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So let me be clear Julius,
You're saying to vote for a pro-life candidate against a pro-murder candidate is wrong? We only preach the Gospel (which is good), but just let the murder of babies go uncontested?

No, let me be the one that clears this up so you don't have to be left with putting words in my mouth.

I am saying that if a Christian has faith to vote (an OK from the Lord) then vote, for whatever is not of faith is sin. I do not have the faith that you have.

As far as issues go, I could spend my life involved in the affairs and issues of this world and maybe that is why I don't have the faith to get involved. I prefer to pour out my life for the preaching of the Gospel. I want to be used to change the hearts of men, not the laws of the land. Maybe God has chosen you and others for that, I do not know. I only know that the Lord is not allowing me to get involved in politics. I tried one time and I grieved the Holy Spirit, terribly.

I am not taking anything to the extreme or being a "purist", and I am not criticizing you. I am only obeying the Lord in my life. You should continue to do what you think the Lord is leading you to do. I don't know why individual Christians want to marshall the entire Church to do what they think the Lord has called them to do. And, frankly God is not calling me to give any of my attention to politicians (none of which I trust) or the unending problems in this world. All the problems in the world stem from sin, and I am content to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. I don't presume to know God's will for your life or anyone else's. Please don't read into my comments that I am in favor of sin.

 2016/3/1 16:37


Ok, I guess I mis-understood your previous statements, sorry.

And just for the record, I felt the Lord definitely leading me NOT to vote in the last 2 elections (& I took a ton of flack from some for that), based on the choices. And the general election may not be any different this time (I will pray about it when the time comes if it turns out to be Trump vs Hillary). But in the primaries, I personally feel there is one candidate that actually has a chance & stands on principle & for the hints I believe in (for the most part, not everything) & can vote for in good conscience, so I will.

But let each do as they feel led, for sure. I'm just sharing what I see/discern based on the current situation, since this is a forum & everyone is openly sharing their thoughts. The only time I get "excited" a little is when scripture is misapplied. 😊

God Bless!

 2016/3/1 17:04


posted in wrong thread.

 2016/3/1 17:49

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