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 Whole Villages Being Reached in India

Dear Friends,

For thousands of years India has been under Satan's control, but we want to let you know that the Lord Jesus Christ is on the move! In many rural areas, entire villages and tribes of people are hearing the Gospel for the first time and believing! As they surrender to the Living God, He is transforming their lives and communities in an extraordinary way.

One project that is proving extremely effective in reaching people for Christ is part of our Persecution & Relief Fund. With more than nine out of ten women being illiterate in some areas, our Christian co-workers in India are teaching women to read. They use the Gospels as their textbooks! The very first words they ever learn to read are the most important words of all. Not only are thousands of women exposed to the message of salvation for the first time, but they have intensive interaction with the Christian women teachers, who are able to answer their questions and explain what it really means to be a follower of Jesus.

By the end of the class, not only are the women able to read, but our co-workers report that upwards of 70 percent of the Indian women who complete the course also believe in the Lord Jesus and commit their lives to Him. Hallelujah!

Asia Harvest recently began supporting more than 200 Christian literacy teachers/evangelists through this life-changing project. They are each taking the Gospel to at least one village, so more than 200 villages, containing tens of thousands of people are being impacted for the kingdom of God. People from more than 60 different unreached ethnic groups are among those hearing about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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