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1. When men say "infallible" regarding the Bible, they will often qualify it with "in the original manuscripts". There is very little in the way of substantive passages that may merit serious question about whether they were in the originals. Almost everything in the bible is beyond serious debate as being part of the closest manuscripts we have to the originals.

2. Where there is debate, the passages are not the pillars of any particular doctrine. What I mean is -- let's say there is a passage that was not in the originals but has made its way into our bibles. Let's just say that for argument's sake. There are some passages that scholars have built their whole Ph.D. on as not being in the originals. Let's let them have them (here, just for a minute, for the sake of argument and discussion). Know what you've got left? Everything. Nothing that is necessary to the faith delivered by the apostles hinges on any passage that is of even the most debatable inclusion in the originals. Know what this means then? TRUST YOUR BIBLE! That's what. :)

3. Do not set up rules of your own for what qualifies the Bible as being authored by the Holy Ghost. There is a strong temptation to say, "Well, if I can't trust it from the cover to the maps, then I'm going to the bar!" No. Be patient. God is walking you through some of these mine fields to equip your discernment and goad you into learning more. We all go through these questions and doubts and "I wonders" as we familiarize ourselves with the Word of God and seriously begin to take it in. Don't paint yourself into a corner where when a question becomes very difficult to resolve (or seemingly impossible to resolve) you give in on the faith. Wait. Walk. Wonder but don't wander.


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Very good points and the first sentence of #3 really slapped me! This means I need to understand the meanings such as what you said in #1


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Right, there are no "original manuscripts", so how would anyone know?

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