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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : North Korean leader wants nukes ready to fly

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 North Korean leader wants nukes ready to fly

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered nuclear weapons to be readied for use, the state-controlled Korean Central News Agency reported Thursday.

The shift in military posture would allow North Korea to carry out pre-emptive attacks, and deprive "the enemies to sleep in peace till the moment they meet their final end in their land," KCNA reported, citing a speech by the country's leader, Kim Jong-un.

KCNA continued: "The only way for defending the sovereignty of our nation and its right to existence under the present extreme situation is to bolster up nuclear force both in quality and quantity and keep balance of forces," he said, stressing the need to "get the nuclear warheads deployed for national defense always on standby so as to be fired any moment."

The move follows the U.N. Security Council's unanimous approval Wednesday of tough new sanctions against North Korea in response to its recent nuclear and long-range missile tests. The resolution contains the toughest set of sanctions imposed by the Security Council in more than two decades, Secretary of State John Kerry said.

he sanctions require North Korean cargo ships and aircraft to be inspected before entering and after leaving the reclusive country. They would also prohibit small arms and other conventional weapons sales to North Korea.

The Pentagon said it is aware of the reports and closely monitoring the situation in coordination with regional allies.

Gabrielle Price, the spokeswoman for the State Department's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said: "We urge North Korea to refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric that aggravate tensions and instead focus on fulfilling its international obligations and commitments."

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 2016/3/4 7:45Profile

 Re: North Korean leader wants nukes ready to fly

they have NOT mastered weapons circuitry miniaturization, which is required for ballistic missile warheads, and they CERTAINLY did NOT test explode a "hydrogen" nuclear weapon recently...all lies, the seismological signature didn't jibe with such a weapon.

I would bet real money the Chinese have had enough of that insane child Kim Jong Un, which is a new development, all it takes is a Chinese intel op to flip 10 senior DPRK generals, and Little Kim has a heart attack or car crash, at which point a coterie of DPRK senior leadership takes over, so that grown ups can sit at the grown ups table.

Might be a little intramural blood shed as fanatic mid level DRPK Army officers rebel, but, they would be dealt with very quickly and harshly, backed by PRC assets.

China doesn't want this insanity, believe me.

 2016/3/4 8:16


Yeah, maybe.

Iran (& Russia) of course may be another story altogether.

 2016/3/4 9:10


As Reagan forced Russia to cry "Uncle", China intends to do the same with the U.S.

"But China is doing the same thing. In 2013, Gen. Peng Guangqian and Gen. Yao Youzhi updated their now-classic text, The Science of Military Strategy, and called for Beijing to add to the quality and quantity of its nuclear weapons, in order to close the gap between China and both Russia and the United States. Even Xi’s "new model" of great-power relations seems to preclude arms control negotiations, requiring the United States to yield to the inevitability of China’s rise.

Many people outside the Pentagon may be surprised by just how many senior American officials are worried about a war with China. These include no less than the last U.S. two secretaries of defense, and a former secretary of state. In the concluding chapter of Henry Kissinger’s 2011 book, On China, he warns of a World War I-style massive Chinese-American war. "Does history repeat itself?" he asks.

Over at least the last decade, on several occasions the United States has pressed China to be more forthright about its military intentions and capabilities. In April 2006, after a meeting between President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Chinese President Hu Jintao, both governments announced the start of talks between the strategic nuclear force commanders on both sides. This move would have been extremely important in demonstrating openness about military intentions. But the PLA dragged its feet, and the talks never started.

In a September 2012 trip to Beijing, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta tried to persuade Beijing to enter military talks. Like his predecessor Gates, Panetta called for four specific areas of strategic dialogue: nuclear weapons, missile defense, outer space, and cybersecurity. But the Chinese objected, and again the talks never happened.

Sure, Beijing could follow through on the agreements announced during Obama’s recent trip. But I’m skeptical. One of the biggest advantages China has over the United States is the asymmetry of military knowledge. Why would they give that up?"

 2016/3/4 9:48


Yep, especially if you look at recent events & statements made concerning the Spratly islands in the South China Sea & currency devaluation as economic war techniques. It is my opinion based on the BRICS alliance & the cooperation between Russia & Iran, Russia & China, etc. if/when a war truly "goes hot" all of them will "gang up" on one side against the USA & NATO. Whether fully openly or covertly behind the scenes.

 2016/3/4 13:21


More than 65 years since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Imagine what a war between superpowers today would be like.

Kind of boggles the mind.

 2016/3/4 13:34

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