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 In an Edmonton mosque: "rome will be conquered".

Brother Greg and the brethren;

most disturbingly, I came upon this video excerpt, that was "preached" this last Friday at an Edmonton mosque, and translated by memriTV. Right in your backyard brother. I don't KNOW if this is a sunni or shia cleric, and if you notice, this "imam" (and oh how I use these terms loosely)doesn't differentiate between "rome" (the Vatican) and New Testament Christianity, when he's bellowing out his "sermon", terms "Catholicism" ......Christianity.

It seems to me, from all quarters, servants of the dark, the devil is ginning up for a religious war, and underline the word "religious".

These are days of utter confusion, and looming mayhem and murder, because painted beyond the backdrop of bellowing of this nature, its obvious the global financial system is becoming unfrayed, and very precarious....due to the dark heart of men, who worship only a new "golden calf"...and either possess the most unthinkable weaponry, OR lust to possess such weaponry, ie, nuclear, or beyond nuclear weaponry.

oh, my ponderings meander, and my heart sorrows, Thank God, my faith doesn't fray, and my prayer is anyone reading my pitiful words, there most Precious Faith doesn't fray, so I will silence my keyboard, and just put up this video link:

Brother Greg, if you feel this post doesn't edify or illuminate the brethren, please, feel free to make it go away, to all, in Jesus love, neil

May we all be baptized afresh with the Sweet Fragrance of the Holy Spirit, Its Clean and Good Spirit, Living Waters, Clear and Sparkling, amen.

 2016/2/24 6:14

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