal justice being appointed).


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 Re: Ted Cruz: We're 'One Liberal Justice Away' From Christians Going t

the BEST THING that could ever happen to those who follow Messiah Jesus in America!!!!

make it illegal!!!!


THAT will separate the "pew sitters, the religionist's, the pretenders" from those who dearly and deeply love God.

to THINK that people are freaking about some old man, some "judge" protecting their "religious liberty" to SCORN GOD!!!!

I cant write this post, i'm sick to my soul about all this fakery, God love you Greg.

 2016/3/5 13:16

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Neil, there is a reason God has let the U.S. and Canada retain religious freedom for so long. God has used christians in the U.S. and Canada to reach vast numbers for Him worldwide, which they would not have been able to do otherwise.

I, too, am heartsick over the lukewarmness and "churchianity" in North America, but I believe the problem has little to do with the lack of physical persecution, imprisonment, etc. Indeed, "all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution".

Every member of the body of Christ has a role to play. We would do well to pray that God would hold back persecution in this land so He can have His heart's desire, the salvation of as many souls as we can rescue from the devil's grip. If God uses some "old man" for this end, His will be done.

In every period in history, God has had a remnant. It will always be so.

So, in the short time we have left before Jesus comes back, let us not worry about things we have little or no power over, but rather to rescue the perishing, whatever the cost.

In Christ,

Nigel Holland

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 Bro. Todd

I was watching a recent video of a street preachers who was simply just reading his bible out loud publically when a deputy sheriff came up and arrested him. There wa a lot of dialogue that went back and forth but he was still arrested and taken. My guess is that he was later released and fined but I did not have the time to search it. When I look at the early church and the persecution in Rome it was like each different area(providence) or city had vastly different levels of persecution. Nothing to base it on but I personally think that's what it will be like just maybe real intense in this city but just 50 miles away in a different city nothing at all. I do believe that the organized church will lose their Tax Exempt Status but that maybe more from Government greed and wrong application of moneys in the churches, corrupt spending in the churches. I do not necessarily call that persecution but no doubt the organized church will, maybe more like a chastisement from the Lord.


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 Re: Bro. Todd

Goofy thing is that churches don't need "501c3 tax EXEMPT" status. Churches are "Tax IMMUNE" to begin with.

While I certainly can see God using it, the word still says to pray for peace, live quiet lives among the heathen, etc. So while I am fully convinced things are coming in God's timing, to "long for them" is not normal, nor New Testament ("if they persecute you in one place, flee to another....shake the dust off your feet...").

Ted Cruz worked in the Supreme Court's office & has won religious liberty cases before the supreme Court. I think he has an inkling what he's speaking about.

 2016/3/5 19:41

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Basis is upon false accusations and witnesses and as the world gets intoxicated deeper with deception, rationality will be against our favor.

It will not happen overnight, but may come sooner.

Has anyone here been falsely accused in court, then you know how it is, or perhaps you have posted a totally valid and innocent post in a forum and someone got irritated, then suddenly you were swarmed with a conspiracy of evil accusations.

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Insightful. It isn't necessarily all about us, though often our selfish pride would tell us it is. Definitely all the more reason to take every thought captive and subject it to the obedience of Jesus Christ. As He alone is The Truth, may His followers always let Him be our Standard and our Hope.


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