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 Mom Whose Son Was Tortured to Death by Illegal, Disagrees with Pope.

(See story of son being blacked out by mainstream news outlets - ( )
In an exclusive telephone interview with Breitbart News, Laura Wilkerson, whose son was tortured to death by an illegal alien, explained why she cast her early ballot today for GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.

“Trump will get in there and do something about [immigration]. I believe him. I want someone in there who has said they’ll do it and will do it… So many people stay home because it doesn’t affect them,” Wilkerson said. “And I understand that. I was the same way until [my son] Josh was murdered. But at some point, we have to close the door and deal with who we have here before anyone else comes.”

By contrast to her support for Trump, Wilkerson said that she “gave no consideration to voting Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79%… I do not trust him for one second… He does not speak to the victims [of illegal alien crime],” Wilkerson explained. “Obviously, Rubio wants more immigration, no borders. That’s what his backers want and that’s the way he’s going to vote.”

Wilkerson, who described herself as a deeply religious person, defended Trump from the attacks by Pope Francis.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Pope say one thing about our families [families who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants]. I’m not sure he understands the loss we have felt. Is he just ignoring that? It rubbed me the wrong way,” Wilkerson told Breitbart.

Wilkerson’s 18-year-old son Joshua was tortured to death by a so-called DREAMER — i.e. an illegal immigrant who allegedly came to the country as a minor. Wilkerson said:

I follow Jesus Christ. I still sin sometimes, but I follow Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, and I have sympathy for everyone. I think God asks me to love everyone. He created us all equal, but I do not think God is asking me to help a whole country. I don’t think I can do that. I do not think he wants us to give up our family– because that’s what has happened. It tore my family to shreds. I had a solid, 25-year marriage, and we lost our last child. I had a take-your-kids-to-church-small-bussiness-obeyed-by-all-the-rules family. And this tore it to shreds. There’s nothing about me that’s racist or non-sympathetic. I don’t care who you are, I want to help you, but not at the expense of my own family.

Wilkerson explained that wanting to defend America’s sovereignty and close the border does not make her “not Christian:”

I am a Christian… I know I’ll go to heaven when I die, just like Josh did when he died. The Pope’s comments rubbed me the wrong way. Everyone in religion knows that no one can judge what’s in a man’s heart. That’s one of the very first things you learn in your faith. No man can judge another man. That’s why the Pope’s comments rubbed me the wrong way. I did not like that… I believe we need to do what we can for other people, but not at your own family’s expense. God doesn’t call us to ignore our families. God doesn’t call us to take care of other families first, or help other families at the direct expense of our own… I believe in God, family, country.

Earlier today, Wilkerson says, “I voted for Trump. It was a long, hard decision for me, but I came to the conclusion that it was really the best way for me to go. I usually vote more with religion. It was a hard vote between Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%, but I just feel like Donald Trump can get in there and do the things that need to be done quickly.”

Wilkerson made a point of noting that “Cruz was so kind to me when I testified about Josh’s death.” However, Wilkerson proceeded to explain that given her adamant desire to have a federal immigration policy that puts the interests of the American people first, she felt she had to vote Trump: “I realized that, having gotten into the fray of illegal immigration, this [voting for Trump] has to be my stance. It’s such chaos and I just believe that Mr. Trump will get in there and get it done quickly.”

Wilkerson said that she appreciated Trump’s full-throated support for law enforcement and American police officers, Wilkerson said: “I think everybody is starting to hear Trump [talk about immigration]. We know he’s recognizing problems that no one else will say. And I think the police — with the Black Lives Matter movement — feel undervalued, when they should be so overvalued. Our teachers, our policemen, the people who care for our children and our safety should be valued. There’s not one person who won’t call policemen when you need help. [When Josh was murdered], the policemen couldn’t have been any better to us. It was a terrible situation, but they could not have been any better to us.”

In stark contrast to her support for Trump, Wilkerson said she gave no consideration whatsoever to voting for Marco Rubio, pointing out that despite introducing multiple immigration expansion bills, he has not talked to the victims of illegal alien crime.

I gave no consideration to voting Marco Rubio. He was a Tea Party darling, who flipped and did the exact opposite of what he promised to do get elected. I do not trust him for one second. He never said one word to me, even after I testified. He does not speak to the victims [of illegal alien crime].

Wilkerson further explained that she was not surprised that Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)86%

— who has pushed to give citizenship to DREAMers like the illegal immigrant who murdered Wilkerson’s son — endorsed Rubio. She said, “I know why he threw his vote behind Rubio. Gowdy knows that Rubio is going to get in and do what he wants to do– which is open borders. Obviously Rubio wants more immigration, no borders. That’s what his backers want and that’s the way he’s going to vote.”

Wilkerson put forth a challenge to Gowdy and Rubio, who both have pushed for open border immigration policies: “I would tell Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio, ‘Open your front door to anyone who wants to walk in and out. Open your front door.’”

 2016/2/19 7:23

 Re: Mom Whose Son Was Tortured to Death by Illegal, Disagrees with Pope.

Ted Cruz is also for building a wall & keeping immigration to the legal, constitutional form), & is REALLY Pro-Life, has a seemingly real testimony (not that one has to be a Christian to be president, but a phony catering for the "evangelical vote" & misquoting scripture all the sudden feels like naive believers are being patronized for their vote), & he has actually done something in DC to stand up to the "cartel". He also has never supported Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Scumer, etc. & stood to defund Planned Parenthood (the 3rd Erich of our day with their form of gas ovens), & didn't say "they do a lot of good" (which if you really look at them squarely, they were started by a satanic racist eugenicist, Margert Sanger, & they are evil to the core through & through (watch the American Center for Medical Progress Videos & it is obvious too).,Trump has brought some proper light to the "illegal" immigration issue (MS13, the Mexican Mafia, drug cartels & gang bangers & rapists SHOULD NOT be able to flow freely & illegally over our border (Middle Eastern Islamic Terrorists have flowed over that border too, & likely in larger numbers than have been reported in the main stream media reports). But Trump has tapped into "anger". That's dangerous, frankly IMHO. But that's a "personal/political" point.

As for the pope, this Jesuit "pontif" who stands in a seat claiming to be the "Vicar" representation of God on earth (problematic in and of itself is the whole RCC system) has a slight problem of extreme hypocrisy! Look up Vatican City on the net. It's a castle fortress. It still has a prison/dungeon in it. And it is full of pedophiles & homosexuals. But instead of dealing with the plagues of that false system of "Christianity" (Roman Catholicism), & calling them all to repentance, instead of doing that, he moved them around covertly & uses "diplomatic immunity" as a cover for these pedophiles! Child molesters! The pope is not only the "religious leader" of Ramon Catholocism, but the sole, chief monarch (King Essentially) of Vatican City. So, why doesn't he practice what he's standing at the U.S. border preaching, & tear down the 39 foot wall surrounded the Vatican City & let all the huddled masses come in? Why? Because ISIS has stated on video their ultimate goal is the destruction of "Rome", by which they mean Vatican City. So why doesn't this Jesuit go back to where he came from & tear down his 39' deciliter you fence & let everyone in if that's what he claims "is the Christian thing to do"? Mr. Francis, tear down that wall! The hypocritical bigotry. The guy is a socialist. Plain and simple. Admittedly so too. Marxist Socialist Roman Catholic. What a combo! Who asked him what he thinks about US national security & illegal immigration? I sure didn't. He should get back on his royal highness' plane & fly back "across the pond" to Vatican City & focus on cleaning up the worldwide pedophilia network the RCC is providing for & protecting. Give me a break!

 2016/2/19 9:41


Also is interesting to me that when Trump gets asked "HOW" are you going to do all these things, he has NO real answers. He's "going to make deals" with the other side. Sounds good. Problem is, we have (or had at this point) a legal system, -a constitution, a legislative/judicial/executive process. Trump is near clueless on this. He says he'll get in there, give a little to the opposition, negotiate, & what sounds a lot like compromise. So what are his core principles really? To interrupt, talk down to condescendingly, use profanity, badger, & threaten to sue anyone who speaks against him even with his own words? He's a hothead businessman who has bought & sold casinos. People have disconnected their logic from their emotions on this I believe. He's getting people all riled up with no real principles, solutions, or experience. Isn't that kinda like Obama 8 years ago in some ways?

Seems like Ted Cruz, a Harvard & Princeton top level constitutional lawyer grad who has worked in the Supreme Court & in congress ACTUALLY doing something by defending the constitutional laws of the country, defeating the open borders amnesty laws, standing up to Obamacare (albeit almost alone at the end), standing up to Planned Parenthood, etc. would be more "logical" & less emotional? Again, Trump just seems to have tapped into the "emotional anger/frustration" of the American people. While I get it, it is still dangerous in my opinion. This guy would be a total unknown as to what he really would & would not do in office until in there. Except maybe he would contract his own company to build a wall. I don't see why people don't think this through? But I digress.

 2016/2/19 9:56


Getting back to the OP, it's no surprise that the Pope who pushes sanctuary cities would never give much attention to the victims of illegal immigrants as it is counterproductive to his agenda of overwhelming a country. Did you know that 44 hospitals in California have gone out of business in the last few years because they cannot absorb the overwhelming financial losses?

Anyone who knows anything about the Vatican's history know they have a generational vision for taking over world governments and manipulating them from the "shadows". Ever notice how Catholics are over represented in Congress and on the Supreme court? Their first allegiance is to Rome. Inn the early days of America people were warned over and over about Rome's plan to "conquer" America. There were even movements to ban Catholicism, priests, bishops from America. The Catholic church is making millions of dollars from the federal government (taxpayers), for placing illegal immigrants in America. Their churches are empty, so they are importing, the ignorant and superstitious Catholics. Many of them are militant. Rome knows how to inflame the "rabble rousers."

Maybe the Pope is emboldened because of 5 Catholics on the Supreme court.

Not one Protestant.

This is what I mean by "over representation" on the Supreme Court. The Pope has a stranglehold on the most powerful court in the land. He is ruling America from Rome. Not to mention many others in high places such as Biden.

 2016/2/19 10:55

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