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 Iran to Spend $8 Billion on Russian Weapons and Warplanes

Iranian officials announced Monday that Iran would spend another $8 billion on the purchase of Russian-made arms. The sale comes as Moscow gears up to deliver to Iran an advanced missile air defense system as part of a deal that has been in the works for years.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan is on a two-day tour of Moscow to meet with his counterparts about the signing of a new $8 billion arms contract, according to Iran’s state-controlled media.


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 Re: Iran to Spend $8 Billion on Russian Weapons and Warplanes

That pales in comparison to the $60 billion arms deal between USA and Saudi Arabia, announced a while back.

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 Re: Iran to Spend $8 Billion on Russian Weapons and Warplanes

brother Greg,
what you posted is Russia, making a geopolitical (and economic) chess move.

Thanks to the incoherent foreign policy of the current US administration, ie....the US involvement in Ukraine AND Syria, all that has done is SCARE the Russians, as they believe NATO and US is setting them up for another "22 Jun 1941"....they actually believe that, and if I was in their shoes, I might as well.

Little reported, before Russia started to deal with "ISIS", and other US supported sunni jihadis, one week before, Bibi Netanyahu made a visit TO Russia to meet with Putin...true. Little reported in the western press, but true. I don't KNOW what was discussed, but I can guess. I believe the two men were discussing getting on the same frequency, so that there would be no "fog of war" accidents. Both Russia and Israel have maintained cordial relations in the fact, there is a very large population of Russian Jews in Israel, and the LAST thing these two men want is to have their two nations unrationally at odds. Neither Israel or Russia wants to see Assad disposed of. Israel doesn't because after much conflict, war and blood, the Syrians have long ago realized the futility of future conflict with Israel, and to Israel, Assad has become a puppy dog put in a cage, and wants to keep him there, not get rid of him, so he can be replaced by some whacked out jihadi's, like Libya, another VERY incoherent US "move". That is only ONE of the many reasons Obama and Netanyahu despise each of the latest is the recent revelation via Snowden that for years both Brit and US intel somehow hacked into Israeli combat aircraft and drone visual imagery. Everybody is maintaining appearances of good will, but I would imagine that with Israeli leadership, they believe the US is getting ready to throw them under the bus.

here's a very good, non partisan look at the how and why, relations turned so poisonous between Obama and Netanyahu, its a Frontline piece entitled "Netanyahu at War"....its not boring Greg, nor is it a "puff piece".

pray, because we stand perilously close to WW3, but His will, not ours, neil

 2016/2/18 9:09

 brother Greg and the brethern

I posted the link above to the Frontline episode, entitled "Netanyahu at War".

I thought it good and right to post a very good video, 50 something minutes long about Bibi's older brother, Yonatan, "Yoni"

If he had lived, Yoni would be Prime Minister of Israel today, but Yoni was the architect and commander of the Entebbe hostage rescue operation. He was also the only killed in action, as Israeli military doctrine is that the commander is the first out of the door, leading his men.

This short film audio is comprised solely of the reading of the vast number of Yoni's letters to his parents, brothers, and friends.

I believe it will help illuminate the current situation we are all in.

God love you all, neil

 2016/2/18 18:08

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