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Isa_59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

Jesus is the standard!

Satan is unleashing his flood of sin and deception and our safety and refuge is in the Ark of God (Jesus Christ).

Grateful for Jesus in this day and time! Let's be about the Master's business, snatching as many as we can out of the fire. What a great day we are living in! Many are fearful and looking for hope and way out of destruction and there is only One Way out.

There is no fear in the perfect love of God!

 2016/2/29 11:34

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I always seem to be the only one questioning these conspiracy theories. If you all recall there was someone here on the forum predicting for certain that the economy would collapse back in late September/October in connection with the "blood moon" and some rabbi dude''s book. I think it safe to say the rabbi's personal economy boomed around then. We were warned to have 10,000 cash and 3 months of food and water stored up.

And now I am expected to believe that WWIII is starting tomorrow and no credible US news agency is reporting this because the Rothchilds or the men in dark glasses asked them not to.

Just like that military operation down in TX was in preparation for military takeover of the US. That too ended without incident.

I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens in Syria in the coming days.


 2016/2/29 11:51Profile


I do think it's interesting that it was literally the next day after the last blood moon that Russia moved into Syria and told everyone else including the US to get out. Also, you may not be real tapped in weather what's going on with the actual economy, and the stock markets, about the dry index, manipulations within the market, etc. but the stock market had a huge disruption at exactly that time and was somehow manipulated because the active trading Index shows something that had never been seen before. Many times people claim that something is a "conspiracy theory" when they just really informed and educated on the subject. No offense, but it was right out about that point that these proxy wars started with all the major nuclear powers, And that's precisely when the economy via the stock market, trade indexes, etc. began a plunge who's chart mirrors that in the late 20s early 30s before the great depression in the great stock market crash up to this point . So if you're looking for "the purple people eaters" to come out of the clouds in order to think something happened", then you can continue to discount and discredit everything that's happening entirely. So if you're looking for "the purple people eaters" to come out of the clouds in order to think something happened", then you can continue to discount and discredit everything that's happening entirely. I think your aclawyer if I remember correctly? You should go to Michael Snyder's website on the economic collapse blog and just do some reading on pure data and statistical facts about the economy and then see if you have the same opinion.

 2016/2/29 12:50

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 Re: ‘For the Record’: Is Iran Working Toward an EMP Strike?

Even while Obama was trying to sell this
terrible Iran deal to the American public,
Iran's Islamic leaders were making it
clear that America and Israel were their
enemies. The unholy leaders really believe
that a global conflict, such as a nuclear
exchange will bring back their Messiah.
They are totally committed to our destruction
and the annihilation of the nation of Israel.

Israel is much more aware of what Iran is
doing than we are, and they are ready to
strike Iran when it is necessary.


 2016/2/29 13:18Profile


To be fair and balanced, I don't believe in the "accidental view" of history. The "accidental view" of history posits that "no one knows why things happen, they just do." In a world that is ruled by power and greed, I believe evil men prefer predictable, controlled outcomes. Only thing is, they cannot control God so their plans don't always work out. Most conspiracies are theories until either proven fact or fallacious. I believe far more in the conspiratorial view of history than I do the accidental view. Similar to a Designer, creating the world, rather than an accident creating it. Many conspiracies turn out to be true, while others turn out to be fantasies and carefully placed distractions. Those who are involved in planning things in secret (conspiracy) are delighted that the term "conspiracy theorist", gives them cover of darkness because "conspiracy theorist" has become a derogatory term, to denigrate someone as crazy, loony. Yes, some turn out to be rubbish, but surely you know, some turn out to be fact. Figuring out which is which, is not always so easy. Some we don't find out as fact until 20-30 years later, when classified papers become unclassified.

I found this book very enlightening and you may like it, too.

The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History

 2016/2/29 13:21


Also TMK,
If you wanted to do some more research, people like Jim Rogers, Bill Holter, Jim Rickards, Neil Howe, Rob Kirby, Greg Manarino, Naomi Prins, Jim Willie, Bo Polny, Michael Pento, Peter Schiff, David Stockman, Chris Martinsen, Andy Hoffman, Jim Sinclair, Michael Snyder, David Stockman, Bix Weir, Charles Nenner, Gerald Celente, Ron Hollande, Graham Summers, Wayne Jett, Terry Sakka, William Engdahl, Dr Theodore Karasik, Dr. Stephen Caughlin, etc., etc. etc. are NOT all just "Conspiracy Theorist" nuts. They are internationally respected trends/cycles/Investments experts, Investigative journalists, ex-govt members who wrote studies for congressional hearings, lawyers who analyze macro-data, etc., etc. These aren't the "Alex Jones" of the world. I would just recommend that you Don't readily discredit that which you maybe aren't super informed on. I don't mean that sarcastically, but lovingly & gently.
God Bless!

 2016/2/29 13:34


And Yes Julius,
I agree entirely. Fact is, I believe God has sent the mass reprobation & the delusion/stupor over our countries leaders & it is actually part of His judgements. God sets kings over nations, lifts them up & puts them down in His omniscient authority (regardless of what nationalistic patriotic American revolutionist mindset a have engrained in U.S.). I'm not dealing in fake conspiracies in this conversation, but facts. It was "conspiracy" in WW2 Germany that Jews were being put in ovens, & they in fact were.

And people go to prison all the time for "conspiracy to commit X Y Z crime", so conspiracy isn't synonymous with "false". Another great book is "Beotherhood of Darkeness" from Stanley Montcrief, a dear old brother who puts all the pieces together to show Satan is at the head of this world & its systems (all under the sovereignty of God for a season until Christ returns & puts an eternal End to it all).

 2016/2/29 13:40


The Jews conspired to railroad Jesus and kill Him.

Hitler conspired to invade Poland, while telling the ambassador from Great Britain that he would not.

The list goes on and on.
Fast and Furious
IRS and Conservative non-profit groups
Plot to coverup email server in a bathroom
Plotting (conspiracy) to bring in illegals from various nations (under the radar).
Obamacare plot (you can keep your plan and your doctor and it will be more affordable).

Conspiracies are lies and plots to deceive people until it is too late to stop the plan.

How many conspiracies have already been found out in this present administration, though they are not being made culpable for them. And once again, to be fair, both parties plot and conspire. That is why I find it so difficult to believe you can be a President and a Christian at the same time. A true Christian would not plot, conspire and use CIA, NSA, FBI in covert operations to spy on others and undermine them, oftentimes resulting in death or a new war. If people want to vote, fine, but they should at least stop deluding themselves into thinking they are voting in a Christian.

Interesting article from USA Today

 2016/2/29 13:57

Joined: 2012/2/8
Posts: 5635


I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens. With the Iranian satellite EMPing the US and killing 90% of its residents and WW3 killing everybody else, they can move right in. They are obviously behind all this.


 2016/2/29 14:10Profile


Yep, I believe so, TMK. Aliens definitely! I've got my laser gun ready and green paint (disguise myself) to confuse them.

Any intelligence agency will put out bogus stories, too. Even the bogus stories serve their other purposes. The Aliens do the same thing. ;-)

 2016/2/29 14:51

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