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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : How did you come to Jesus.... please share your story.

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John what a story you shared brother. So some people don't like the alter call. God does because you heard His call to come to Jesus. Some people do not like the sinner's prayer. But I was saved through accepting Christ into my life.

Brother thank you for sharing your story. When I read your story on others. I am thankful for how God is working in the hearts of His redeemed.


 2016/2/26 11:39


Lindi a beautiful testimony my sister. And praise God for soon celebrating your 8th birthday of Jesus. And yes truly Jesus is always there for us when we come to Him. So precious.

Dear Sister thank you for posting this wonderful story.


 2016/2/26 11:45


Dear saints thank you for posting these wonderful stories. Who knows that non-believers may read them and be impacted by your testimony of Jesus. But also to your stories are a testimony to me and two others of how God is working in the lives of his Beloved.

I invite others to come and share their testimony in this thread. Lord willing, I hope to have my testimony up by this weekend.

Blaine :-)

 2016/2/26 11:47


These testimonies are really wonderful and helps get to know you all better. Keep them coming! Will add mine when I get time.

 2016/2/26 13:09

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