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 The Call of God to His People Today

"Shortly after He filled me, His Spirit rested mightily upon me one morning, and He said to me, "If you were only small enough, I could do anything with you." A great desire to be little, yea, to be NOTHING, came into my heart. But it has been oh, so hard to keep low enough for Him to really work through me.

And He only really uses me when I am little in my own eyes, and really humble at His feet. When I feel that I must do something, He always lets me fail. But when I stay at His feet, and feel that I am nothing, and He is all, and so just trust Him, He does His work in such a beautiful way that it is wonderful to me.

God is not trying to build something up, or do something for men that will make them great and mighty, but rather He is working to bring all men to naught, and do the work Himself through the power of the Holy Spirit. The call of God to His people today, is to humble themselves; to recognize their weakness and lack of power, to get down before Him, and wait until His power is restored.

The great question is, will men see the plan of God, and yield to it? Will men get down in humility at Jesus' feet, and pray, and wait till He restores His full Pentecostal power? Or will they continue to run ahead of Him, and fail in the end?"

- William Durham, Los Angeles, 1911

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 Re: The Call of God to His People Today

Very freeing! Abiding in the Vine. His yoke is easy, His burden is light. Why do we take such a longtime to get it? Thanks sis Brandy. 🙂

 2016/2/26 14:53

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 Re: The Call of God to His People Today

So true,and So beautiful Brandy.

Bless you and thank you,

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