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 Request prayer for new believer with cancer

Please pray for a dear new believer in Christ named Danette. She is so hungry and thirsty for God. She is still in the LDS church because her husband is and that Jesus would apprehend this man. But I also ask that the Lord would heal Danette of cancer. She just started chemotherapy. Thank you for praying.
Sister Leslie

 2016/2/26 6:03

 Re: Request prayer for new believer with cancer

Father I pray for Danette. Thank you that you have worked in her heart. Thank you that you have brought her out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of your dear Son Jesus Christ. Lord I pray that you would heal her of her cancer. But Lord in the course of her affliction may she get closer to you. And find that even in her trial you are with her.

Father I pray that you will lay hold of her husband. That the truth of Jesus hold me shown in his heart. May he lay hold of You for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of him.

Lord I pray you use our sister, Leslie, in the lives of these two dear people. Make her testimony in Christ encourage this couple to get closer to you. For I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

 2016/2/26 7:50

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Amen, Lord do a miracle in Jesus Name so that you may be glorified and the Good News able to be proclaimed.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/2/26 7:52Profile

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Yes Lord. Praying for her here too.


 2016/2/26 9:26Profile

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Praying...Praise God!

 2016/2/26 10:36Profile


Thank you all so much!!! Such s blessing to know others are praying!
Sis L

 2016/2/26 13:06

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 Re: Request prayer for new believer with cancer

Heavenly Father,

Thou that resists the proud but giveth grace unto the humble, I pray oh Father of Light and Truth, that knows the hearts of all creatures, that Thy Name may be glorified by it alone, and for Thy own mercy's sake, that her body prospers even as her soul prospers, may Your healing and guiding Hand rest upon her, by Thy Holy Spirit. Thou knows what is best for her Lord, for you created her to worship you in spirit and in truth, and wishes none to perish. I beseech Thee oh God of Heaven to speak to her, and give her such a hatred of sin and a love to you, that she will fear quenching Thy Holy Spirit, and that she will love Thee above all. May this sickness be, just to turn her heart to you fully and from all that is vanity, that she work out her own salvation with fear and trembling, and realize that through much tribulation we inherit the kingdom of God, denying ourselves, picking up our daily crosses, and following you until the end. Not our will Lord, but Thy will be done - but please oh Lord, hear the prayer of Thy servant, because of Thine own mercy's sake. I lift my eyes to you oh Lord, my God and my salvation. Oh God, and Father of the blessed Lord Christ Jesus, may it be done, that Thou may be greatly glorified in doing so.



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 Re: Request prayer for new believer with cancer

Praying for Danette, sis Leslie 🙏

 2016/2/27 8:09Profile


I give our Lord thanks for answering so quickly. D has made it through the first round of chemo and though she has had a few difficult days physically, she is staying focused on the Lord and His Word. She was practically beaming at Bible Study today and we weren't really expecting her to make it! She said the lump has shrunk down in her neck tho the Dr.doesn't seem too impressed, she is believing that God is healing her. Thank you for continued prayer. I thank You Jesus our healer.


 2016/3/4 0:06


Praise God for the update Sister. Will keep praying for her.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/4 8:24

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