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 Need to be enlightened

I thought the Sermonindexnex guidelinrs asjed we not engage in the Calvinist Arminian controversies. Have thise guidekines veen changed?


 2016/2/22 19:34

 Re: Need to be enlightened

Sorry the thread duplicated on me. But given the threads that are now engaging in arguments on the sovereignty of God and Calvinism. Have the guidelines been changed. Are these topics are now allowed on the forum.

Just wondering


 2016/2/22 19:37


Why are these topics even being discussed and debated. Better men then us here on the forum have debated these issues. And the consensus has always been the same. Disagreement.

So I ask again have the guidelines been a changed.

Again just wondering.


 2016/2/22 19:39


I noticed that when discussions of the sovereignty of God come out. Those threads go on and on. But winter on reaching the lost. That thread is quickly archive.

Are we still under a command to preach the gospel? Does anybody believe in this forum that we are to reach the lost?


 2016/2/22 19:44

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Dothan, Alabama


Brother Blaine,

Please forgive me if this is in response to my question on the "is it right" thread...

I have limited access to those whom hold to a "Calvinist" doctrine and even those are "neo" or 3 pointers at best.
I have a sincere desire to learn and come to a better understanding of my brothers positions, and while I readily admit I do not hold to the same doctrine it could be that it's a misunderstanding/mischaracterization on my part and I have questions that I don't know where else to pose them other than to the well seasoned saints whom confess this doctrine here on SI as it remains a mystery to me.
There is no desire in me to debate but I am looking for an honest dialogue to help me come to an understanding that affords true fellowship/unity in the faith.

So again I apologize and ask your forgiveness if my asking has caused distress or a polarization as that is not my intent-


 2016/2/22 20:27Profile

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 Re: Need to be enlightened

The sovereignty of God is not a Calvinist doctrine. Neither is the responsibility of man an Arminian doctrine. Discussion of God's sovereignty does overlap with the Calvinist-Arminian debate, but that's an auxiliary issue - the latter is discouraged on this forum, but the former is allowed.

I believe how we understand God's sovereignty and our responsibility is important - right beliefs lead to right living, and vice versa. These are not mere theoretical topics, but has a real experiential impact on our lives.

I started a thread recently for testimonies on how our understanding on these matters has shaped our walk with God:

 2016/2/22 21:19Profile

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 Re: sovereignty and responsibility

Thanks for giving some clarity yuehan, and I hope that helps some who may not realize that.

 2016/2/23 10:10Profile


I sincerely hope the guidelines have not changed because ALL posts that stray into supporting Calvinism and specifically election end up in endless arguments. For those who understand that man has a free will and chooses to sin against God and that God does not randomly select individuals for eternal torture, they will never be persuaded otherwise. So posts that attempt to teach Calvinism/Election should be avoided completely and deleted from SI and those who continue to stir up these issues should be asked to stop doing so.

It is not only a (former?) SI policy that we avoid such endless, fruitless arguments but a scriptural command.

For those who wish to understand the five planks of Calvinism, there is no need to ask in these is your friend and he will teach you more then you EVER wanted to know.

My personal conviction is that SI as a website should be clear in its convictions so as to not confuse young believers. Calvinist preachers who vehemently support Calvinistic election have an influencing affect on new believers and this can cause serious confusion in their hearts. I have experienced this first hand many times and do not believe it is a matter to be treated lightly.

 2016/2/23 11:51

Joined: 2011/6/15
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Relax, awakened.

I don't think the situation is as serious as you and bearmaster seem to suggest. Certainly, the policy guidelines have not changed AFAIK.

If we are to ban all discussions on election and God's sovereignty, then discussions on human's responsibility towards God would have to be banned as well in the interest of fairness.

And to reiterate what I said earlier, discussion of God's sovereignty is not a Calvinist-Arminian topic - it is a biblical one.

 2016/2/23 12:02Profile


I'm perfectly relaxed but I don't think there is anything fair about the way the doctrine of election has been used as a truncheon to compel a gullible populous into submission over the centuries. So its not an apples vs apples argument here at all when compared to free will...even a casual reading of history will support this. John Calvin and his followers had an erroneous position on Election that was/is hideous to say the least. The murderous mayhem and strife that came from that era is still at work today, because that same spirit is still at work today. It has no place in these forums imho.

 2016/2/23 12:17

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