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 Mennonite pastor who helped child flee lesbian ‘mother’ to go to prison

MONTPELIER, Vermont, February 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor who helped a woman and her daughter flee the country in 2009 to avoid court-ordered visitations with the girl's lesbian "mother," has ended his appeal against a 27-month federal prison sentence and will be required to begin his term on March 1.

Lisa Miller and her daughter Isabella are believed to have flown from Canada to Nicaragua in late 2009 after Kenneth Miller drove them to the Canadian border. Kenneth Miller was convicted of "aiding an international kidnapping" in 2012 but was allowed to remain free while he appealed the sentence.

"God allows hardships and trials to make us into the image of His Son. THAT'S GOOD. So if this time in prison makes this poor sinner a little more like Jesus, it will be good and I will be happy," wrote Kenneth Miller in response to his impending imprisonment.

"We are not discouraged or depressed about the future, because God is in the future and we are with God, therefore we are encouraged," he added.

"There are some things that can never be locked up behind prison walls. Truth. Conscience. Moral righteousness. The saving Gospel of Jesus."

Lisa Miller, who is not related to Kenneth Miller, decided to flee the U.S. after a Vermont judge insisted that she allow her daughter to have unsupervised visits with lesbian Janet Jenkins, with whom Miller had had a relationship before converting to Christianity.

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 Re: Mennonite pastor who helped child flee lesbian ‘mother’ to go to prison

Saints please let us keep this dear brother in your prayers. Keep in mind that this brother is being imprisoned by our federal government for taking a stand for righteousness.

I believe before everything is said and done there will be more prosecutions by the federal government against believers in Christ.

Yet Ken Millar readily submits to the will of God. Those in Ken's tradition call it gelassenheit. The Anabaptist call this total surrender to the will of God. May we learn from Ken's example.


 2016/2/20 14:17

 Re: Mennonite pastor who helped child flee lesbian ‘mother’ to go to prison

Praise the Lord for this mans faith and resolve in the face of a hostile government.............bro Frank

 2016/2/20 14:32


Love his heart...

"God allows hardships and trials to make us into the image of His Son. THAT'S GOOD. So if this time in prison makes this poor sinner a little more like Jesus, it will be good and I will be happy," wrote Kenneth Miller in response to his impending imprisonment."

 2016/2/20 17:00

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 Re: Mennonite pastor who helped child flee lesbian ‘mother’ to go to prison

Ken Miller is a great spiritual example. It is a sad thing, as far as justice and righteousness go, that he is going to prison. But he is a signpost in more ways than one.

First, I don't think I have seen a Christian man behave more properly toward earthly authorities in circumstances like these. This whole process has been a powerful gospel witness to many people. All around us, it seems that the spiritual bigshots are falling. I am thankful that Ken Miller is a nobody in the Christian world. He was doing this work entirely unknown and unthanked until he was charged. Thank God that he still has holy men of integrity.

Second, he is essentially going to prison for supporting God's design for the family. He made a brave decision to do what was right, regardless of man's law. It seems like the time is coming when many of us will be faced with similar decisions. May he be a real encouragement in Christ to us all to hold to the highest laws, those of the Holy Kingdom!

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This dear brother is surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. Indeed even the witnesses of his own tradition. That being the Anabaptists who suffered and were martyred for their faith in Christ.

Again may we all learn from this dear brother. For surely our time will come soon.

Also let us remember to keep him in our prayers.


 2016/2/20 17:41

 Re: The Evil Here

This morning I reflected upon the Ken Millar case in my time with the Lord. I went back and read the supplemental articles contained in the OP.

I would encourage all in the forum to read the supplemental articles. Because here our eyes become open to the darkness in the evil of the LBGT and the Federal court system. Our eyes become open to the exploitation of an innocent child. And our eyes become open to a court system who would not protect her. In meeting the supplemental articles our eyes will become open to the dark agenda of the LBGT.

After reading these articles. Then I think we will see why Lisa Millar fled this country to raise her daughter in a faith-based community in Central America. The tragedy is. She fled the United States of America. The tragedy in all of this is. Our nation has succumbed to darkness where we call right wrong and wrong right.

However this should not be surprising given the darkness that has come over this land. Given the darkness of the LBGT abd a liberal humanism that has sown a demonic darkness in the halls of justice.

I do not fear what the Islamic Jihadist may do in America. The seeds of a demonic philosophy have already been sown in the highest level of government. When sociologists document the eradication of all Anerican Christians. Then I think we see that we have a government that will soon become hostile to those who stand for the righteousness of Christ.

We cannot win this war in a culture war. The culture war has already been lost. This nation has already been given over to darkness. We must win this war by embracing the cross. Be willing to lay down our lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. By willing to stand for Him and His righteousness. Because we count Him far more precious that we suffer the loss of all things.

I believe Ken Miller is a brother who is being persecuted because of righteousness. He is being persecuted because of his stand for righteousness. He is paying the price. But Jesus has promised blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake. Because theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

But how many of our evangelical brethren will wake up to the evil that is knocking at our door. Even on this forum. It is far easier to discuss the movies we like. It is far easier to discuss the music we like. It is far easier to debate the nature of Christ. It is far easier to debate the sovereignty of God. Then to face the reality of a cross that Christ requires us to carry. We all love the benefits of the cross. But we despise its demands.

Paul Washer said in a message back in 2011. We will be arguing over so many silly things. And then the net will close in on us. Look where we are at in 2016.

Brothers and sisters I know many in this forum will probably ignore this thread. For that matter I know many of you ignore me. But I implore you. If God is speaking to even one person in this forum. Then I pray. Please wake up.

Brothers and sisters in Jesus not worth suffering the loss of all things? So that we may gain a little glory in heaven. I am not advocating suffering for salvation. But the reason the persecuted endure much suffering and tribulation in places like North Korea is the count Jesus as worth suffering for. They have seen in Him a reality that is worth laying down their life for. I believe this is what our brother Ken Millar is doing. God grant that he will be our example but when our time comes.

Posted by Blaine Scogin.

 2016/2/21 8:23

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Well said, Blaine.


Sandra Miller

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